Monday, 13 July 2009

July Update

Time again for my semi-regular update! To be quite honest, I haven't felt much like writing about my life these days because not much happens when you're unemployed! But, seeing as there are things still going on in my life, it seems like a good idea to at least mention them!

A couple weeks back I attended a couple of talks about Japan (something I have a real interest about) in East London. There were a number of talks about different facets of Japanese culture, and the 2 I was most interested in were the ones about Manga (Japanese Comics) and Ninjas.

The talks were done by Japanese women who have moved over to the UK on order to learn English and to experience English culture. As part of the scheme that is run by the Institute of International Education in London, these women are part of an exchange program that allows people in London to learn Japanese for free while the Japanese women get to test their learned English with us! It's a genius idea, and I can only hope the IIEL will run a similar scheme for English people to go to Japan to learn Japanese!

Back to the talk, I would say the girls that did their talks when I was there were very good. Even though their knowledge was slightly limited, they really tried their best to do their talks in English and to answer the questions they were asked. Both nights that I was there were very enjoyable!

Sufficed to say, the next time the IIEL does it's next talks, I will definitely attend!


Another point of interest, in order to stave off lethargy in my graphic design and DTP skills, I have volunteered to do design work for Cooltan Arts, a charity organisation based in South London that helps people to explore their creative side!

I actually got the gig thanks to an old friend. It was through his work with Cooltan Arts that he found out they were looking for freelance designers who could design promotional material for them. He gave them my name, they contacted me and asked if I would be interested.

As I mentioned before, being unemplyed doesn't give you many opportunities to keep designing stuff, and even though I wouldn't be getting paid for it, I jumped at the chance to volunteer my services! It's still early, but I'm hoping to gain some recognition as a designer, and even if I don't at least the work I do can be added to my slightly weak portfolio! >_>


The only other thing worth mentioning is that I've started doing artwork commissions, and I'm starting to make some money from it! ^_^

It's still only chump change at the moment, but I believe if I can commit myself to working quicker I can possibly make a living from my illustrations! (a VERY ambitious prospect!)

Only time will tell, so stay tuned for further updates!