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Streets of Rage: Love Triangle series – Ep10 part 4

This story is going from strength. My plan is to focus on the plot and character development in equal measure (hopefully). I've already gotten most of the story written up, and I've been uploading them on Gamefaqs before I post them here.

I've gained quite a small following of fans of my stories over there, which I'm proud of (it must mean I'm doing something right!). It feels good to know that I'm bringing a little happiness to other people's lives, and helping myself at the same time. If it weren't for their encouragement, I probably wouldn't have gotten any of my ideas off the ground.

I think after this story is completed, I'm gonna giva a shout out to my boys who have been checking in every week, and screaming at me to make more stories!

Keep an eye out for the "dramatic closer" in this installment! One thing you've got to know about me is, I love a good plot twist! ^_^

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle Series – Episode 10 - Part 4

The situation had grim for Blaze, as the shear ferocity of attacks from the female thugs had pushed her beyond her limits. Fortunately, a self-released Becky looked to turn the tide of battle in their favour.

The training that Becky had taken under Blaze’s tutelage had paid off as the two girls synchronised their moves with each other. Where one of them was vulnerable to attack, the other stepped in to protect her, and vice versa. Their teamwork even put the twin’s techniques to shame. It was quickly evident that the female thugs had just lost their advantage!

Suzy: Damn it! Why can’t we hit ‘em?!

Lisa: I think we may have underestimated the little punk a bit.

Becky: You damn right you estimated me! I’ve been trained by the very best, and you’re all gonna get a taste of hell!

Blaze: That certainly sounds fair! Do you want to lead?

Becky: I thought you would never ask! Let’s do it!!

Becky charged at Suzy first, with Blaze following behind her. Sensing imminent danger, all Suzy could do was use her arms to shield herself.

Mona and Lisa charged in to try and save Suzy, but were counterattacked by Becky and Blaze mid run. The ploy had worked, tricking the others into thinking they were going after Suzy, when in fact they planned to attack them after all!

This tactic left the thugs floundering, unable to attack or defend themselves quickly enough. Each one fell one by one, first Suzy, then Lisa, and then Mona, leaving only Elektra. With little options left, she tried to use her electrified whip to defend herself by spinning it around in front of her.Elektra: Crap! It can’t end like this! Not yet! I won’t let it!

Becky: Like you have a choice, Bimbo Brains!

Elektra: B-B-Bimbo Brains?! H-How DARE you, you little ****! I’ll kill you!

Elektra launched her whip at Becky with all her might, but Becky dodged to the side. Blaze caught the tip and held it tightly, so Elektra couldn’t pull it back. Elektra was about to send an electric charge through her whip, but before she could Becky was already in front of her. Becky raised her hand far behind her, and appeared to charge up a small blue ball of energy in her hand. She launched it right in Electra’s face, flooring her with so much force that a small cloud of dust escaped from under Elektra’s body!

Blaze: Wow, I must say I’m impressed! I didn’t think you would pick up that skill so quickly!

Becky: Yeah, pretty good huh! I just wish it could’ve been a lot bigger…

Blaze: No, that was just fine. I wanted to talk to her anyway.

Becky: What for?

Blaze: To get some information.

Blaze walked up to the still smouldering Elektra, who was looking quite shocked but was still conscious. Blaze knelt down until she was right next to Elektra.

Blaze: Okay, now here’s how it’s gonna go down. I’m gonna ask you some questions, and you’re gonna tell me everything. Is that clear?

Elektra: Get……bent!

Blaze: Good, good. I’m glad we understand each other. Now tell me, who put you up to this little scheme of yours?

Elektra: I don’t know what you’re……talking about!

Blaze: You and I know you girls aren’t smart enough to come up with a plan as intricate as this by yourselves, so who’s your puppet master?

Elektra: If I were you, I’d be less worried about me, and more worried about your little friend over there!

Blaze: What are you…?!

Blaze turned round to see a huge figure standing behind Becky! Before she could react, the giant grabbed Becky around the neck, choking her.

Blaze: BECKY!!

????: Concentrate on the opponent standing in front of you, Fielding! If you don’t, your friend won’t last another minute!


Outside the warehouse, things were looking equally hopeless. From out of nowhere, a giant robot carrying a huge sword stood in the team’s path.

Max: Sooo…what do we do now?

Axel: What do we do? We smash him up, that’s what we do!

Axel charges forward and unleashed a flaming energy wave that travels across the ground towards the robot.

