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Streets of Rage: Love Triangle series – Part 9

Part 9! A continuation of the Becky saga. Things are hotting up with the girl that just can't take a hint! Blaze tries to uncover what it it is that makes Becky so batty for her. Be warned, this story is one of my darker and more intense ones. A shocking revelation will add more depth to this new character!

Smut rating: 9/10 (very indecent!)
Under the age of 15? Think smutty content in all its forms is evil and should be destroyed by any means necessary? You WON'T wanna read this then! GO AWAY! Come back when you're older or have learned to embrace your dark side!

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle series – Part 9

Blaze was on the roof of her office/apartment meditating. She meditated at least once every week in order to clear her mind and focus her thoughts. She also enjoyed the peace and quiet it gave her when she wanted a break from everything. She had learned from an early age that a strong mind can only be used effectively by a strong mind that is not distracted by trivial thoughts.

Unfortunately, the silence and tranquillity was about to be broken.

????: BLAZE?! Where the hell ARE you?!

Blaze opened one eye, then closed it again, in the hopes that the individual calling her name would give up and go away.

????: I KNOW you’re up there Blaze! Hurry up and get down here!

????: You don’t have to be so rude Axel! Maybe she’s still asleep?
Axel: Well I don’t care WHAT she’s doing! If she doesn’t get down here right now, I’m gonna break the damn door down!

It wasn’t the voice of Axel that stirred Blaze from her meditation, but the second voice. That voice was quite familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time. Blaze uncrossed her legs, got up, and moved over to the edge of the roof to see who was at the front door.

What Blaze could see was Axel, carrying what looked like a lot of heavy travelling bags. He was barely able to hold all of them AND keep his balance at the same time! In front of him was a young looking woman with short blond hair. Blaze couldn’t see her face because her back was turned.

Blaze: Axel! Why are you trying to scream my apartment down to its foundations?

Axel: About damn time! Get down here!

The young girl turned round to see who was talking to Axel. As she turned, Blaze’s face almost turned red as she realised who the girl was. It was Axel’s cousin, Becky.

As if in response to seeing Blaze, Becky’s face lighted up, and she enthusiastically waved towards her.

Becky: BLAZE!! I’m so glad that you’re in! Are you coming down?

Blaze paused for a second, wondering what she was getting herself into, but realised this wasn’t a situation that she could just dodge like a punch.

Blaze: Just a second! I’m coming down!

And with that, Blaze flung herself over the edge of the building. Becky was shocked, and thinking that Blaze was trying to commit suicide, ran towards Blaze’s falling body! Blaze was never in danger however, and using the side of the building to slow her decent, slid downwards. Just before she reached the ground, she kicked of the wall into a reverse flip and landed elegantly onto the pavement below.

Becky: Whoa!! How did you learn to do a move like that?! It was totally awesome!

Blaze: It’s all in the legs, and years of rhythmic gymnastics! What are you guys doing here?

Axel: I know that I can count on you to look after Becky for me. *dumps bags* See you later.

Blaze: WhoaWhoaWhoa! Hold on here a second! What the hell are you talking about?!

Axel: My sis wanted me to look after Becky again, but Becky says she wants to stay with you. As she is now 18 years old, I can’t make her do anything she doesn’t want to do, and no matter how hard I try, I can’t convince her that you won’t take her in. So here we are.

Blaze: So here we are?! You do know I’ve got cases that I need to finish right? I need total concentration, and I can’t babysit for her and finish those off at the same time!

Becky: Don’t worry about me! Maybe I can help you finish your cases while I’m here?

Blaze: Becky, sweetheart! Let me assure you that if it were at any other time, I would love to have you around, but now is just not a good time. You do understand, don’t you?

Becky: I’m not a kid anymore! I’m 18 years old!

Axel: Only since last week! As they say in the industry, you’re barely legal!

Blaze: Axel? NOT. HELPING.

Axel: Whatever. Laters. *walks towards his car*

Blaze: HEY! Get back here! You’re not gonna just run away from this you know!

Axel: I’m not running. I’m walking. And it’s not as if I didn’t try. All I can say is that I’m sorry.

Blaze: SORRY?! You’re just gonna leave me to pick up the pieces? What if something happens to her because I wasn’t able to look after her?

Axel: *from drivers seat* I trust your judgement. Just do what you have to, to keep her in line. *winks*

As Axel drives off, Blaze is left with a sense of foreboding, a feeling that things were going to get worse from here on in. This feeling was magnified when Becky grabbed onto her arm and pulls herself as closely as she can.

Becky: You worry too much Blaze! What could possibly go wrong?

Blaze felt her heart sink even further.


