Tuesday, 22 April 2008

500 Posts!

They said it could never be done. They said my stories were stupid and pointless. They said I was buchering a classic series (which in a way, I kinda was!). Well none of that matters now, because the "Streets of Rage: Love Triangle" topic I created on Gfaqs over a year ago has just reached 500 hits! My first ever! Here's a shoutout list to all those who helped this small project become a legacy!

Evil Ryu919
anyone else I may have forgotten to mention ~_^

For those of you who want to see it for themeslves, here's the link:

It was a long hard slog, but I'd like to think that in some way, I've made a difference! (or I could just be talking outta my ass, making a big deal out of something trivial and pointless!)

Monday, 7 April 2008

April Snow!

Yesterday, Me and my bro woke up to what seemed like a Christmas morning. In April. As you can see from the pictures and the poor quality video, you'd think it was in the middle of winter or something! WTF?! o.0,
Somehow, even when you see the whether forecasts on the news, you can never really tell if they're joking or not until you see it for yourself. As the famous saying goes, "The truth can be stranger than fiction".
I'm just thinking how lucky we were that the snow didn't fall during the week. That would've been just dang inconvenient, wouldn't it?

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle series - Ep10 Part 8

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle series - Episode 10 Part 8

The day had been a long and gruelling one for everyone involved. What had originally been a master plan had descended into chaos. There had been twists and turns all over the place, and many had suffered as a result.

The time had come to bring this chaotic chapter to an end.

Blaze was still with Raiken in the warehouse. It had become very apparent that there was no way for Raiken to remove her lodged hand from the side of the vat without killing herself in the process…

Raiken: Why are you still here? You’ve already won, why don’t you just kill me and be done with it!

Blaze: Will you shut up?! I’m trying to think!

Raiken: What about?

Blaze: How I’m gonna save your life!

Raiken: Why?

Blaze: Because someone like you deserves a second chance! I’m willing to take full responsibility!

Raiken: …I…I…don’t understand why you feel you have to help me. Someone who tried to kill you and your friend a few moments ago!

Blaze: Didn’t you say you don’t like harming others?

Raiken: You believed me? You really are an idiot, you know that?

Blaze: Regardless. After I’m done, you can do whatever you want.

Raiken: Even if I choose to kill you?

Blaze: …so be it. You might want to cover your eyes.

Raiken: What for?

Blaze raised her hand up above her head, as bluish lightning energy flashed outwards from it.

Blaze: I’m afraid you’re gonna lose the use of your right hand!

Raiken looked at Blaze with utter horror in her face.


From out of the rubble and fallen debris, Becky pulled herself upwards, followed by Max and Axel. The Crusher robot was harassing a few stray thugs in the corner that hadn’t managed to already escape the harbour.

Becky: Y-you know what? I don’t think I wanna join your team any more!

Axel: What are you talking about? Aren’t you having fun yet?

Becky: Too much fun! After today, I’m quitting!

Max: And miss out on our retirement and dental plan?

Becky: Ha ha. Seriously though, I had no idea your jobs were so dangerous!

Axel: It may be dangerous, but if we don’t do it, who will?

Max: We are the last line of defence for this city. It’s a badge of honour I wear gladly.

Axel: And so does Blaze. If you knew Blaze as well as you think you do, you’d already know that!

Becky: ……sorry. I didn’t mean to…

Axel: It’s all right Becky, there’s now way you could’ve known how hard it is.

Max: Enough sappyness! Shall we finish what we started?

Becky: Yeah!! This one’s for Blaze! On the count of three!

Max: One!

Axel: Two!

Becky: Three!!

The three comrades charged towards the robot and ran right under its legs. The Crusher noticed them running towards the warehouse, and started giving chase.

The three managed to dive through the door before another laser beam sliced them in half! As they stumbled to his feet, Axel and Max saw what had become of the inside of the warehouse. There were boxes and crates strewn all over the place, fallen shelves and broken lights.

