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Streets of Rage: Love Triangle series – Episode 10 part 2

Continuation of Episode 10. A couple of uncomfortable home truths, a strategy meeting, and a lot of uncertainty. One things for sure, you'll find out who your REAL friends are! Things just can't get better than this, or can they? Stay tuned to find out!!

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle Series – Episode 10 - Part 2

When Blaze got to the Hunter brother’s apartment, she was glad to see Axel and Max had also shown up. It was a testament to the strong friendship that they all had. They were willing to drop whatever they were doing to come together for the simple reason that she needed help.

Skate: Hi Blaze! Good to see you again!

Blaze: Thanks Skate. I wanna thank all of you for coming at such short notice.

Axel: Geez Blaze. You aught to know by now!

Adam: He’s right. There was no question that when it comes to you, we’d all do what ever it takes to help.

Max: You got that straight! So, what the prob?

Blaze took a brief pause.

Blaze: Well, first things first, Axel?

Axel: Yeah? What is it?

Blaze: I don’t want you to get mad, and go off all crazy, alright?

Axel: …you’re starting to scare me Blaze. Tell me what it is already!

Blaze: ……Becky has been kidnapped.

Axel: wh-WHAT?! What da hell happened?!

Blaze: Will you calm down Axel?! I told you not to go crazy!

Axel: How can you expect me to be calm after you just told me my niece has been kidnapped??! Weren’t you supposed to be looking after her?!

Blaze: Of course I was! Do you think that I would just let her get kidnapped?!

Axel: Well it’s obvious to me that you didn't try hard enough, did you?!

Blaze walked right up to Axel and slapped him right across the face!

Blaze: How DARE you!! You have NO IDEA what happened!! Do you think that somehow I don’t think it was my fault? If anything happens to her……

Tears started to whell up in her eyes.

Adam: Alright both of you, that’s ENOUGH! Both of you, just go and sit down over there!

Axel: Sit down?! No chance! I’ve got to get out there and go and find my niece!

Max: Axel! Think for a second! You don’t even know where she is, do you?

Axel halted at the door’s archway. Realising that Max was right, he went to sit down at the table.

Axel: Well we can’t just sit here doing nothing!

Max: Don’t you think you should apologise to Blaze? What you said before was totally out of line!

Blaze: It’s alright Max. I figured he would react like this.

Axel: What’s that supposed to mean?!

Blaze: It means despite the fact that you’re a total blockhead, I can tell that you really care about Becky. We all do.

Skate: She’s right. Now’s not the time to be fighting when it’s clear what will solve this problem is team work.

Adam: Right. Let’s start from the beginning. What happened, Blaze?

Blaze took a deep breath, composed her thoughts, and went over the facts as they stood. She showed them the ransom note.

Blaze: Whoever they are, it’s clear their goal is to lure me into a trap.

Skate: Well we’ll just bust in there all awesome style, crack some heads and…

Blaze: That won’t work. They seem far too organised for us to just dive in head first. Becky might end up dead for sure. I have to go in alone.

Adam: or at least be SEEN to be alone. If we stay outta sight, we can act as backup when things turn bad and bail you both out.

Max: Sounds good, but what if they check her over for wires or taps? They’d probably even take her cell phone just to be on the safe side.

Adam: Yeah. We’d need something so small, they couldn’t find it.

Skate: I might have something that’ll work. Wait right here. *runs of towards his bedroom*

Blaze: It’s imperative that no matter how much they goad us, we don’t make a move until we’re ready, got it?

Max: Got it.

Adam: No prob. Reminds me of the old days!

Axel: ………

Blaze: Axel? Are we clear on this?

Axel: No promises. If they so much as pull a single hair on her head, all bets are off.

Blaze: AXEL?!

Max: Don’t worry. I’ll make sure he doesn’t step outta line. This is your show after all!

Axel gives Max a very disapproving look.

Skate: Right! Are we all ready?

Adam: Looks like it. Do you have everything you need?

Skate: Yup. Let’s set it all up on the way.

Blaze: Right. Let’s do it guys!

And with that battlecry, the Streets of Rage team leapt into action! They all bundled into Adam’s people carrier and drove towards the harbour.


By the time they arrived, it was already dark. The only light available was the nearby street lamps. The team decided to scope out the area beforehand, in order to get a handle on the situation. At first, nothing happened, but about 30 minutes before the deadline, the team saw a couple of black vans pull up to warehouse #108.

Adam: Head’s up guys! We’ve got some action.

Skate: Really? Where are they?

