Thursday, 27 March 2008

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Countdown

This is an animated Flash countdown towards the worldwide simultaneous release of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

I have been anticipating this game for a VERY long time (as has a everyone else, and Sony). I've pretty much said in the past that I'll get a Playstation 3 when this game comes out. Whether I actually will or not remains to be seen, but as you can see by the clock, I've got a lot of time to think about it...

Monty Oum - CG Martial Arts Master!

Monty Oum is a one-man CG video martial arts master. His work is, without a doubt the most awesome work I've ever seen.

The kind of stories I write and the artwork I draw are only an indication of the kind of action I like to portray, and his videos are so far the best representation of that ideal.

As an avid fan of martial arts and CG movies (I loved Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children!), Monty Oum's work stands out because, despite his "low tech" approach to the creation of his movies, there is an undeniably powerful vision within each one. In other words, If I were to make a movie, it would be a lot like his work!

He is by no means an expert (he even says so himself), but the choreography in his vids more than make up for the visual quality. I am not exaggerating when I say You will be blown away by how awesome his stuff is! I challenge you not to want to watch each one again after you've already seen it once!

These links are to his current series "Dead Fantasy", which is a kind of fanboy dream match between the girls of Dead or Alive vs the girls of Final Fantasy.

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

Let me know what you think, I hope you enjoy them as mush as I did the first time I saw them! ^_^

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle series - Ep10 Part 7

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle series - Episode 10 Part 7

Time is a truly fickle thing. There are times when Time can seem to go on forever, especially when we don’t want it to. On the other times when Time seems more than happy to abandon us when we need it the most. Today was one of those days for Blaze.

With barely an ounce of strength left in her body, and a monstrous, cruel woman on the brink of killing Becky, Blaze had pretty much run out of options. Except one.

Raiken: You may have busted up one of my legs, but I still have more than enough speed to get to her before you do! And if I get to her first, it’ll be all over but the crying!

Blaze: WAIT!! J-Just hold on a second!

Raiken: What? You wanna talk just so you can buy more time for your friend? You MUST be desperate!

Blaze: You said it was an accident!

Raiken paused for a moment, the twisted smile faded.

Raiken: What are you trying to pull?

Blaze: Tell me why you think the death of your opponent was an accident!

Raiken: It WAS an accident! There was no way I would’ve killed him on purpose!

Blaze: You mean the “Masked Typhoon”? They say you and him were…close.

Raiken: ……Everyone else saw me as a monster. That was what my character was supposed to be. The crowd would boo, and I would love it……well……at least for a while. Over time, you get tired of playing the bad guy every night.

Blaze: You wanted a change?

Raiken: I wanted the chance to get cheers from the fans instead of boos, but the execs wouldn’t have it. They said it would ruin their image to have someone like me as a champion.

Blaze: You must’ve been frustrated.

Raiken: You damn right I was frustrated!! They didn’t even give it any consideration! All they cared about was their ratings and profit margins! I lashed out in the only way I knew best.
Blaze: You mean hurting your opponents?

Raiken: Heh! I was gonna make ‘em pay for ignoring me by working my way through the locker room roster! They’d end up with no one left to perform in the ring each night. No one was gonna stand in my way! No one……except him.

Blaze: Masked Typhoon?

Raiken: He was different. Where everyone else would just cower in my presence, he stood up to me. I’m not afraid to say it, he was magnificent! When I was around him, my inner fire didn’t burn from rage, but from passion! Where everyone else saw a crazed beast, he saw a proud and noble warrior. To him, I was his equal! He had a nice ass too!

Blaze: Wow! You…must’ve really liked him.

Raiken: With him, I could be more like myself. I may not look it, but I don’t really like hurting others that much. I’m just good at what I do, maybe too good. Time passed, and before I knew it, I had a match against him. I told him I didn’t wanna hurt him, but he said:

Let’s give everyone a match that they’ll never forget! We can show the whole world the beauty of pure combat!

Blaze: How could you refuse?

Raiken: I wish I had. Our match truly was one of the greatest of all time. The crowd were really cheering us both on. I can honestly say that was the happiest day of my life……and the saddest.

Blaze: The accident.

Raiken: I was delivering a German Suplex to him when I slipped. I got up to see if he was alright, and looked on in horror as I realised I had snapped his neck. Right then, at that very moment my professional career, and my life was over.

Blaze: That’s terrible!

Raiken: They always said I was likely to kill someone with my unrefined technique. I was always getting complaints from other wrestlers about my sloppy skills. I just never thought I’d end up killing the man I loved because of it. After that, the only people that would allow me to fight for money were the underground fight clubs. The only place I could take out my frustration at my own stupidity was by hurting others. I was resigned to my fate, but my only regret was that I’ve never had as good a match as I did when I fought him.

Raiken turned to look directly at Blaze.

Raiken: Until now!

While Raiken had been talking about herself, Blaze had slowly moved herself so that she was standing directly between her and Becky. Becky had managed to get to her feet, but was still dazed and was leaning against the vat of acid.

