Saturday, 2 August 2008

London Motor Show 2008

I haven't been to any anime conventions this year, so to make up for that, I decided to head over to the London Motor show at the Excel Centre this year. I had been thinking about going since I heard about it earlier this month, and it was the second to last day of the event, so I though "what the heck?"

I'm glad I went! I tell you, nothing beats seeing all those cool cars face to face! It was awesome to see all my favorite cars "in the flesh" so to speak. The highlight of the day was seeing the Legendary Nissan GT-R!
Without a shadow of a doubt, if I'd been able to see stuff like this as a kid, I'm sure the rest of my life would've been devoted to pursuing a career in cars!
I've uploaded some videos I took on my camera phone of the event as proof that I went there!

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Here's a direct link:

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