After the two of them had managed to get all of Becky’s very heavy bags into the office, Blaze goes over to her office to check her emails. Becky follows her, and sits opposite Blaze at her desk. As she is reading through the emails, she realises that Becky is staring at her.

Blaze: If you’re hungry, the kitchen is just down the corridor.

Becky: No thanks, I’m not hungry.

Blaze paused for a moment, then went back to replying to one of her emails. 2 minutes later, Blaze looked up from her screen to see if Becky was still staring at her, but she was nowhere to be seen.

Blaze: Becky? Where are you?

Becky: Under the desk.

Blaze: ?????

Blaze looked down to see the head of Becky inches from her crotch! Blaze was so startled, she stumbled backwards off her chair onto the floor. Quickly regaining her composure, she looked to see Becky crawl out from under the desk on all fours, with a very naughty look on her face!

Blaze: What the hell were you doing under my desk?!

Becky: What did you WANT me to be doing under the desk?

Blaze: Don’t play dumb! Do you want me to tell your mom what you’ve been doing?

Becky gets up off the floor and move closer to Blaze.

Becky: I suppose so. It’s about time Mom found out what has been going on between us!

Blaze: There’s nothing going on between us!! You!! Why are you being such a pest?!

Becky: I promise to stop bothering you if you do one thing for me.

Blaze: One thing? I can just guess! I’m afraid I must inform you that I’m all out of whipped cream!

Becky: Really? That’s a shame, but that wasn’t what I was going to ask you!

Blaze: *sceptical look on her face* Really?

Becky: REALLY! Look, all I want is for you to teach me a few techniques in combat. You know, how to disable an armed thug and stuff like that.

Blaze pondered the request for a moment.

Blaze: If I teach you some moves, will you promise to leave me alone for a couple of hours?

Becky: Promise!

Blaze: Okay then, follow me.

Blaze leads Becky up to the roof of her apartment. The open space of the roof was always an ideal spot for Blaze to do her training alone or with others.

Blaze: Okay Becky, go and stand over there.

Becky: Right.

Becky moves over to the far side of the roof.

Blaze: First things first. We’re going to do some stretching exercises to loosen the joints and to ensure we don’t pull anything while we work out.

Becky: I’m really good a stretches! Just watch!

Becky lay down on the ground, then lifted her hips up. With her legs apart, she arched her back upwards, thrusting her crotch in Blaze’s direction.

Blaze: *shakes head* What the......hell are you doing?

Becky: Limbering up. I do a lot of Yoga in my spare time. How do you like my bridge pose?

Blaze: Stop it.

Becky: But you told me…

Blaze: Will you just get up off the floor?

Becky stops what she is doing and gets up off the floor.

Blaze: Right. I want you to run at me as if you are about to attack me.

Becky: Okay, here I come!

Becky charges at Blaze. Blaze appears to effortlessly flip Becky forwards onto her back, but Becky doesn’t let go, and Blaze soon realises that her hand is on Becky’s left breast.

Becky: You got me. I’m a little dizzy, but it’s okay because your hand is on my breast!

Blaze: Gah!! *removes hand*

Becky: It’s all right Blaze, really. I won’t tell anyone…

Blaze: Enough already! This time, just try to punch me in the face okay?

Becky: *gets up* Okay, if you insist!

Becky starts throwing punches at Blaze. Blaze dodges from left to right, then grabs Becky’s arm and twists it so that she has her in an armbar hold.

Blaze: You see? It’s quite easy to immobilise an opponent if you do a move like this.

Becky: That is true, but what if they then do something like THIS!

Becky pushes towards Blaze with her extended arm, then quickly pulls in the opposite direction, throwing Blaze off balance. As Blaze stumbles forwards, Becky flips around and powers Blaze to the ground. They end up with Blaze laying on top of Becky.

Blaze: Wha….what just happened there?

Becky: *blushes* Miss Fielding, if you wanted to touch me there, all you had to do was ask!

Blaze: ?????

Blaze looks downward to see that her hand was now on Becky’s crotch! Blaze’s face turned bright red, as she quickly pulled back from Becky and stumbled to her feet.

Becky: What’s the matter? Don’t you like girls?

Blaze: T-that’s none of your damn business!! I….y-you….you know what? I’ve had about as much as I can take from you! I thought you were going to take this training seriously, but if you’re gonna keep acting like this, I’m gonna go and call Axel right now!

Becky: Go ahead and call him! It won’t make any difference anyway!

At this point, Blaze was at the end of her rope.

Blaze: Why Becky? Why do you act like this around me? Don’t you like boys your own age?

Becky: Boys my own age are douche-bags! I could never count on them if I ever got into trouble. In fact, it’s more likely that THEY would be the ones to get me in trouble anyway! *moves closer to Blaze* With you, it’s different. I feel safe. Safer than I’ve ever felt with anyone.

