Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Xmas/New Years update

Yet again, it's been a while since I've updated my blog, but in that time a lot has happened.

That new job I was going crazy over? I got it!

For a while there, I couldn't quite believe it because my luck had been so damn crappy recently. Things have been very hectic since as I try to get use to my new co-workers and routine, but at least I don't have to deal with the job centre any more! Woot!

I finally got my 80GB PS3 back from the shop I sent it to to be repaired. It never got repaired, so I ended up buying a special screwdriver just to get my Lost Planet 2 game disk back! It seems like even in death, my old PS3 continues to torment me from the grave!

Now it just sits there in my bedroom, awaiting whatever judgement will befall it in the new year! The only thing stopping me just throwing it out into the trash is the fact that these things can still go for £200+ on ebay... >_>

Wedding bells are in the air for a couple of friends of mine in the new year also. Both guys have steady/semi steady girlfriends that have taken them to the next level! I for one am happy for them. They're both really cool guys that deserve happiness in this chaotic world right now! I may not be a fan of marriage, but it doesn't mean I'm gonna hate on those who want to do it! Love is a powerful thing, and I still have hope that I'll find someone special myself in the future! (fingers and toes crossed!)

Even though I don't mention my artwork on this blog much, I just want to say things are going quite well! I've been doing commissions, and even participated in a gift exchange! My artwork is really improving, but I hope I can learn some new techniques in 2011 that will really make my work pop and sparkle!

There's not much good Sci Fi on TV these days, but one show that piqued my interest is "No Ordinary Family", a show about a normal family that gains super powers. This show is filling in the void that was left when Heroes finished (the last season bombed!).

It seems the shows I grow to like always seem to get cancelled before they hit their prime. Lost finished its run last year, Flashforward was cancelled after just one season, Startgate Universe will pretty much be done after next year, but we still have the "V" remake (for now!). I just hope No Ordinary Family gets a good run too, because I love it!

Christmas was crappy as usual, but at least I could game online with my friends on PS3! I can't tell you how cool it is to team up with other games online instead of playing alone! (That actually sounds kinda sad, doesn't it?)

Well rounding up this update, I'm not out of the woods yet, but things seem hopeful for the future. I just hope my recent good fortune doesn't run out just yet! Have a happy New Year everyone!