Raiken: I hope you enjoyed my life story, because now I’m gonna end yours!

Blaze: Well you don’t have to do that, do you? You just said you don’t like hurting people!

Raiken: If you were listening, you would’ve also heard me say I use hurting others as a way to make me feel better about myself. Right now, I ain’t feeling to good!

Blaze: ……have you ever thought of going to a therapist?

Raiken: Yes. I killed every one.

Blaze: Ahh. I guess you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to be told “It’s your fault”.

Raiken: Pretty much!

Raiken shrugged her shoulders and raised her hands in a “that’s the way it is” kind of way, then immediately charged at Blaze!

Blaze leapt backwards as fast as she could. All she could see in front of her was Raiken’s large frame edging closer and closer to her as she dashed backwards. The next move Blaze would be the most crucial.

As Becky tried to recover, she could see two blurry objects travelling towards her VERY quickly. She tried to move out of the way, but her legs felt like jelly. She sensed that something very bad was about to happen, but was powerless to do anything about it!

Raiken was quickly closing in on Blaze and Becky. She could taste victory! As soon as Blaze could feel Becky behind her, she shoved her out of the way. She barely dodged out of the way herself as Raiken’s fist passed barely a centimetre from her face! As the whole situation seemed to play out in slow motion, Blaze watched Raiken’s arm pass her and plow right through the side of the huge vat of acid behind them!

Raiken: Wh…What the?! How did you dodge my…ow…OWW…AHHHHH!!!

Becky: Oh god! Her arm! It must be the acid!

Blaze: Raiken! Are you alright?!

Raiken was overcome with the searing pain shooting through her body as the acid started to eat away at her hand!

Raiken: I…I can’t MOVE! I can’t get my arm free!

Blaze: Don’t move! You’ll only make it worse!

Raiken: How can I make it any WORSE?! AHHHH!! What the hell were those idiots thinking?!

Becky: Blaze! Now’s our chance! Let’s get out of here!

Blaze looked at Becky, then turned to see the mighty Raiken cowering in pain and desperately trying to remove her arm. Tears were running down her face, and there was a genuine look of fear in her eyes.

Blaze: Becky. I want you to go and help the others.

Becky: What about you?

Blaze: I’m staying here.

Becky: Why?! Have you forgotten this crazy B**** tried to kill us?!

Blaze: Becky! Don’t argue with me! Do as I tell you and get away from here!

Becky: B-But Blaze!

Blaze: Just GO!!

Becky hesitated for a moment, looking at Blaze and Raiken, then turned to run for the exit.

Becky: Don’t worry Blaze! I’ll go and get the others!

Blaze: Just get the hell outta here!

Becky: Don’t you DARE die on me Blaze! I won’t forgive you if you do!

Raiken: So is that how it is now, eh?

Blaze: What are you talking about?

Raiken: Am I so pathetic that you feel like you have to help me?

Blaze: You’re not pathetic! Now shut up while I think of something!

Raiken: ……


Outside, things had taken a turn for the worse. During the fight between Shiva, Axel and Max, Bowman had been inspecting the remains of his creation, the giant robot “Grand Crusher”. His plan had been to extract the data module from the machine’s chest, but his fiddling caused the monster to unexpectedly spring to life! Small bolts of electricity sparked across it’s damaged body.

Bowman: What the? I thought they had deactivated you, but it seems you’re much tougher than that, aren’t you my beauty?

Grand Crusher: *turns to look at Bowman*……

Bowman: Huh? What’s wrong? Don’t you recognise me?

G.C: ……*eyes glow red*

Bowman: …? Why are you looking at me like that? I’m your master, damn it! You will obey me!!

With that outburst, the giant mech slowly stumbled towards Bowman. Bowman quickly realised that something was wrong, and reached into his jacket pocket to pull out a remote controller. He was about to aim it at the Crusher to try to deactivate it when the controller was knocked out of his hand by a swipe of the robot’s giant arm. The Crusher then knocked Bowman to the floor and placed it’s foot on him, pinning him in place!

Bowman: Ahhhh! Let me go! I made you, damn it! Please! I beg you! You don’t know what you’re doing! SHIVA!! HELP ME!!

The Crusher looked down at it’s creator with an almost human distain. With one final act, the mechanical monster crushed Bowman underfoot, leaving a bloody mess in its wake!

Just as Axel, Max and Shiva had finished up their fight, the Crusher opened its mouth to reveal a particle laser cannon. Seeing what it perceives to be enemies, it chooses to attack. It’s mouth draws in small red particles into it’s mouth, then spits them out in a focussed laser beam that incinerates everything it touches!

Becky arrives to see the chaos that has developed in her absence. The thugs that had recovered from the previous fight were running round manically, trying not to get killed. She then saw Axel, Max and Shiva desperately trying to subdue the cybernetic monster.

Becky: Max! What’s happening?

Max: Becky?! Oh thank goodness you’re safe! Where’s Blaze?

Becky: She’s tied up with someone we met inside. I think she might need a little help!

Max: Join the club! We managed to beat this thing before, but now it’s come back, and is crazier than before! Look out!