Blaze: That’s a nice sentiment, but it doesn’t change the fact that you’re still a kid. You can’t possibly know what you want at your age!

Becky: But I’m 18!

Blaze: As your uncle said, barely! You are my friend’s cousin! Even if I wanted to, nothing can happen between us! It’s wrong! It’s forbidden! It’s indecent, and it’s taboo!

Becky: That just makes it even better! I don’t care what happens! I know what I want! Right now, more than anything, I want to be by your side! Forever! Even if it means everyone hating us!

Blaze: Forever?! Why? Why me? What makes me so special?

Becky: You want to know the answer?

Blaze: You damn right I want the answer! And it had better be a good one!

Becky: Okay then. Let’s go and sit over there.

Blaze: If you touch me, I’ll…

Becky: I promise I won’t touch you, okay? Please, just sit with me.


The two of them go and sit together on the edge of the roof.


Becky: It all began 6 years ago. I was in the park, playing with some of my friends. It was getting late, so everyone started to head off home. I was walking back the same route I usually did through the park when a pervert grabbed me and tried to pull me into the bushes!

Blaze: My god! I had no idea! What happened next?

Becky: I tried to struggle as much as I could, but he was too strong! I screamed out as hard as I could, hoping that someone would hear me, but he hit me in the head. I was dazed, and couldn’t quite tell what happened next, but in the distance I saw someone running towards us. Do you know who that was?

Blaze: It was me, wasn’t it? I remember now what happened. I had come to visit your Mom with Axel. She was worried that it was getting late, and you hadn’t come back yet. She asked me and Axel to go look for you in the park. At first, we thought it would be a good idea to split up, so we could cover more ground. After a while of searching, I heard a scream and ran in the direction it came from. When I got there…

Becky: …you spotted me and the pervert in the bushes. He tried to fight you, but you kicked his ass and he ran off.

Blaze: That’s right. I probably would've pursued him further, but you were hurt, and visually shaken by the whole ordeal. I carried you in my arms back to your Mom’s.

Becky: I could remember how strong your arms were, how safe I felt in your arms…

Blaze: We took you to the hospital to get you checked up. Luckily, the pervert didn’t get a chance to rape you because you fought back so much. Even back then, you were a tough kid!

Becky: I remember the next day, you and Axel came to see me. You even brought me flowers & candy! When Axel left for a bit, you told me you thought I was very strong, and that you would love to have a partner like me by your side. I think I said something like “When I get older, will you promise to make me your partner?”.

Blaze: I may have said yes, but that was a long time ago! Things change, and we’re no longer the person we were in the past. Becky, you’ve got to let this go!

Becky: You’re still in love with Axel, aren’t you?

Blaze: No, I’m not. I may still have feelings for him, but that spark is long gone.

Becky: Are you telling me that you lied?

Blaze: I would never lie to you Becky! But you more than anyone must realise that what you’re asking for is impossible!

Becky: Nothing is impossible!

Blaze: You’re being unreasonable and childish!

Becky: But how can you just ignore the feelings I have for you!

Blaze: I could never go out with anyone who thought so selfishly! All you care about is your own feelings, ignoring how your actions can affect all those around you! You may have just turned 18, but you still think like a child! If you ever want me to love you, you have to grow up!

Something in that statement stopped Becky cold. She could feel everything she had ever known fall apart before her very eyes. Becky could barely stop the tears welling up behind her eyes.

Becky: Wha….wha….what I’m I supposed to do? These feelings, won’t go away….I….don’t want them to…..go away….Blaze!

Blaze pulls Becky close to her to comfort her.

Blaze: It’s hard. I know it is. This is just something you’re going to have to deal with by yourself.

Becky: So…difficult…

Blaze: Don’t worry. I’ll always be there for you, as a friend. You can still count on me, to come to your rescue when you need me!

Becky: That’s good to know, Blaze!

Blaze: Feel a little better?

Becky: A little. But right now, you know what I really want?

Blaze: Dare I ask?

Becky: I want some chocolate ice-cream! Do you have any?

Blaze: I’m sure I can find something for you in the fridge! Shall we head downstairs?

Becky: Okay!

The two head downstairs to go get, what Becky hoped, was a large tub of dark chocolate ice-cream, with hazelnuts and almonds, topped off with lashings of dark chocolate syrup! Becky had a lot to think about, and as she sat down with Blaze and shared the large tub of ice-cream, she wondered whether she could ever see Blaze as JUST a friend. And Blaze was hoping her little pep talk had convinced Becky not to keep trying to hit on her for the rest of the time that she was staying at her apartment. Only time would tell!


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