The team were alerted to the unconscious bodies of the female thugs that had ambushed Blaze and Becky earlier. Sufficed to say, they were in no mood to fight, and all fled the scene through the back exit. Axel then noticed a large red haired person with a missing right hand, draped over a smaller person dressed in red heading towards them.

Becky: Glad to see you’re still alive, Blaze!

Blaze: Nothing to it. Glad to see you guys made it to!

Axel: Well you know us! Who’s that on your shoulder?

Raiken: None of your damn business.

Blaze: An ally, hopefully. She’s been through a lot, and I said I’d look after her until she recovers.

Raiken: Lucky me.

Becky: You can’t be serious! She tried to kill us!

At that instant, a red laser beam began cutting through the wall of the warehouse behind them!

Blaze: I don’t know what that is, but it looks very, very dangerous!

Max: You don’t know the half of it!

Axel: We can save the discussions for later! Everybody, move it!

As the team headed towards the rear exit, the wall behind them was ripped asunder by the Crusher robot. Stumbling through the debris, it continued to chase the group through the warehouse!

As they moved past the vat of acid, Raiken pulled herself away from the shoulders of Blaze and Max.

Blaze: What are you doing? Are you trying to get yourself killed?

Raiken: Just go on without me! I’ll take care of that metal monster!

Blaze: Don’t be an idiot! You won’t last against it in your condition!

Raiken: Ha! You don’t think I’d lose to a piece of scrap like that?! Just watch and learn!

As Blaze and the others looked on, Raiken leaned against the vat, knelt down and began to lift up the side. With inhuman strength and only one hand, she lifted up the vat so that the acid inside would flow towards the Crusher!

As the acid flowed underneath the robot, it looked down at its feet to try and figure out want it was. Believing that it was in on danger, it continued onwards towards the team.

Becky: I-it didn’t work!

Raiken: You…can’t be serious!

Suddenly, the robot slipped on the acid and fell forwards! As it fell, the acid splashed into the exposed circuitry. As the acid began to burn into its internal circuits, a number of fires began to break out all over its body. Even though its outer shell was resistant to nearly everything, the same couldn’t be said about its inner workings!

As the robot was being destroyed from the inside out, it desperately tried to reach out to the team with its hand.

Becky: You did it! You destroyed it!

Raiken: Heh, nothing to it…

Blaze ran over to Raiken to catch her before she fell to the floor.

Blaze: Easy now! You’ve been through a lot.

Raiken: It’s all right. My…debt is repaid. Just get out of here…

Blaze: Max! Help me get her out of here!

Max: Damn! She’s as big as me!

Axel: I don’t mean to rush you guys, but we gotta move, NOW!!

As a last ditch attempt to kill the team, the robot opened its mouth to unleash another laser blast!

Everyone pilled through the rear exit, as bits of the ceiling came crashing down near them! As the team got outside, they could see that they would have to mover far away from the warehouse, as laser beams were still coming out through the walls!

By this time, the acid had managed to eat its way into the power core of the robot. The core became unstable as the acid damaged its inner workings, and caused it to overheat. The resulting heat consumed the rest of the inside of the robot, as it exploded outwards, destroying everything in its path!

The explosion spread outwards to engulf everything that had been inside the warehouse. The flames ignited the remaining pool of acid to create an even more violent explosion! The entire warehouse exploded, sending debris flying everywhere! The force of the explosion sent everyone flying towards the ground!

After a moment, everyone got up to see if they were okay.

Becky: ……Is……everyone okay?

Max: I’m still in one piece……I think.

Axel: What the hell was that?

Becky: The robot must’ve blew up! Just look at what’s left of the warehouse!

Everyone turned to see what was left of the warehouse. The entire roof had fallen in on itself, and the flames had pretty much consumed everything inside. Only parts of the wire structure was still standing.

