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Streets of Rage: Love Triangle series – Episode 10 part 3

Continuation of Episode 10. I'm not sure how long this will take, but this should make everything all the more epic! (I wish!)

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle Series – Episode 10 - Part 3

Blaze was in a tough spot. In her objective to rescue Axel’s niece Becky, she knowingly walked into a trap unsure of what she would be facing.

Blaze: It’s seems like I’m gonna find out sooner or later, so why don’t you just reveal yourself!

????: You must admit, the suspense has been killing you hasn’t it?

Blaze: More like my desire to kill you has been the most powerful motivator I’ve ever had in my life!

And with that, Blaze flicked a nearby steel rod up into the air with her foot, caught it in mid air, and threw it at the spotlight, smashing it.

????: That was a very clever move, Miss Fielding, but utterly fruitless non the less. Suzy! Go ahead and switch the lights on!

Suzy: Right Elektra!

As the light came on, Blaze could finally assess the situation. All the supposed “ninjas” were standing in a line across the centre of the warehouse. Behind them was a what looked like a giant vat, with what appeared to be some sort of steaming substance inside. Suspended above the vat was a person, chained up around the mid-section and blindfolded.

It was Becky.

Blaze: Well-well-well! I never thought you idiots would grow a pair and try to get revenge on little old me! I’m flattered!

Elektra: *pulls off mask* You’ve had this coming for a long time!

Suzy: *pulls off mask* We’re calling in your tab, and we’re sure you won’t be able to pay it all!

Lisa: *pulls off mask* We couldn’t pass up on this opportunity to settle the score!

Mona: *pulls off mask* The game is over for you. No more continues!

Blaze: You all came up with those lines yourselves? I’m impressed! No wait! Wait a minute! No I’m not!

Lisa: Shut the hell up!

Mona: Easy sis! Don’t let her get to you!

Blaze: Look, normally I’d love to waste time and tustle with you guys, but right now I’m more concerned about my friend over there. Could you all, be a dear and let her down from there?

Elektra: You can gloat all you want, but we know too well that you’re just trash talking to cover your fear! One push of the button, and your friend will drop in to that huge vat of acid behind us!

Blaze: Why you..!!!

Blaze was about to advance towards them, when another ninja in the level above them pushed the button on the controller, lowering Becky slightly closer towards the vat. Thinking better of making the situation worse, Blaze stopped herself just in time. The crane stopped, leaving Becky spinning round above the steaming vat of acid.

Elektra: So Miss Fielding, how do you want to play this situation now?

Blaze: I swear, if anything happens to her, you’re all gonna pay a million times over!!

Suzy: Why don’t we all have some fun for a bit?

Lisa: Good idea!

Suzy and Lisa charged at Blaze, ready to attack!

Blaze parried their blows and counter attacked with a few moves of her own, pushing them both back. The two looked at each other with a confused look on their faces, then charged again, attacking with more intensity. Blaze blocked and dodged their blows with ease, then grabbed the leg of Suzy and threw her at Lisa, knocking them both to the floor. As they looked up from the embarrassing heap they were in, they saw that Blaze was unshaken, her fighting stance was as intense as ever.

Lisa: God damn it! Why can’t you just take a beating like you’re supposed to?!

Blaze: I’m through with playing games. The way I see it, if I beat you all, then I’m free to rescue my friend as I see fit. Hurry up and send your next group of losers.

Mona: Her cockyness is beginning to piss me off! Let’s try three on one!

Suzy: Why don’t we just all go? If we waste too much time, her friends might come and ruin everything!

Elektra: She has a point. At this rate, our carefully thought out plan will all be for nothing!!

Blaze braced herself as they all charged her at the same time! She was managing to hold her own for a while, but no matter how good she was, the simple fact was she was out numbered!

Their tenacity was slowly wearing her down. For every three blows she dodged or blocked, at least one or two was getting through. The worst thing was Elektra’s whip, which was ripping her skin and shocking her body at the same time.

Blaze was being picked apart. She figured that her old adversaries had trained for quite a while beforehand, figuring out the best strategies to beat her. Blaze was more than a match for any of them one-on-one, but attacking all at once, in a prolonged conflict was proving to be the trump card. All it would take was one lucky shot, and it would be all over!!

