Monday, 19 May 2014

Reed Music School...

...does not exist! This post is only to ensure the website I am working on for my college assignment doesn't get cancelled as a result of inactivity (for the time being, at least).

You can click on the link if you want, but don't expect anything spectacular. I haven't done any web design in a long time, and my skills are probably kinda outdated by now. To be honest, as long as I get a pass on my assignment I'll be happy. 

College work is as hard as it has ever been for me back at school, due to my amazing ability to waste as much time as possible when I should be working the closer I get to the deadline.

In a sense, you could say I am a MASTER PROCRATINATOR!! (lol!)

Just in case you were wondering, yes I do plan to do an update for the blog as soon as some free time crops up and I have no other distractions to...distract me. They're in the drafts folder as we speak, but need a bit of polishing to refine my thoughts before publishing, so stay tuned...or whatever (no promises).

Anyway, here's the link: (special thanks to for providing the free hosting)