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Streets of Rage: Love Triangle series – Episode 10 part 1

Part 10! A kind of climax of sorts. I've had a lot of requests to bring the series back to what makes SOR so great: Kick ass action and teamwork.

Up to this point, I've been shamelessly pushing Blaze as the main character (because I think she's so awesome!), and the other guys have suffered as a result. For this episode, I'm gonna try and give each character a decent amount to do this time, and also emphasize the whole "we can win if we work together" ethic.

There will be a couple of new faces, but I'm also bringing back some familiar faces, so stay tuned!!

Smut rating: 2/10 (not very indecent)
Consider yourself lucky you can read this one! I was just releasing some pent up frustration with the last couple of stories, so you can more or less enjoy this one without worrying about going to hell in a handbasket. Unless you hate violence as well. Then you're just weird. O_0;

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle Series – Episode 10 - Part 1

A month passed since the first day that Becky had stayed at Blaze’s place. Over time, it was getting to the stage where was nothing anyone could do to get Becky to move out. She was acting more stubborn than a dog that’s got an especially tasty bone in it’s mouth, and no matter how hard you try you just can’t get the damn dog to let go!

Her mother had come over to order Becky to come home, and at the time it seemed like she would do as she was told. Two days later, Blaze looking through her closet when she was startled by what appeared to be someone hiding behind her clothes!

Blaze: What the?! BECKY?!

Becky: Uh…hi Blaze! Fancy meeting you here!

Blaze: What the hell are you doing in my closet?! Get outta there!

Becky: Alright already! You don’t have to get so mad!

Becky stumbles out of the closet, straight into Blaze’s arms!

Becky: Oops! Sorry about that!

Blaze: So…what exactly are you doing hiding out inside my closet, aside from the obvious?

Becky: Would you believe me if I said I forgot my favourite bra?

Blaze: I’m calling your mom, Angie. I got a call from her yesterday asking if I had seen you. Now I can say that I can!

Becky: Don’t do that! If you do, I’ll have to hide again!

Blaze: Well you can’t stay here! Don’t you have to get back to studying?

Becky: Well you could always help me out with that, couldn’t you?

Blaze: I have a case I’m working on. I have no time to help you with your studies!

Becky: C’mon! If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours, and maybe a little extra!

Blaze: Go home Becky!!

Becky: Why won’t you let me stay?

Blaze: Listen to me! The reason why you were able to stay here was that me AND your mom agreed on it. It was never meant to be a permanent thing!

Becky: Well, maybe you can persuade my mom that I can stay here a bit longer! I know you can do it! You have to!

Blaze: Becky, I’m calling Angie.

Becky: ……you know I’ll come right back!

Blaze: I’m calling your mom!

Becky: No matter how many times you call her to take me home, as soon as her back is turned I will sneak out and come right back!

Blaze: ……how about a compromise?

Becky: I’m listening!

Blaze called Becky’s mom, Angie, over to her apartment to discuss the situation. At first, no matter what compromise Blaze and Angie came up with, Becky refused to go along with it. This went on for some time until, after a CONSIDERABLE amount of haggling, an agreement was reached. It was agreed that Becky could stay at Blaze’s apartment two weekends a month, on the condition that she would train with Blaze and help out with her day to day tasks like cooking, cleaning, laundry and shopping.

Sufficed to say, Becky was VERY happy with the outcome of this agreement!

A couple of months later, Blaze and Becky were shopping at the local corner store to grab a couple of things.

Blaze: Right. From what I can see on the list, we need bread, milk, cereal, eggs, ham, lettice and tomatoes, cheese, and toilet paper. I’ll get the first four items on the list, and you get the rest. Got it?

Becky: Righty-oh, big boss lady!

Blaze: ……don’t call me that.

Becky: Okey-dokey big mamma!! *runs off*

Blaze: Geez……I tell you, there are times when I just wanna slap that girl upside the head!

After they were done shopping, they both started to head back to Blaze’s apartment.

Blaze: I know you enjoy helping me out like this, but I just want to say thanks anyway.

Becky: Think nothing of it. The way I see it, I’m just paying you back for the martial arts lessons. Thanks to your advanced techniques, I’ve gotten so much better!

Blaze: Well as long as you don’t forget the basics, you’ll have nothing to worry abou…

At that moment, a group of mysterious shadowy figures descended around them! They appeared to be dressed like ninjas. With out even thinking, Blaze dropped her shopping and leapt into action! The figures were surprisingly quick, and effortlessly dodged all of Blaze’s strikes, leaving Blaze no other option but to get up close and personal!

Blaze grabbed one of the ninjas by the arm, them judo-flipped them into two others that had been standing behind her. She followed up with an elbow drop that flattened all three of them, then effortlessly flipped herself back onto her feet, ready for the others!

????: Stop right there, Miss Fielding!

Blaze turned round to see that Becky had been caught by one of the ninjas. This one was carrying a whip, which to Blaze seemed quite familiar. Becky couldn’t move, as she was being choked by the whip wrapped around her neck. She was trying to loosen the whip’s grip around her neck with one hand, and reach out to Blaze with the other.

????: You wouldn’t want something bad to happen to your beloved protégée, would you?

Blaze: Let her go right now, or I swear to you, you won’t live to see tomorrow’s sunrise!!

????: Hmmm. I must admit, under normal circumstances, you would probably be right about that. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case!

Before Blaze could react, she was grabbed from behind by a very big ninja, one that was a lot bigger than the others, at least twice Blaze’s size, and very muscular. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t move! The large ninja and this ninja was able to choke Blaze with just it’s huge arm around her neck.

Blaze’s struggling only made it harder for her to get free, and she could feel herself slowly fading away by the moment. The last thing Blaze could see was the ninjas running off, with an unconscious Becky slung over the shoulder of what was probably their leader.

Blaze woke up a while later, nursing her sore neck. She looked around to see a group of kids surrounding her.

Kid A: Are you alright lady?

Blaze: I think so. Did any of you kids see a group of ninjas running away from here?

Kid B: Nah, didn’t see no ninjas. Would’ve been so cool to see something like that though!

Kid C: We found this note next to you though.

Blaze: Can I look at it please?

Kid A: What’s it worth?

Blaze: My friend’s life is at stake! If I don’t hurry, she might end up seriously hurt, or worse!

Kid C: C’mon! Give her the note already!

Kid A: Alright already! I was just kidding! Here. *hands over note*

Blaze reads out the note:
If you want your cute little friend back, you will meet us at the docks at 10pm, warehouse 108. Come alone if you want her to live! Make no mistake, scores will be settled once and for all!

Blaze: This doesn't sound good. I might need some help for this.

Kid B: If you want, we can help you out!

Blaze: Thanks for the offer, but I already have some friends that are experts at this kind of thing!

Kid A: Really? Who are they?

Blaze pulls out her cell phone.

Blaze: Adam? Yeah, it’s me. Can you do me a favour? Call Axel and the others to your place for an important meeting. Me? I’ll be there in 20 minutes. Why? I’ll tell you when I get there!...right. See you in a bit. Later.

Blaze: Sorry kids, but I gotta go!

Kid A: Good luck lady!

Kid B: Give ‘em hell!

Kid C: Make sure you bring back your friend safe & sound!

Blaze: Thanks! I will!

And with that, Blaze ran towards her car and drove off towards the Hunter’s apartment!

To be continued!

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