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Capcom Monster Hunter Rant

Capcom Monster Hunter Rant
By Royston Joseph – 13/4/11

Let me take the time to express my love of Japanese games developer and publisher, Capcom. Out of the big 4 Japanese game companies outside of Nintendo and Sega, Capcom has pretty much produced the best games for the current generation of consoles.

With such titles as Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter 4 and Lost Planet 2, Capcom has continued to make games that have made me throw money down without hesitation, confident in the knowledge that you are getting a quality product that is enjoyable to play.

Another game in Capcom’s catalogue is the Monster Hunter series, which have been a relative juggernaut in its native Japan, but has received mixed success in the west.

When it first came out on the Playstation 2, Monster Hunter was one of the first times Capcom dabbled with creating a game that used online multiplayer cooperative play at its core. I never experienced the online, but the single player experience was pretty cool to me with the whole facing off against giant dinosaurs and the like.

Later the MH series moved to the Sony PSP, and gained a huge popularity boost in Japan and good sales in the west. Nintendo wanted a piece of that cherry, so they got Capcom to make a couple for the Wii and more recently the 3DS.

Now here is where I get to my point. Capcom have made Monster Hunter Frontier for the PC and Xbox 360, but it was only released in Japan. Its mere speculation at this point, but I and a number of my online friends thought how cool it would be to have MH on Playstation 3 with up to 4 player coop. Capcom clearly have the means to do so, and Lost Planet 2 has clearly shown us that it could work for PS3 no problem.

So the question remains: Capcom, what are you waiting for?!

Update: As of June last year, Capcom had announced that they were going to do a HD upscale of Monster hunter Portable 3rd for the PS3, unfortunately only for Japan again! Damn you Capcom!

More info in Monster Hunter Frontier and Portable 3rd here:

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