Thursday, 30 September 2010

The PS3 rant (continued) - Yellow Light of Death Edition !

Its about that time ladies and gentlemen. Time for my periodical rant about the pitfalls and frustrations of owning a Sony Playstation 3.

Just to fill you all in, I currently own a second hand 80Gb PS3 Phat version (original).

I bought it at about the time Metal Gear Solid 4 came out in 2008. I've run this machine in more or less the same way I ran my PS2 (which to this day still runs without incident).

About 2 months ago, my PS3 suffered what is known in the industry as a "Yellow Light of Death" which renders the console completely unusable until it is fixed. I was caught in a situation I had not foreseen due to the extreme heat over the summer months, which must have caused the insides of the console to overheat and melt the connections inside.

I was left with two options:

A: Get a new PS3 (which considering the prices, I really didn't want to do)
B: Try to get the current one fixed.

Fortunately, I did know of a shop in Central London that does console repairs, so I headed on over with my PS3 in the hopes that all my hard-earned gaming would not be lost...

Unfortunately, things have a habit of not working out the way I imagine they will (that happens a lot). The guy at the shop said they could fix it, but the repair would be temporary because the YLoD problem is inherent to the design of the console. That means, the bloody thing is destined to break down again the moment I switch it back on again!

Considering the risks, I opted to go ahead with the repair in the hopes that at least my save data would remain intact.

Jump forward 2 weeks later, and I get my PS3 back WITHOUT MY SAVE DATA!

As you can surely guess I was furious, but in hindsight, I guess I couldn't blame the shop too much for this. The way the PS3 is designed is so complicated and locked down, there was virtually little chance that the repair guy could have saved the console AND the data inside.

Fortunately, I had made a backup of some of the save data from last year, but anything after that date...gone.

The shop gave me a 3 month warranty on the repair job so that, in the event the damn thing broke again they would fix it for free. It's just as well, because it broke down within 2 months!

Resigned to my fate, (and smart enough to back my saves up this time!) I took it back to the shop, knowing in my heart that this may be the last time, and that I would have to get another Playstation 3 if I wanted to continue my gaming future...


As of 15/10/10, I called the shop to find out what the situation with the repair was. I was told that they hadn't even started because there was a dispute over whether or not the engineer would come to deliver it back to the shop or not, something stupid like their "tarnished reputation" over having to keep repairing clearly faulty consoles or whatever.

Sufficed to say, its not been done, and I shouldn't expect it to any time soon! Wonderful! (sarcasm).

As an act of frustration over this debacle, I scoured the next for prices for a new or used PS3 120Gb Slim. I am very surprised that these things can still go for as little as £240 on it's own with no games!

I ended up going back to my trusted friend Ebay to see what I could find. The odds were better, but I was still looking at a £100-150 reduction in price.

Ironically, I saw one going for £160 and decided to try my luck and put a bid in at the very last second. Before I knew it, the price had jumped up to £190. Thinking I was sure to be out bid anyway, I bid £200. To my surprise I wasn't, so now I have a PS3 Slim heading my way within the next few days, although knowing my luck I'll be out when it comes and will have to go and collect it from the local sorting office!


And as of 1st of November, I have been playing my new PS3 Slim with only minor problems. I have had a game not work on me when I put it in, but that was solved by buying a more expensive version of the same game (more money down the drain thanks to Sony!).

I have not heard anything from the shop regarding my old PS3, which still has one of my fav games stuck inside it! (Thanks again Sony!).

I could go on but I think I should wrap up this whole report now, for fear of descending into a downward spiral of hatred (haven't I done that already?). Sufficed to say, as much as I hate it, this is the way I will have to deal with my gaming needs in future.

Do you know something? When I place my hand near the back of my PS3 Slim when it's on, I can feel a tremendous amount of heat coming out of the rear vent. Seriously! You'd think Sony would've solved to problem of overheating in the revised model!

This leads me to the conclusion that at any time in the future the same thing will happen again, and I'll be right back where I started...with a Yellow Light of Death!

Let this blog post inform anyone who is interested in getting a PS3...

Coming Full Circle

If I told myself 12 months ago that I would end up right back at the very place I had tried to get away from, I would look at myself in disbelief and say "Seriously?!". If I had known that sobering fact, who knows maybe I would have tried harder to get a job?

Well regardless, I'm back. A few things have changed, but most things have not. I still see some old faces here and the there, and the familiar stench of corruption hangs in the air.

I'm not gonna sugar-coat it anymore. No-one there reads this blog, so I'm more or less gonna say what I feel. I left that place because it made me miserable.

I had to think about that place before I had to go to bed, and the first thing I thought about when I woke up. Days began to blur into each other, so I wasn't sure what day of the week it was. Being there dulled my senses made me feel ill just thinking about it.

It made me not want to get up in the morning. At times it made me want to kill some, if not all of the people there. I'd almost be temped to say it made me want to kill myself.

I'm not joking.

Near the end, I was in a spiral of despair that I STILL haven't recovered from. And now I'm back doing a Web Design course.

There was no way around it. Try as I might, I couldn't avoid it. If I had refused to go back, the Jobcentre would have stopped giving me money, money I need to survive.

If there is any consolation, its that I only have to be there until Christmas. It won't be easy, but I think I can handle it. I was there for 4 years so I think I can handle a couple of months, especially since I know there is an end in sight. That alone gives me hope.