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Streets of Rage: Love Triangle series – Ep10 part 5

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle Series – Episode 10 - Part 5

Blaze was facing a stalemate. Just as she thought that she had tied up all the loose ends with Mr X’s former henchwomen, a new threat had just risen to challenge her. Something that was more powerful, and more dangerous than she had ever faced before!

This individual appeared to be female, however it was not easy to come to that conclusion because she was quite tall for a female, and very muscular. She had long and crazy flame orange hair, a blue bra and pants with a thunder logo running across it, padded gloves and blue wrestling boots which also had the thunder logo. Her face covered with an Ultimate Warrior style face paint.

Blaze: I don’t know how you are, but if you don’t let my friend go right now, you’re gonna regret it!

????: Really? Do you promise? I’m so looking forward to being punished by the legendary Blaze Fielding!

Blaze: ……Have I…met you somewhere before?

????: What? You’ve forgotten me already? That hurts! Don’t you remember that I smothered you into unconsciousness when the others grabbed your girlfriend here!

Blaze: Okay fine! Let her go, and we can talk further.

????: You know, it would be really easy for me to snap her little neck right in front of you!

Blaze: Let her GO!!

Blaze charged towards the wrestler. With an effortless toss, the female wrestler threw Becky into the air. Despite her size, she was quick enough to launch a boot right in Blaze’s face, knocking her on her back. The wrestler then caught Becky’s body in one hand, then proceeded to plant her foot on Blaze’s chest, pinning her to the ground.

????: You know I just don’t get it. Everyone I’ve met say you’re the best female fighter they’ve ever seen, that you’re some kind of legend! From what I’ve seen, you’re nothing more than a joke!

Blaze: ……

????: Seeing as you’re not gonna last much longer, I might as well tell you who I am. I’m the former female World Heavyweight Champion, Thunder Thighs Raiken!

Blaze: …R-R-Raiken? Weren’t you fired from wrestling because you killed a opponent?

That statement seemed to hit a sore point with Raiken. She applied more pressure on Blaze’s chest!

Raiken: It was an ACCIDENT!!

Just then, Raiken was knocked off her balance by Becky, who had recovered enough to kick Raiken in the side of her head. Blaze used this opportunity to move out of the way and launch a kick behind Raiken’s knee. Becky tried to use her body weight to make Raiken lean backwards, while Blaze’s kick was used to throw the wrestler’s centre of gravity.

Raiken: I must say, I’m impressed by your little team work effort just now, but I’m afraid you’re both gonna need a lot more to defeat the likes of ME!!

With inhuman strength, the wrestler recovered her stance, then slammed Becky’s body down on top of Blaze. She then picked them both up and threw them through a bunch of wooden crates!

After a while of rummaging, Blaze managed to get out of the smashed wreckage. She then turned to look for Becky.

Blaze: Becky? Are you alright?

Becky: Over here!

Blaze turned round to see Becky also pull herself out from the broken boxes.

Becky: Ow, ow, OW!! This sucks! This day just seems to be getting worse and worse!

Blaze: It certainly seems like it! I’ve never faced a monster like that before!

Becky: ……Is this it for us? Is this how we’re gonna die!

Blaze: Please Becky! Don’t lose hope! I’m sure if we stick it out, we can beat her!

Becky: But we already tried to work together! It didn’t work!

Just then, the pile of boxes behind them was pushed aside, revealing the crazed monster that was looking for them!

Raiken: What have you girls been chatting about? Can I join in?

Blaze: Sure! I was just telling my protégée here that I haven’t had a good fight in ages. I’d forgotten what it was like to get my ass kicked!

Raiken: Well, I’m more than happy to hand out as many ass kickings as you want! Let me help you up!

Raiken grabbed Blaze on her shoulder and tossed her behind her. Enraged by such a vicious act, Becky leapt up and threw a punch right in Raiken’s face! At first, Becky thought that she had surprised the wrestler, but her face turned to fear as Raiken smiled, grabbed her arm, and did a belly to belly suplex on her that knocked Becky out cold!

Blaze recovered to see Raiken standing over Becky’s unconscious body.

Raiken: Looks like your protégée needs a little more toughness training!

Blaze: Damn you!! She’s just a kid! Don’t you have any compassion?!

Raiken: I did, but after you’ve been through what I’ve been through, you find there isn’t much room for compassion when people think you’re a killer!

Blaze: You came here to fight me? Fine! You have my undivided attention! Just leave Becky alone!

Raiken: If you give me your very best game, then there’ll be no problems!

Blaze: Fine, just let me get…READY!!

Blaze charged at Raiken with all the speed she can muster. A build up of bluish energy flowed from Blaze’s hand as she unleashed a deadly blast at her opponent.
Raiken fell to the floor from the impact of the blast, a huge trail of smoke flowing from her body.