Max quickly moved him and Becky out of the way of another laser attack, while Axel and Shiva battled onward.

Becky: Where’s Skate and Adam?

Max: Skate got injured when we stopped the robot before with electricity.

Becky: Can’t you do it again?

Max: I don’t think so. Right now, we’re completely out of ideas!

Becky paused for a moment.

Becky: What about acid?

Max: Huh?

Becky: Have an Idea! We need to get Axel’s attention!

Max: That could be a bit tricky. He has his hands full right now.

Becky: Right! Okay then, just follow my lead!

Becky and Max then ran right by Axel and Shiva towards a nearby stack of boxes. Axel saw what was happening, and followed, leaving Shiva to fend for himself!

Axel: Becky! Am I glad to see you!

Becky: Yeah, me too. Well have to save our reunion for later though, I have a plan to bust up that robot over there!

Axel: You do? Well that’s more than what I got. Spill it.

Becky: Inside the warehouse is a giant vat of acid.

Max: Where the heck did that come from?

Becky: It was probably part of their master plan. Anyway, all we need to do is lure that thing into ramming the vat with its body. That should be enough to melt it down into scrap in no time!

Axel: Okay, do it. We’d better be careful though, that is fast for its size.

Becky: Right! On three! One, two…

Before the team could count to three, a stray laser beam passed over the boxes they had been hiding behind. There was an almighty explosion, leaving debris crashing down all over the place. It seemed that the Streets of Rage team had not been quick enough to act before they had been obliterated by the killer robot. All their efforts had been in vain…



Streets of Rage: Love Triangle series – Ep10 part 6

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle series - Episode 10 Part 6

As she locked grips with her opponent, never in her life had Blaze felt so exhausted. As unusual as the situation had began, the arrival of the female wrestler known as Thunder Thighs Raiken had only made things 10 times worse. Blaze would’ve had trouble fighting this monster had she been at full strength, to say nothing of how badly she was doing now.

The only thing keeping her going was that if she gave up now, Becky would most certainly die at the hands of this maniac.

Raiken: You know now that I think of it, you’re not at your very best right now, are you?

Blaze: Y-you could say that!

Raiken: Want me to tie my hands behind my back?

Blaze: Yeah, that sounds good! While you’re at it, how’s about you handcuff your legs together and wear a blindfold!

Blaze knew she couldn’t match Raiken for strength, so she decided to use her opponent’s strength against her. She feint weakness for a moment, making Raiken lean towards her, then delivered a head-butt right to her nose, sending her reeling backwards!

Raiken slid backwards on the toes, then regained her composure. She paused for a second when she realised her nose was bleeding. This made a sinister smile creep across her face!

Raiken: Ha! Who’d have thought? Do you know how long it’s been since anyone has made me bleed my OWN blood?

Even though she was wavering, Blaze stood ready for the next assault.

Raiken: You ARE the real deal! You’re the genuine article! No doubt! I’m so excited!

Blaze: I’m so happy for you!

Raiken: You should be! It means I don’t have to hold back anymore!

Blaze: Wait, What?! You’re joking, right? You mean to tell me you were holding bac…

Blaze didn’t even see the attack until it was too late. In the blink of an eye, Raiken had charged at Blaze and knocked her skyward with a killer clothesline move. As Blaze dropped to the ground, she couldn’t even defend herself from Raiken’s next attack, a diving elbow to her abdomen. This attack knocked the breath right out of Blaze, and made her see stars!

Raiken: Now this is what I’m talking about! A proper fight! Finally a chance to unleash my A-game! You should feel privileged to be able to witness what most of my opponents couldn’t even survive long enough to see!

Raiken dragged Blaze to her feet by her hair, shoved her into a reverse headlock, then lifted Blaze’s body over her head, holding her perfectly vertical in the air!

Raiken: Prepare to experience my ultimate finishing move, the “Jackhammer Slam!!”. Do you think your body can take it?!

Blaze was certain that this would be her last fight. For the first time since she was a little girl, Blaze was scared of monsters. She was certain the last sound she would hear would be the sound of every bone in her body shattering at the same time…

The next sound she heard however, was the howl of the monster as she stumbled to the floor, dropping Blaze gently to the ground as she did so. Blaze turned round to see Becky laying on the floor behind them, a trail of smoke coming from her outreached hand.

It seemed that while Raiken was distracted, Becky had crawled up behind her and fired a concentrated fireball at her leg. The invincible monster was not as invincible as it first seemed!

Blaze: B-Becky…thank…god…

Becky: T-think…nothing…of it. There…was no way…I was gonna…let that **** kill you…right before my eyes!

Raiken: Ahhh!!! My leg!! I’ll make you pay, both you!! I’ll MAKE YOU PAY!!

Raiken turned round to see the two girls huddled close together, with Blaze standing in front of Becky. Both with weary, but determined looks on their faces.

Raiken: I don’t get this! I kick the crap out of one of you, and the other one steps in to protect them! You should both be finished by now! Why aren’t both of you giving up?!

