Monday, 1 July 2013

August 2012 Update

(Just realised I never posted this, its been sitting there for over 6 months! Might as well post it before I post the latest one!)

Hi all! Once again, its been a while since I've posted on ma little old blog. I've been through hell these past months, but hopefully things will come to a climax this week. I don't wanna say too much, for fear of jinxing the whole thing like last time! Lets just see what happens...

In the mean time, I'll just review over what has been happening recently.

I doubt I could go on without at least mentioning the London 2012 Olympics. There was a lot of hype leading up to and surrounding the 2 week event, and I was as sceptical as everyone else was about how good our attempt on the Olympics would be.

Despite my better judgement, I decided to watch the opening ceremony just so I could say I had seen it. All I'm willing to say wasn't terrible! It was actually quite good in parts, the performances were okay and it was nice to hear some of the music in there too. I also was quite moved by the lighting of the cauldron at the end.

Ultimately, I guess we realised we couldn't out muscle the Beijing Olympic ceremony for shear mass so we decided to focus on what makes us so uniquely British!

Anyway, I didn't watch many events while it was running, but I saw some good performances and I loved seeing Usain Bolt and Team Jamaica pretty much demolish everyone on the track events!

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