After taking a moment to catch her breath, Blaze turned to tend to Becky, not even bothering to see if she had defeated Raiken. Her only concern was to get herself and Becky out of there as soon as possible.

Suddenly she heard what sounded like someone chuckling in the background. The chuckling turned to laughing, then to an outright belly laugh. Blaze turned to see the smoking body of the just downed Raiken get up to her feet.

Blaze wondered just what it would take to survive this seemingly invincible behemoth!


The guys had just managed to stop the rampaging giant robot, by tricking it into attacking a nearby circuit box. Unfortunately, the cost of victory was a very big one.

Adam was trying to resuscitate his younger brother, who had saved his life by taking a lightning blast to the back.

Adam: Oh god, oh god! PLEASE! You’ve got to wake up!

Max: C’mon Skate! You can do it! We still need you!

Axel: ……

After a few more minutes of trying, Adam couldn’t go on. All he could do was hold his little brother’s lifeless body to his chest and wept……

There was utter silence for what seemed like an eternity…

Then the silence was broken by a sharp breath, followed by a lot of coughing.

Adam quickly checked to see the face of his brother. Skate was alive!

Adam: Oh thank god!! Eddie! Are you alright?!

Skate: J-Just *cough* g-g-give me a *cough* sec! *Cough*

Axel: Geez kid! You all gave us a hell of a scare just now!

Max: Ha! Don’t count him out yet! This kid is tougher than he looks!

Adam: Just take your time. There’s no rush.

Skate: Well, that’s not *cough* true now *cough* is it?

Adam: What are you talking about?

Skate: We still need to *cough* go and rescue the girls, don’t we?

Adam: I guess you’re right.

Axel: Don’t you worry kid. Me and Max will take care of the girls. Adam, you take your bro out of here and get him some treatment.

Adam: Are you sure?

Axel: I don’t want to see any more of my friends get hurt today. This crap ends right now!

????: A truly noble sentiment to be sure, Mr Stone! It’s just a shame life never works out that way, does it?

The team turned round to see who had interrupted them.

Two men slowly were walking towards them. The one of them was trailing behind the other, and looked like a geeky scientist type. The man in front was a familiar face. A muscular man with dark skin, long black hair and a red headband. He was wearing a martial arts jumpsuit, which was white in colour instead of his usual black.

It was Shiva.

Axel: You son of a BITCH!! It was you, wasn’t it?! All this crap is because of YOU!!

Shiva: Very perceptive, Mr Stone! I can certainly see why people consider you to be the BRAINS of your outfit!

Adam: Shut the hell up!! My brother nearly died because of you!

Shiva: Actually, you can blame my little friend here, Isn’t that right Mr Bowman?

Bowman: I-I can’t believe they were able to defeat my greatest creation!! I must get the data back to my lab, so I can fix the imperfections…

Max: Hey Poindexter! Your “Greatest Creation” tried to kill us! Are you okay with that?

Bowman: Y-Your lives are of no consequence to me! All that matters is that I was finally able to test the capabilities of the “Grand Crusher”!

Axel: Where the heck did you dig this noob out from? He looks like he’s never been out in daylight for 3 years or something!

Bowman, uninterested in what was happening around him headed straight to his damaged Grand Crusher. He pulled out a small laptop computer from the satchel bag hanging round his shoulder, and plugged a cable from it into a compartment in the robot’s leg.

Shiva: It’s more like 2 years, 4 months actually. He’s a former assistant of Dr Dahn. From what he tells me, Dahn was not as great as he made himself out to be. He took all of Bowman’s creations and claimed he invented them instead. A great genius, stuck in the shadow of a fake…

Axel: What makes you think we care about this crap?!

Shiva: I find it’s always nice to know who your opponent is in battle. The very fact that we know so much about all of you is the reason why we were able to put this whole plan together.

Max: Axel, we can’t waste any more time on this guy! The girls…

Shiva: I wouldn’t worry about those two, if I were you. Chances are they’re both already dead!

Axel: Now I KNOW you’re talking outta your ass! If we were able to smash your little toy over there *points to Grand Crusher*, then I’m sure Blaze’ll have no trouble with whatever you’ve thrown at her!

Shiva: Ha! That’s rich! You nearly lost one of your team out here! What makes you think Miss Fielding and your cousin are still alive?

Max: Axel, we should just finish this guy off as quickly as possible.

Axel: Fair enough. Shiva? I don’t know why the hell you chose to wear white today, coz by the time we’re done with you, your clothes are gonna end up covered in your own blood!

Shiva: Quite the bold statement! I look forward to it!

Axel: Adam! Get going!

Adam: Right!

Skate: Hang in there guys! Don’t let that *cough* jackass beat you!

Axel: You got it kid!

Adam picked Skate up in his arms and carried him away from the area.

Axel and Max prepared themselves to showdown with Shiva, the lives of Blaze and Becky hanging in the balance. The clock was ticking…

To be continued…

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