Becky: It’s because…we care about each other…you stupid brute!

Blaze: You should listen to her! Each one of us gets our strength from protecting the ones we care about most! I guess that’s something you’d know nothing about!

Raiken: That’s a bunch of bull-crap!!

Blaze: Is it? Why do you think we’re still standing, while you appear to be losing your edge?

As Raiken looked at the two friends, see could see that there might’ve been some truth to their claims.

Raiken: B-But how? All my life I thought true strength came from anger…but…the two of you…

This fact seemed to enrage her even further, as a demon-like fury crept across her face!

Raiken: Y-You! YOU!! I’ve had enough of both of you!! I’ll tear you both to shreds and feed on your remains!

The wounded Raiken started to lash out wildly at the pair, hoping to land a hit. Blaze was able to dodge out of the way, but Becky was caught by a stray backhand by Raiken, which sent her flying across the warehouse. She hit the ground sliding, until her body hit the acid vat and came to a stop.

Raiken: Looks like I got lucky! What do you think the chances are that I reach her before you do?!

Blaze could feel that she had nothing left to give. Her best efforts had proved futile up to this point, and if she couldn’t muster enough remaining strength to stop Raiken, it would be too late!

There was no sight of Axel or the others. She would have to think of something else, fast!


Axel and Max prepared themselves to face off against one of their most dangerous foes. Neither of them was in the best shape, and to make matters worse, Shiva was looking better than ever!

Shiva: So, are the two of you ready?

Axel: As ready as we’ll ever be! Let’s just do this!
Max: Alright! The coast is clear, let’s rumble!

Shiva: If you INSIST!!

Before either of them could think, Shiva was on them like a hawk! He hit them both at the same time, sending them flying in either direction! As they both hit the ground, Shiva effortlessly landed in a crouching position, straightened up and brushed himself off as if nothing had happened.

Max: Damn it! What the hell was that?!

Axel: Auuugh crap, crap, crap, CRAP!! Can’t you go a little easier on us?

Shiva: Complaining doesn’t become you Axel. I know you can do better than that, so hurry up and do it, before all that you care about most dear disappears before your very eyes!

Axel and Max picked themselves up from the ground, dusted themselves off, then readied themselves again.

Axel: When you put it that way…GO!!

Axel and Max dashed towards Shiva, and hit him with everything they had! Shiva blocked their attacks and pushed them away with what felt like a powerful wind, causing them to slide back on their toes. Axel immediately charged again, launching a flurry of punches and kicks. Shiva matched Axel move for move, until he was grabbed from behind by Max!

Axel saw this opportunity to launch a flying kick at Shiva. Max though he had a firm grip on Shiva around his chest, but at the last second Shiva used an ingenious technique to escape. He expanded his chest by breathing in as much air in his lungs as possible, then as Axel’s kick approached, expelled the air in his lungs quickly. This allowed him to slip out of Max’s grip and avoid the kick, which ended up hitting Max instead!

By the time Axel had realised what had happened, Shiva was already on him again. His speed and ferocity was such that all Axel could do was use his arms to protect himself as best he could! Shiva delivered body blow after body blow to Axel’s ribcage, then hit him in the face with a punch that looked like it was a miniature tornado!

This hit sent Axel reeling backwards, unable to tell where he was! Shiva then grabbed him from behind in a full nelson hold, cutting the circulation of blood to Axel’s brain. If this hold were to be applied for a long time, the opponent would eventually black-out.

Shiva: Well, what can I say? You tried your best, but apparently it wasn’t enough! You should do yourself and all your friends a favour and just go to sleep!

Axel: I…can’t…do…that just…yet!

Max: AXEL!!

Axel: I…I know! I can’t quit yet!

Max: No you jackass! You kicked me!!

Axel: Are… you…kidding me?!
Shiva: Do take a seat Max! I’ll be with you in just a moment!

Axel: Don’t…count… on…IT!!

With all his strength, Axel used the back of his head to head butt Shiva right on his nose!

As Shiva released his grip, Axel turned to face him. Small sparks quickly erupted into a monstrous flaming maelstrom as Axel unleashed a flaming fist of fury!


Shiva body flew through the air with a trail of flames spiralling around him. At the last second, Shiva flipped himself round so that he would land on his feet, but before he could land he was intercepted by Max. Max leapt up and delivered a two-footed drop kick to Shiva’s chest, sending him hurtling into a pile of metal boxes!

Axel: Do you think we got him?

Max: I don’t know. I sure hope so, coz I sure as hell don’t wanna face him again!

Axel: ……man that felt good!

Max: Let’s get going! We still have to go rescue Blaze and Becky!

As the two of them turned round and headed towards the warehouse, the sound of rumbling metal boxes stopped them in their tracks. As one of the boxes flew over their heads and hit the wall of the warehouse, their worst fears were confirmed.

Shiva: You both thought something like that would be enough to stop me? The most you’ve done is ruin my clothes!

Axel: I guess it was too good to be true, wasn’t it?

Max: Yeah. Life seems to just keep throwing us curve balls these days.