Max: *Looking through binoculars* Exactly where they said, right next to Warehouse 108.

Blaze: Can I take a look?

Max: Sure. *hands Blaze the binoculars*

Skate: What are they doing?

Blaze: They’re all bundling in through the side entrance. Wait a minute…

Axel: What is it?

Blaze: Some of them are carrying what looks like a body bag.

Everyone froze at that statement.

Axel: If the body in that bag turns out to Becky…

Max: Easy there man. We don’t know if that’s Becky. Let’s stick to the plan!

Axel: Are you kidding me?!

Blaze: I don’t think they’d kill her if they intend to lure me into a trap, at least not yet.

Axel: How the hell do you know?

Blaze: Just call it Women’s Intuition.

Axel: ……whatever. Are we gonna do this or not?

Adam: Are you all hooked up Blaze?

Blaze: Yup. Skate did a good job. I don’t think they’ll find the microphone too easily.

Adam: Okay then. Let’s do this.

Blaze exits the van.

Max: Uh, Blaze?

Blaze: Yeah?

Max: I think I stand for most of us when I say “good luck!”.

Blaze: Thanks guys. Let’s hope things work out in our favour!

Blaze heads off towards the front entrance of the warehouse.

Adam: Normally, I wouldn’t be too worried about Blaze in a situation like this, but something seems different this time. If we don’t play this right, something terrible could happen.
Axel: And you thought it was perfectly alright to mention that fact out loud?

Adam: Ah. Sorry man.

Max: She’s gonna be fine guys! We can’t let hopelessness break our spirits!

Skate: Can you guys keep the noise level down a bit? I can’t hear Blaze’s microphone clea…

At that moment, Skate noticed a large shadow looming over the van. It was getting bigger and bigger.

Skate: Everybody! Out of the van, NOW!

Adam: Huh? What are you…?

Skate: No time!! Move!!

Skate opened the door and dived out with his brother in tow. Axel and Max leapt out of their side, just in time to see a large object land on top of the van, crushing the roof!

Max: What the hell was that?!

Adam: My VAN!!

The guy’s looked on, as the van they had been in moments ago was hoisted into the air by what appeared to be a magnetic crane.

????: I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that you guys were able to dodge our little present!

Axel: Who da hell are you, Jackass!

????: I’m hurt that you have already forgotten who we are! What do you think, Donovan?

Donovan: It’s a damn shame Garcia, a DAMN shame!

Adam: Donovan?

Axel: Garcia? Well isn’t that just rich!

Skate: I thought you guys disbanded after we off-ed your boss?

Garcia: You know us, kid. We rarely stay down for long!

Signal: That’s what makes us so special like! No matter how many times you kick us down…

Big Ben: We keep comin’ back! Bah hahahahahaha!

Max: You know what? I’m kinda glad you guys showed up again!

Skate: You are?

Max: Yeah! My daily workouts are just not cutting it anymore! Nothing but the exhilaration of a REAL FIGHT ignites the fire in my blood these days!

Axel: Ha! I gotta admit that is one thing that I can totally agree with, Max!

Adam: You guys are crazy! I haven’t done any street fighting in ages!

Skate: It’s just like riding a bike bro! You never forget!

The team, realising that they were surrounded, moved closer together, keeping their backs facing each other. Each one stood in a ready stance, ready to face of against what appeared to be an increasing number of opponents.

Axel: Do you think they planned it like this from the very beginning?

Adam: It sure seems like it!

Max: Makes me wonder what they have in store for Blaze!

Skate: If it’s as bad as this, we shouldn’t waste too much time on these guys! If we don’t hurry, we won’t be able to help Blaze!

Garcia: Ha! You won’t be able to stop us quickly enough to help Miss Fielding! She’s dead for sure!

Max: You idiots don’t realise that the four of us will do whatever it takes to save our friends!!

Adam: You heard the man!! Let’s do this!!

The team charged into battle, knowing that they couldn’t waste a second.

Blaze had entered the warehouse, unaware what was happening with the guys. The lights were off, and the light switch near the door didn’t work. Blaze had no choice but to venture further into the warehouse and prepare for the worse.

Suddenly, a bright light flashed directly in front of Blaze’s eyes, nearly blinding her. She raised her arms in front of her eyes to shield them.

????: Glad you could make it, Miss Fielding! And slightly early too! I can certainly appreciate your punctuality!

Blaze sensed that there was something very familiar about the voice speaking to her.

Blaze: Where’s Becky? I want to see her!

????: All in good time, Miss Fielding! All in good time!

To be continued!!

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