Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The Yellow Light of Death!

The last few weeks have been quite the ordeal, and its all thanks to Sony and their much touted "Next Gen Console", the Playstation 3.

Now I could go on about how frustrating it is to own one, but I'll save the rant until after I have explained what happened.

In July the extreme heat of summer had pushed my PS3 to the limit of its capability, causing it to suffer what is known professionally as the "Yellow Light of Death" or YLOD for short. In laymans terms the YLOD is when the extreme heat generated inside the console causes some of the connectors to melt. This is similar to the Microsoft Xbox 360's infamous "Red Light of Death", and renders the console completely unusable. The only option after that is to get it repaired, or buy a new one.

Because I didn't want to lose all of the valuable data on the Hard Drive, I opted to get it repaired by the same guys that fixed my beloved PS2 (which still works).

But this tale was never destined to have a happy ending, my friends. Not only did I lose all my data and game saves (aside from a few backups I made last year) but I was unable to communicate to the guys I play online with what had happened. As far as they knew, I could have died, and they would've been none the wiser!

The nature of the repair was such that the shop could only give me a 3 month warranty on the repair because they knew the chances of it happening were high (thanks Sony). The upshot that when it happened again (not IF) they would fix it again for free, which is not much of a consolation if the guy just wipes the hard drive again.

What the hell happened? Why do I own a "Next Gen" console that despite all of its bells and whistles doesn't even last more than two years? Just imagine how frustration it is to know that at any moment you could lose hours, days and months of gameplay in an instant?! If you can't tell by my writing, I am NOT happy!

I'm left with the option of getting one of the new PS3 Slim models that are currently in circulation, but I can't help but feel short-changed by Sony for making me have to shell out so much money just to enjoy my favourite games.

Gaming...has changed.

I will be writing a post about my feelings on the whole sordid situation at a later date.

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