And that lucky shot was about to be landed! Blaze was so busy blocking an attack from Mona and Lisa, she didn’t see Elektra launching a whip strike at her from behind! Blaze had knocked the twins away from her, and sensed that something was coming at her, but she couldn’t react quickly enough!

Suddenly, there was a clanging noise, and Elektra’s whip fell to the floor, inches away from Blaze! Wondering what had happened, she turned round to see a familiar figure standing behind her.

It was Becky!

Originally, Becky had appeared to be unconscious for most of the time when they had brought her into the warehouse. What her captors didn’t know was that Becky had been “playing dead”. She was completely aware of what was happening, waiting for the right moment to help Blaze.

As Elektra and the others had their hands full with Blaze, Becky pulled out a hair clip she had stolen from an unsuspecting female thug. She used it to unlock the chains that were holding her in place above the giant vat of acid. She almost slipped as she freed herself from the chains, but luckily managed to stop herself from falling into the vat, then used the chains to swing herself to the edge.

When she finally dropped safely to the upper platform, she disabled the female thug that had been operating the crane that was going to drop her into the vat, and was too busy watching the brawl. The only thing left to do was to leap in at the last second to save Blaze from a finishing blow from Elektra’s whip!

Blaze: B-B-Becky?

Becky: Glad to see me?

Blaze: H-How did you…

Becky: Let’s not worry about that now! We still have to deal with these chumps, right?

Blaze: I couldn’t have put it better myself!

The girls stood up back to back, ready to face all comers!


Meanwhile, the guys outside were still fighting the thugs that had ambushed them before they could go and help Blaze. Unfortunately, months of inaction had left them a little rusty, leaving them spending more time then they would’ve liked.

Axel: I tell you, once this is over, I’m going back to training full time!

Skate: I might have to join you on that! These guys used to be easy before!

Goldie: Don’t give yourselves so much credit! We’ve all been training for a month beforehand, just so we’d be ready for you chumps!

Max: Is that so?

Max grabbed Goldie from behind, and suplexed him into the ground behind him!

Max: You are good, but you got sloppy!

Garcia: Remember what Shiva said! Don’t get split up! Stick to your teams!

Adam: Shiva? I should’ve known you guys wouldn’t be smart enough to come up with this by yourself! Where is that jackass anyway?

Big Ben: Wouldn’t you like to know?

Axel leapt in front of Big Ben and unleashed a flaming uppercut, launching him into the air!

Axel: Nope, not really!

Axel was then knocked to the floor by Abadede!

Abadede: Long time, no see, pipsqueak!

Axel: Oh great! Like I haven’t got enough of you to deal with!

Abadede: I’ve waited a long time to get you back for…

He was cut short by a spinning roundhouse by Adam! He then held his hand out to help Axel back to his feet.

Adam: You know if you die here, I’ll be free to date Blaze, right?

Axel: Thanks for the assist, but don’t kid yourself!

Adam: Maybe we should try a similar tactic to our opponents here!

Axel: You mean a team up? If it means we can get to Blaze and Becky sooner, sure!

Adam: Let’s remind them why they shouldn’t mess with us!

With renewed vigor, the team started to tag-team their opponents, despatching of them one at a time, until there was only a few left.

Donovan: What da hell? Where’s Shiva? He should be here to take some of this pressure off u……

Donovan was interrupted as Skate jumped on him, and pounded on his head with rapid blows. He finished up by throwing Donovan towards Max.

Skate: Hey Max! Catch!!

Max: Thanks!

Max leaps up and catches Donovan in mid air, and pile-drives his body into the concrete below, leaving a small crater!

Max: Looks like that was the last of them!

Axel: I damn well hope so! My back is sore from all the German Suplexs!

Adam: I never thought they would go this far just to get to us. I’m impressed.

Skate: Get it together guys! We still need to go help Blaze and Becky!

The team start to head towards the warehouse, but were stopped in their tracks by what looked like a giant suit of armour, which dropped out of the sky and landed in front of them, knocking them off their feet!

Axel: What the hell……IS that?!

What appeared to be a pair of evil red eyes opened up on the armour.

Skate: Whatever it is, it looks pissed!

The armour pulled out a giant blade from behind it’s back, and slammed it into the ground, causing a shockwave to push the team backwards a couple of inches!

Adam: I’m…getting…too…old…for…this…****!!!

To be continued!!

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