Just then, sirens could be heard behind the team. Everyone turned round to see several Fire engines Police cars and Ambulances arrive at the scene. One Police car pulls up in front of the other vehicles, and a couple of guys get out.

????: Wow! You guys really made a mess here!

Becky: Adam!

Axel: Glad to see you’re alright! Where’s Skate?

Skate: Right here! You all didn’t think I’d go out that easy, did you?

Adam: Hey! Take it easy bro! You’re still injured, remember?

Skate: Yeah, yeah! I know!

Axel: Right, now that is all settled, I have a bone to pick with you little missy!

Becky: Huh? Are you talking to me?

Axel: Didn’t I tell you it was dangerous to live with Blaze?!

Becky: Oh, don’t start this crap again!

Axel: Well what do you think your Mom is gonna say when she finds out what happened because of you!

Becky: You’re blaming me? If I hadn’t been me, it would’ve been someone else, so shut up!

Axel: Why you little punk…

Adam: You know, she does have a point. They kidnapped me the last time, remember?

Axel: Will you shut up? You’re not helping!

Adam: Well EXCUSE me. Let’s go Ed!

Skate: Why are you calling me by my real name all of a sudden?

Adam: You’re my brother, and I love you. If I wanna call you by your real name, I think I have the right!

Skate: Auuhh geez! Lets just go home man.

Adam: You’re going straight to the hospital to get checked out. And that’s an order!

Skate: Auuuhhh maaaaaan!

*Back to Axel & Becky*

Axel: You know what? You’re moving in with me! No excuses!

Becky: Wha? Ewww! No way! I’m not moving in with you!

Axel: I mean it! I’m not letting you outta my sight!

Becky: You only want me to move in so you can see me naked in the shower!

Axel: What the heck are you talking about?! You’re my niece! It would be for your own safety, damn it!

Becky: Well Blaze doesn’t want me to move out, right Blaze? …Blaze?

Axel: Looks like you’re on your own here!

Becky: B-but she was here a second ago! Blaze? Where did you go? Max?

Max: I saw her go off with that wrestler chick. She looked concerned.

Becky: Wha? Why the heck is she helping that monster?!

Blaze was with Raiken as she was being put into the back of an Ambulance.

Raiken: I feel like crap.

Blaze: Thank you.

Raiken: Pfft. I didn’t do it for you!

Blaze: Well who did you do it for?

Raiken: Look, you saved me, I saved you. Let that be the end of it. Leave me alone.

Blaze: You’re gonna need help, now that you don’t have a right hand. Where do you live?

Raiken: Are you deaf? I said get lost!!

Blaze: What are you afraid of?

Raiken: I’m not afraid of anything!

Blaze: Have you already forgotten? I saw the fear in your eyes when your hand was stuck! You may claim that you’re nothing but a monster, but I can tell there is still a person inside there!

Raiken: ……

Blaze: Look, probably want to be alone more than anything right now. I can understand that. I just want you to know that if you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here.

Raiken looked into Blaze’s eyes. For the first time in a long time, she didn’t see fear or contempt, only compassion and understanding.

Blaze: It’s your choice. I’m not gonna force you to do anything. See you later.

Raiken: I’m still gonna kill you, you know that? As soon as I’m well again, I’m going to finish what we started today. You can count on it!

Blaze turned round to face Raiken as she was about to be taken to the Hospital.

Blaze: I look forward to it!

The two rivals smiled at each other, knowing that maybe, this would be the beginning of a strong friendship!

The End!

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Finish what you start...

It has come to my attention that I have a number of projects that have fallen by the wayside as a result of work, games and other interests. Now seem like no better time to go back and look over stuff I had created, but never finished (shame on me! >.<).

At the very least, if I can finish off some stuff, it will make it easier for me to fucus on new stuff. I'll also have the peace of mind to know that should anything happen to me (which I sure hope doesn't happen yet), I'll know that the people I leave behind will know just how creative I was.