Shiva: Shall we resume?

Just as things seemed like they couldn’t get any worse, the air was shattered by the noise of grinding metal! Axel, Max and Shiva all turned to see the previously deactivated Grand Crusher robot spring back to life. It was acting very erratically, and it’s glowing red eyes were flickering.

Max: I thought we busted that thing up?

Axel: We did…well I thought we did.

The next thing they knew, the Grand Crusher opened it’s mouth and a red laser beam shot out of it! The beam strafed across the ground, narrowly missing Axel, Max and Shiva, who had to dodge out of the way as the beam ignited everything in its path!

Axel: That tin can’s gone berserk!

Max: We’ve gotta stop that thing!

Axel: And how do you suppose we do that?!

Max: Your guess is as good as mine!

The two looked on as the mechanical monster continued to rampage the surrounding area. As Max had mentioned earlier, life continued to throw curve balls at the team. There appeared to be no end in sight…

To be continued.

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle series – Ep10 part 5

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle Series – Episode 10 - Part 5

Blaze was facing a stalemate. Just as she thought that she had tied up all the loose ends with Mr X’s former henchwomen, a new threat had just risen to challenge her. Something that was more powerful, and more dangerous than she had ever faced before!

This individual appeared to be female, however it was not easy to come to that conclusion because she was quite tall for a female, and very muscular. She had long and crazy flame orange hair, a blue bra and pants with a thunder logo running across it, padded gloves and blue wrestling boots which also had the thunder logo. Her face covered with an Ultimate Warrior style face paint.

Blaze: I don’t know how you are, but if you don’t let my friend go right now, you’re gonna regret it!

????: Really? Do you promise? I’m so looking forward to being punished by the legendary Blaze Fielding!

Blaze: ……Have I…met you somewhere before?

????: What? You’ve forgotten me already? That hurts! Don’t you remember that I smothered you into unconsciousness when the others grabbed your girlfriend here!

Blaze: Okay fine! Let her go, and we can talk further.

????: You know, it would be really easy for me to snap her little neck right in front of you!

Blaze: Let her GO!!

Blaze charged towards the wrestler. With an effortless toss, the female wrestler threw Becky into the air. Despite her size, she was quick enough to launch a boot right in Blaze’s face, knocking her on her back. The wrestler then caught Becky’s body in one hand, then proceeded to plant her foot on Blaze’s chest, pinning her to the ground.

????: You know I just don’t get it. Everyone I’ve met say you’re the best female fighter they’ve ever seen, that you’re some kind of legend! From what I’ve seen, you’re nothing more than a joke!

Blaze: ……

????: Seeing as you’re not gonna last much longer, I might as well tell you who I am. I’m the former female World Heavyweight Champion, Thunder Thighs Raiken!

Blaze: …R-R-Raiken? Weren’t you fired from wrestling because you killed a opponent?

That statement seemed to hit a sore point with Raiken. She applied more pressure on Blaze’s chest!

Raiken: It was an ACCIDENT!!

Just then, Raiken was knocked off her balance by Becky, who had recovered enough to kick Raiken in the side of her head. Blaze used this opportunity to move out of the way and launch a kick behind Raiken’s knee. Becky tried to use her body weight to make Raiken lean backwards, while Blaze’s kick was used to throw the wrestler’s centre of gravity.

Raiken: I must say, I’m impressed by your little team work effort just now, but I’m afraid you’re both gonna need a lot more to defeat the likes of ME!!

With inhuman strength, the wrestler recovered her stance, then slammed Becky’s body down on top of Blaze. She then picked them both up and threw them through a bunch of wooden crates!

After a while of rummaging, Blaze managed to get out of the smashed wreckage. She then turned to look for Becky.

Blaze: Becky? Are you alright?

Becky: Over here!

Blaze turned round to see Becky also pull herself out from the broken boxes.

Becky: Ow, ow, OW!! This sucks! This day just seems to be getting worse and worse!

Blaze: It certainly seems like it! I’ve never faced a monster like that before!

Becky: ……Is this it for us? Is this how we’re gonna die!

Blaze: Please Becky! Don’t lose hope! I’m sure if we stick it out, we can beat her!

Becky: But we already tried to work together! It didn’t work!

Just then, the pile of boxes behind them was pushed aside, revealing the crazed monster that was looking for them!

Raiken: What have you girls been chatting about? Can I join in?

Blaze: Sure! I was just telling my protégée here that I haven’t had a good fight in ages. I’d forgotten what it was like to get my ass kicked!

Raiken: Well, I’m more than happy to hand out as many ass kickings as you want! Let me help you up!

Raiken grabbed Blaze on her shoulder and tossed her behind her. Enraged by such a vicious act, Becky leapt up and threw a punch right in Raiken’s face! At first, Becky thought that she had surprised the wrestler, but her face turned to fear as Raiken smiled, grabbed her arm, and did a belly to belly suplex on her that knocked Becky out cold!

Blaze recovered to see Raiken standing over Becky’s unconscious body.