The wave hit the robot’s legs and travels up it’s body, quickly dissipating into nothing as it goes.

Max: Wow. That was……something.

Axel: Shut up!

Skate: Maybe if we get closer?

Axel: Right!

Axel ran right up to the robot to try again, but was instantly swatted into the air by the robot. Axel quickly recovered in mid air and slid across the ground as he landed.

Axel: Okay then, that didn’t work so well. Anyone else got a good idea?

Adam: Tag team?

Skate: Yeah, hit it from two sides!

Axel: Right. Skate? We go on three!

After the count of three, Axel and Skate charged towards the robot in a criss-cross fashion. The robot was not quick enough to keep up with both of them at the same time, and while it was distracted by Skate, Axel leapt up and launched a flaming punch right into its armour.

The attack did nothing. Again.

The robot grabbed Axel by the leg and slammed him into the ground, then leapt up into the air with its sword and slammed it down on the ground. The shockwave travelled across the ground from the tip of the sword and followed Skate, tripping him up and knocking him to the floor.

Adam rushed to his aid.

Adam: Bro!! You alright?!

Skate: Yeah, just a little…LOOK OUT!!

The brothers narrowly escaped being crushed by the robot by rolling out of the way!

Max ran over to see if Axel was okay.

Max: Axel?! You alright man?

Axel: T-This tin can is REALLY beginning to piss me off!!

Max: I agree, but right now we need to MOVE!!

Axel: W-What are you…?

Max grabbed Axel and dashed out of the way as the robot almost landed on top of them!

The team regrouped as the robot turned round to face them, its eyes glowing red with a look that would make you feel like it was staring into your very soul.

Adam: I’m not afraid to say right now: I am scared as hell!

Max: Me too. I’ve never faced anything this big or this fast in my life.

Axel: What! Are you forgetting that if we don’t get past that thing, Blaze and Becky could be goners?

Adam: Now WHOSE being pessimistic?

Skate: Guys! Look over there!

Everyone looked to where Skate was pointing to see what looked like a electrical circuit box.

Axel: Adam? Did I ever tell you……your little brother is a genius?

Adam: Nope, but you’re right, he IS a genius!

Skate: Don’t get your hopes up too much. We don’t know anything about what that robot can or can’t survive. It might not work.

Max: Maybe, but its better than nothing. Let’s do it!

Adam: It is a machine, and I’m sure machines don’t like too much electricity.

Axel: I guess we’re about to find out! HEADS UP!!

The team split up as the robot charged at them with its sword. They moved around in as unpredictable a pattern as possible, to avoid being singled out by the robot, who was swinging its sword wildly around itself. Maintaining eye contact as much as possible, the team moved closer and closer to the circuit box.

After a while of moving around and trying not to get hit, Adam stood in front of the circuit box in the hope that the robot would aim for him.

Skate: Don’t do it! You’re not fast enough!

Adam: What are you talking abou…

It all happened in just under a second. The robot’s blade was already above Adam's head when Skate leapt towards him to push him out of the way. The sword came down on the circuit box, crushing it and unleashing a maelstrom of electrical energy that threw the Hunter brothers hurling through the air.

The electricity rippled up the sword into the robot’s body, causing sparks to fly all over the place. As the team had hoped, the electricity seemed to fry the robots circuits. Its body jiggled all over the place, and clouds of smoke plumed out of all its joints. After a few moments, the sparks stopped, the robot slumped to the side, and bits of its armour started to drop off. Its glowing red eyes faded to black.

Max: Yeah! We did it!

Axel: About damn time!

Adam: Man! That was a bit close, wasn’t it bro?

Skate: ……

Adam: Heh…you alright bro?

Skate: ………

Adam: Ed…c’mon man. Let me know you’re alright!

Max: Adam! Look at his back!

Adam shuffled out from under his younger brother to see what looked like a big smoking scar on Skate’s back.

Adam: Oh god no. Eddie! What have I done! EDDIE!! WAKE UP!!

Axel and Max rushed towards the brothers, as Adam rolled his brother onto his back and started doing CPR. Seconds passed like minutes, but Skate didn’t seem to be responding.

Adam: C’mon Ed, breath!!

Axel: Adam! It’s not your fault!

Adam: How can you say it’s not my fault?! He got injured trying to protect me!

Tears began to build up in his eyes.

Adam: I’m his older brother! I’m supposed to be the one protecting him, damn it!

Max: ……

Adam: C’MON DAMN IT! Don’t you DARE DIE ON ME!!

To be continued?!

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