Saturday, 31 January 2009

I got a new job!! ^_^

Life really has a habit of throwing me curve balls, just to keep me on my toes. This past week is a perfect example.

On Saturday, I sent off an application form for a job vacancy that was advertised at the Jobcentre. On Monday, I received a phone call from the company saying they wanted me to come to an interview on Wednesday. After showing them my hastily put together portfolio in Wednesday's interview, I was asked to come back for a second interview on Friday.

On Friday, After an hour and a half of waiting followed by a very brief meeting with a senior manager, I was given the offer of a 6 month work trial at the company.

All this just within the space of a week! Up to this point, I had received virtually no replies to my applications to other companies. At the time, I didn't think for a second that I would get a call up for an interview, let alone a second one afterwards. Sufficed to say, I'm still trying to digest what has just happened.

No doubt it will take some time to get comfortable in my new job, but I'm prepared for the long haul. I just hope that this company is better than my old job!

Monday, 26 January 2009

New Year Woes

A new year, and not much to hope for...yet. It's 2009, and for once in a long time I'm wondering what the future holds in store for me. 

After much procrastonating, I decided to go back on JSA (Job Seekers Allowance). Seeing as I don't have a job anymore, it was the only logical option left to me considering the circumstances. To be able to do anything in life, you need money. I'm still searching for a job, but (knowing my luck) I don't hold out much hope for a positive outcome anytime soon.

January is always the worst in terms of new outcomes and updates, so I'm just killing time by playing Metal Gear Online and writing stories. I should get back to my artwork too, but that will take considderably more willpower. I am sooo lazy it's not even funny anymore...

Considering my current situation, I have made the desicsion to postpone my plans of going to Japan for the time being, until I can come up with a more solid plan of action. My research into the matter really opened my eyes as to just how daunting traveling to another country REALLY is. I can only hope my new plan will hold more water.