Raiken: Looks like your protégée needs a little more toughness training!

Blaze: Damn you!! She’s just a kid! Don’t you have any compassion?!

Raiken: I did, but after you’ve been through what I’ve been through, you find there isn’t much room for compassion when people think you’re a killer!

Blaze: You came here to fight me? Fine! You have my undivided attention! Just leave Becky alone!

Raiken: If you give me your very best game, then there’ll be no problems!

Blaze: Fine, just let me get…READY!!

Blaze charged at Raiken with all the speed she can muster. A build up of bluish energy flowed from Blaze’s hand as she unleashed a deadly blast at her opponent.
Raiken fell to the floor from the impact of the blast, a huge trail of smoke flowing from her body.

After taking a moment to catch her breath, Blaze turned to tend to Becky, not even bothering to see if she had defeated Raiken. Her only concern was to get herself and Becky out of there as soon as possible.

Suddenly she heard what sounded like someone chuckling in the background. The chuckling turned to laughing, then to an outright belly laugh. Blaze turned to see the smoking body of the just downed Raiken get up to her feet.

Blaze wondered just what it would take to survive this seemingly invincible behemoth!


The guys had just managed to stop the rampaging giant robot, by tricking it into attacking a nearby circuit box. Unfortunately, the cost of victory was a very big one.

Adam was trying to resuscitate his younger brother, who had saved his life by taking a lightning blast to the back.

Adam: Oh god, oh god! PLEASE! You’ve got to wake up!

Max: C’mon Skate! You can do it! We still need you!

Axel: ……

After a few more minutes of trying, Adam couldn’t go on. All he could do was hold his little brother’s lifeless body to his chest and wept……

There was utter silence for what seemed like an eternity…

Then the silence was broken by a sharp breath, followed by a lot of coughing.

Adam quickly checked to see the face of his brother. Skate was alive!

Adam: Oh thank god!! Eddie! Are you alright?!

Skate: J-Just *cough* g-g-give me a *cough* sec! *Cough*

Axel: Geez kid! You all gave us a hell of a scare just now!

Max: Ha! Don’t count him out yet! This kid is tougher than he looks!

Adam: Just take your time. There’s no rush.

Skate: Well, that’s not *cough* true now *cough* is it?

Adam: What are you talking about?

Skate: We still need to *cough* go and rescue the girls, don’t we?

Adam: I guess you’re right.

Axel: Don’t you worry kid. Me and Max will take care of the girls. Adam, you take your bro out of here and get him some treatment.

Adam: Are you sure?

Axel: I don’t want to see any more of my friends get hurt today. This crap ends right now!

????: A truly noble sentiment to be sure, Mr Stone! It’s just a shame life never works out that way, does it?

The team turned round to see who had interrupted them.

Two men slowly were walking towards them. The one of them was trailing behind the other, and looked like a geeky scientist type. The man in front was a familiar face. A muscular man with dark skin, long black hair and a red headband. He was wearing a martial arts jumpsuit, which was white in colour instead of his usual black.

It was Shiva.

Axel: You son of a BITCH!! It was you, wasn’t it?! All this crap is because of YOU!!

Shiva: Very perceptive, Mr Stone! I can certainly see why people consider you to be the BRAINS of your outfit!

Adam: Shut the hell up!! My brother nearly died because of you!

Shiva: Actually, you can blame my little friend here, Isn’t that right Mr Bowman?

Bowman: I-I can’t believe they were able to defeat my greatest creation!! I must get the data back to my lab, so I can fix the imperfections…

Max: Hey Poindexter! Your “Greatest Creation” tried to kill us! Are you okay with that?

Bowman: Y-Your lives are of no consequence to me! All that matters is that I was finally able to test the capabilities of the “Grand Crusher”!

Axel: Where the heck did you dig this noob out from? He looks like he’s never been out in daylight for 3 years or something!

Bowman, uninterested in what was happening around him headed straight to his damaged Grand Crusher. He pulled out a small laptop computer from the satchel bag hanging round his shoulder, and plugged a cable from it into a compartment in the robot’s leg.

Shiva: It’s more like 2 years, 4 months actually. He’s a former assistant of Dr Dahn. From what he tells me, Dahn was not as great as he made himself out to be. He took all of Bowman’s creations and claimed he invented them instead. A great genius, stuck in the shadow of a fake…

Axel: What makes you think we care about this crap?!

Shiva: I find it’s always nice to know who your opponent is in battle. The very fact that we know so much about all of you is the reason why we were able to put this whole plan together.

Max: Axel, we can’t waste any more time on this guy! The girls…

Shiva: I wouldn’t worry about those two, if I were you. Chances are they’re both already dead!

Axel: Now I KNOW you’re talking outta your ass! If we were able to smash your little toy over there *points to Grand Crusher*, then I’m sure Blaze’ll have no trouble with whatever you’ve thrown at her!

Shiva: Ha! That’s rich! You nearly lost one of your team out here! What makes you think Miss Fielding and your cousin are still alive?

Max: Axel, we should just finish this guy off as quickly as possible.

