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Streets of Rage: Love Triangle series – Ep10 part 6

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle series - Episode 10 Part 6

As she locked grips with her opponent, never in her life had Blaze felt so exhausted. As unusual as the situation had began, the arrival of the female wrestler known as Thunder Thighs Raiken had only made things 10 times worse. Blaze would’ve had trouble fighting this monster had she been at full strength, to say nothing of how badly she was doing now.

The only thing keeping her going was that if she gave up now, Becky would most certainly die at the hands of this maniac.

Raiken: You know now that I think of it, you’re not at your very best right now, are you?

Blaze: Y-you could say that!

Raiken: Want me to tie my hands behind my back?

Blaze: Yeah, that sounds good! While you’re at it, how’s about you handcuff your legs together and wear a blindfold!

Blaze knew she couldn’t match Raiken for strength, so she decided to use her opponent’s strength against her. She feint weakness for a moment, making Raiken lean towards her, then delivered a head-butt right to her nose, sending her reeling backwards!

Raiken slid backwards on the toes, then regained her composure. She paused for a second when she realised her nose was bleeding. This made a sinister smile creep across her face!

Raiken: Ha! Who’d have thought? Do you know how long it’s been since anyone has made me bleed my OWN blood?

Even though she was wavering, Blaze stood ready for the next assault.

Raiken: You ARE the real deal! You’re the genuine article! No doubt! I’m so excited!

Blaze: I’m so happy for you!

Raiken: You should be! It means I don’t have to hold back anymore!

Blaze: Wait, What?! You’re joking, right? You mean to tell me you were holding bac…

Blaze didn’t even see the attack until it was too late. In the blink of an eye, Raiken had charged at Blaze and knocked her skyward with a killer clothesline move. As Blaze dropped to the ground, she couldn’t even defend herself from Raiken’s next attack, a diving elbow to her abdomen. This attack knocked the breath right out of Blaze, and made her see stars!

Raiken: Now this is what I’m talking about! A proper fight! Finally a chance to unleash my A-game! You should feel privileged to be able to witness what most of my opponents couldn’t even survive long enough to see!

Raiken dragged Blaze to her feet by her hair, shoved her into a reverse headlock, then lifted Blaze’s body over her head, holding her perfectly vertical in the air!

Raiken: Prepare to experience my ultimate finishing move, the “Jackhammer Slam!!”. Do you think your body can take it?!

Blaze was certain that this would be her last fight. For the first time since she was a little girl, Blaze was scared of monsters. She was certain the last sound she would hear would be the sound of every bone in her body shattering at the same time…

The next sound she heard however, was the howl of the monster as she stumbled to the floor, dropping Blaze gently to the ground as she did so. Blaze turned round to see Becky laying on the floor behind them, a trail of smoke coming from her outreached hand.

It seemed that while Raiken was distracted, Becky had crawled up behind her and fired a concentrated fireball at her leg. The invincible monster was not as invincible as it first seemed!

Blaze: B-Becky…thank…god…

Becky: T-think…nothing…of it. There…was no way…I was gonna…let that **** kill you…right before my eyes!

Raiken: Ahhh!!! My leg!! I’ll make you pay, both you!! I’ll MAKE YOU PAY!!

Raiken turned round to see the two girls huddled close together, with Blaze standing in front of Becky. Both with weary, but determined looks on their faces.

Raiken: I don’t get this! I kick the crap out of one of you, and the other one steps in to protect them! You should both be finished by now! Why aren’t both of you giving up?!

Becky: It’s because…we care about each other…you stupid brute!

Blaze: You should listen to her! Each one of us gets our strength from protecting the ones we care about most! I guess that’s something you’d know nothing about!

Raiken: That’s a bunch of bull-crap!!

Blaze: Is it? Why do you think we’re still standing, while you appear to be losing your edge?

As Raiken looked at the two friends, see could see that there might’ve been some truth to their claims.

Raiken: B-But how? All my life I thought true strength came from anger…but…the two of you…

This fact seemed to enrage her even further, as a demon-like fury crept across her face!

Raiken: Y-You! YOU!! I’ve had enough of both of you!! I’ll tear you both to shreds and feed on your remains!

The wounded Raiken started to lash out wildly at the pair, hoping to land a hit. Blaze was able to dodge out of the way, but Becky was caught by a stray backhand by Raiken, which sent her flying across the warehouse. She hit the ground sliding, until her body hit the acid vat and came to a stop.

Raiken: Looks like I got lucky! What do you think the chances are that I reach her before you do?!

Blaze could feel that she had nothing left to give. Her best efforts had proved futile up to this point, and if she couldn’t muster enough remaining strength to stop Raiken, it would be too late!

There was no sight of Axel or the others. She would have to think of something else, fast!