Axel: Fair enough. Shiva? I don’t know why the hell you chose to wear white today, coz by the time we’re done with you, your clothes are gonna end up covered in your own blood!

Shiva: Quite the bold statement! I look forward to it!

Axel: Adam! Get going!

Adam: Right!

Skate: Hang in there guys! Don’t let that *cough* jackass beat you!

Axel: You got it kid!

Adam picked Skate up in his arms and carried him away from the area.

Axel and Max prepared themselves to showdown with Shiva, the lives of Blaze and Becky hanging in the balance. The clock was ticking…

To be continued…

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle series – Ep10 part 4

This story is going from strength. My plan is to focus on the plot and character development in equal measure (hopefully). I've already gotten most of the story written up, and I've been uploading them on Gamefaqs before I post them here.

I've gained quite a small following of fans of my stories over there, which I'm proud of (it must mean I'm doing something right!). It feels good to know that I'm bringing a little happiness to other people's lives, and helping myself at the same time. If it weren't for their encouragement, I probably wouldn't have gotten any of my ideas off the ground.

I think after this story is completed, I'm gonna giva a shout out to my boys who have been checking in every week, and screaming at me to make more stories!

Keep an eye out for the "dramatic closer" in this installment! One thing you've got to know about me is, I love a good plot twist! ^_^

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle Series – Episode 10 - Part 4

The situation had grim for Blaze, as the shear ferocity of attacks from the female thugs had pushed her beyond her limits. Fortunately, a self-released Becky looked to turn the tide of battle in their favour.

The training that Becky had taken under Blaze’s tutelage had paid off as the two girls synchronised their moves with each other. Where one of them was vulnerable to attack, the other stepped in to protect her, and vice versa. Their teamwork even put the twin’s techniques to shame. It was quickly evident that the female thugs had just lost their advantage!

Suzy: Damn it! Why can’t we hit ‘em?!

Lisa: I think we may have underestimated the little punk a bit.

Becky: You damn right you estimated me! I’ve been trained by the very best, and you’re all gonna get a taste of hell!

Blaze: That certainly sounds fair! Do you want to lead?

Becky: I thought you would never ask! Let’s do it!!

Becky charged at Suzy first, with Blaze following behind her. Sensing imminent danger, all Suzy could do was use her arms to shield herself.

Mona and Lisa charged in to try and save Suzy, but were counterattacked by Becky and Blaze mid run. The ploy had worked, tricking the others into thinking they were going after Suzy, when in fact they planned to attack them after all!

This tactic left the thugs floundering, unable to attack or defend themselves quickly enough. Each one fell one by one, first Suzy, then Lisa, and then Mona, leaving only Elektra. With little options left, she tried to use her electrified whip to defend herself by spinning it around in front of her.Elektra: Crap! It can’t end like this! Not yet! I won’t let it!

Becky: Like you have a choice, Bimbo Brains!

Elektra: B-B-Bimbo Brains?! H-How DARE you, you little ****! I’ll kill you!

Elektra launched her whip at Becky with all her might, but Becky dodged to the side. Blaze caught the tip and held it tightly, so Elektra couldn’t pull it back. Elektra was about to send an electric charge through her whip, but before she could Becky was already in front of her. Becky raised her hand far behind her, and appeared to charge up a small blue ball of energy in her hand. She launched it right in Electra’s face, flooring her with so much force that a small cloud of dust escaped from under Elektra’s body!

Blaze: Wow, I must say I’m impressed! I didn’t think you would pick up that skill so quickly!

Becky: Yeah, pretty good huh! I just wish it could’ve been a lot bigger…

Blaze: No, that was just fine. I wanted to talk to her anyway.

Becky: What for?

Blaze: To get some information.

Blaze walked up to the still smouldering Elektra, who was looking quite shocked but was still conscious. Blaze knelt down until she was right next to Elektra.

Blaze: Okay, now here’s how it’s gonna go down. I’m gonna ask you some questions, and you’re gonna tell me everything. Is that clear?

Elektra: Get……bent!

Blaze: Good, good. I’m glad we understand each other. Now tell me, who put you up to this little scheme of yours?

Elektra: I don’t know what you’re……talking about!

Blaze: You and I know you girls aren’t smart enough to come up with a plan as intricate as this by yourselves, so who’s your puppet master?

Elektra: If I were you, I’d be less worried about me, and more worried about your little friend over there!

Blaze: What are you…?!

Blaze turned round to see a huge figure standing behind Becky! Before she could react, the giant grabbed Becky around the neck, choking her.

Blaze: BECKY!!

????: Concentrate on the opponent standing in front of you, Fielding! If you don’t, your friend won’t last another minute!


Outside the warehouse, things were looking equally hopeless. From out of nowhere, a giant robot carrying a huge sword stood in the team’s path.

Max: Sooo…what do we do now?

Axel: What do we do? We smash him up, that’s what we do!

Axel charges forward and unleashed a flaming energy wave that travels across the ground towards the robot.

The wave hit the robot’s legs and travels up it’s body, quickly dissipating into nothing as it goes.