Axel and Max prepared themselves to face off against one of their most dangerous foes. Neither of them was in the best shape, and to make matters worse, Shiva was looking better than ever!

Shiva: So, are the two of you ready?

Axel: As ready as we’ll ever be! Let’s just do this!
Max: Alright! The coast is clear, let’s rumble!

Shiva: If you INSIST!!

Before either of them could think, Shiva was on them like a hawk! He hit them both at the same time, sending them flying in either direction! As they both hit the ground, Shiva effortlessly landed in a crouching position, straightened up and brushed himself off as if nothing had happened.

Max: Damn it! What the hell was that?!

Axel: Auuugh crap, crap, crap, CRAP!! Can’t you go a little easier on us?

Shiva: Complaining doesn’t become you Axel. I know you can do better than that, so hurry up and do it, before all that you care about most dear disappears before your very eyes!

Axel and Max picked themselves up from the ground, dusted themselves off, then readied themselves again.

Axel: When you put it that way…GO!!

Axel and Max dashed towards Shiva, and hit him with everything they had! Shiva blocked their attacks and pushed them away with what felt like a powerful wind, causing them to slide back on their toes. Axel immediately charged again, launching a flurry of punches and kicks. Shiva matched Axel move for move, until he was grabbed from behind by Max!

Axel saw this opportunity to launch a flying kick at Shiva. Max though he had a firm grip on Shiva around his chest, but at the last second Shiva used an ingenious technique to escape. He expanded his chest by breathing in as much air in his lungs as possible, then as Axel’s kick approached, expelled the air in his lungs quickly. This allowed him to slip out of Max’s grip and avoid the kick, which ended up hitting Max instead!

By the time Axel had realised what had happened, Shiva was already on him again. His speed and ferocity was such that all Axel could do was use his arms to protect himself as best he could! Shiva delivered body blow after body blow to Axel’s ribcage, then hit him in the face with a punch that looked like it was a miniature tornado!

This hit sent Axel reeling backwards, unable to tell where he was! Shiva then grabbed him from behind in a full nelson hold, cutting the circulation of blood to Axel’s brain. If this hold were to be applied for a long time, the opponent would eventually black-out.

Shiva: Well, what can I say? You tried your best, but apparently it wasn’t enough! You should do yourself and all your friends a favour and just go to sleep!

Axel: I…can’t…do…that just…yet!

Max: AXEL!!

Axel: I…I know! I can’t quit yet!

Max: No you jackass! You kicked me!!

Axel: Are… you…kidding me?!
Shiva: Do take a seat Max! I’ll be with you in just a moment!

Axel: Don’t…count… on…IT!!

With all his strength, Axel used the back of his head to head butt Shiva right on his nose!

As Shiva released his grip, Axel turned to face him. Small sparks quickly erupted into a monstrous flaming maelstrom as Axel unleashed a flaming fist of fury!


Shiva body flew through the air with a trail of flames spiralling around him. At the last second, Shiva flipped himself round so that he would land on his feet, but before he could land he was intercepted by Max. Max leapt up and delivered a two-footed drop kick to Shiva’s chest, sending him hurtling into a pile of metal boxes!

Axel: Do you think we got him?

Max: I don’t know. I sure hope so, coz I sure as hell don’t wanna face him again!

Axel: ……man that felt good!

Max: Let’s get going! We still have to go rescue Blaze and Becky!

As the two of them turned round and headed towards the warehouse, the sound of rumbling metal boxes stopped them in their tracks. As one of the boxes flew over their heads and hit the wall of the warehouse, their worst fears were confirmed.

Shiva: You both thought something like that would be enough to stop me? The most you’ve done is ruin my clothes!

Axel: I guess it was too good to be true, wasn’t it?

Max: Yeah. Life seems to just keep throwing us curve balls these days.

Shiva: Shall we resume?

Just as things seemed like they couldn’t get any worse, the air was shattered by the noise of grinding metal! Axel, Max and Shiva all turned to see the previously deactivated Grand Crusher robot spring back to life. It was acting very erratically, and it’s glowing red eyes were flickering.

Max: I thought we busted that thing up?

Axel: We did…well I thought we did.

The next thing they knew, the Grand Crusher opened it’s mouth and a red laser beam shot out of it! The beam strafed across the ground, narrowly missing Axel, Max and Shiva, who had to dodge out of the way as the beam ignited everything in its path!

Axel: That tin can’s gone berserk!

Max: We’ve gotta stop that thing!

Axel: And how do you suppose we do that?!

Max: Your guess is as good as mine!

The two looked on as the mechanical monster continued to rampage the surrounding area. As Max had mentioned earlier, life continued to throw curve balls at the team. There appeared to be no end in sight…

To be continued.

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