Max: Wow. That was……something.

Axel: Shut up!

Skate: Maybe if we get closer?

Axel: Right!

Axel ran right up to the robot to try again, but was instantly swatted into the air by the robot. Axel quickly recovered in mid air and slid across the ground as he landed.

Axel: Okay then, that didn’t work so well. Anyone else got a good idea?

Adam: Tag team?

Skate: Yeah, hit it from two sides!

Axel: Right. Skate? We go on three!

After the count of three, Axel and Skate charged towards the robot in a criss-cross fashion. The robot was not quick enough to keep up with both of them at the same time, and while it was distracted by Skate, Axel leapt up and launched a flaming punch right into its armour.

The attack did nothing. Again.

The robot grabbed Axel by the leg and slammed him into the ground, then leapt up into the air with its sword and slammed it down on the ground. The shockwave travelled across the ground from the tip of the sword and followed Skate, tripping him up and knocking him to the floor.

Adam rushed to his aid.

Adam: Bro!! You alright?!

Skate: Yeah, just a little…LOOK OUT!!

The brothers narrowly escaped being crushed by the robot by rolling out of the way!

Max ran over to see if Axel was okay.

Max: Axel?! You alright man?

Axel: T-This tin can is REALLY beginning to piss me off!!

Max: I agree, but right now we need to MOVE!!

Axel: W-What are you…?

Max grabbed Axel and dashed out of the way as the robot almost landed on top of them!

The team regrouped as the robot turned round to face them, its eyes glowing red with a look that would make you feel like it was staring into your very soul.

Adam: I’m not afraid to say right now: I am scared as hell!

Max: Me too. I’ve never faced anything this big or this fast in my life.

Axel: What! Are you forgetting that if we don’t get past that thing, Blaze and Becky could be goners?

Adam: Now WHOSE being pessimistic?

Skate: Guys! Look over there!

Everyone looked to where Skate was pointing to see what looked like a electrical circuit box.

Axel: Adam? Did I ever tell you……your little brother is a genius?

Adam: Nope, but you’re right, he IS a genius!

Skate: Don’t get your hopes up too much. We don’t know anything about what that robot can or can’t survive. It might not work.

Max: Maybe, but its better than nothing. Let’s do it!

Adam: It is a machine, and I’m sure machines don’t like too much electricity.

Axel: I guess we’re about to find out! HEADS UP!!

The team split up as the robot charged at them with its sword. They moved around in as unpredictable a pattern as possible, to avoid being singled out by the robot, who was swinging its sword wildly around itself. Maintaining eye contact as much as possible, the team moved closer and closer to the circuit box.

After a while of moving around and trying not to get hit, Adam stood in front of the circuit box in the hope that the robot would aim for him.

Skate: Don’t do it! You’re not fast enough!

Adam: What are you talking abou…

It all happened in just under a second. The robot’s blade was already above Adam's head when Skate leapt towards him to push him out of the way. The sword came down on the circuit box, crushing it and unleashing a maelstrom of electrical energy that threw the Hunter brothers hurling through the air.

The electricity rippled up the sword into the robot’s body, causing sparks to fly all over the place. As the team had hoped, the electricity seemed to fry the robots circuits. Its body jiggled all over the place, and clouds of smoke plumed out of all its joints. After a few moments, the sparks stopped, the robot slumped to the side, and bits of its armour started to drop off. Its glowing red eyes faded to black.

Max: Yeah! We did it!

Axel: About damn time!

Adam: Man! That was a bit close, wasn’t it bro?

Skate: ……

Adam: Heh…you alright bro?

Skate: ………

Adam: Ed…c’mon man. Let me know you’re alright!

Max: Adam! Look at his back!

Adam shuffled out from under his younger brother to see what looked like a big smoking scar on Skate’s back.

Adam: Oh god no. Eddie! What have I done! EDDIE!! WAKE UP!!

Axel and Max rushed towards the brothers, as Adam rolled his brother onto his back and started doing CPR. Seconds passed like minutes, but Skate didn’t seem to be responding.

Adam: C’mon Ed, breath!!

Axel: Adam! It’s not your fault!

Adam: How can you say it’s not my fault?! He got injured trying to protect me!

Tears began to build up in his eyes.

Adam: I’m his older brother! I’m supposed to be the one protecting him, damn it!

Max: ……

Adam: C’MON DAMN IT! Don’t you DARE DIE ON ME!!

To be continued?!

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle series – Episode 10 part 3

Continuation of Episode 10. I'm not sure how long this will take, but this should make everything all the more epic! (I wish!)

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle Series – Episode 10 - Part 3

Blaze was in a tough spot. In her objective to rescue Axel’s niece Becky, she knowingly walked into a trap unsure of what she would be facing.

Blaze: It’s seems like I’m gonna find out sooner or later, so why don’t you just reveal yourself!

????: You must admit, the suspense has been killing you hasn’t it?

Blaze: More like my desire to kill you has been the most powerful motivator I’ve ever had in my life!

And with that, Blaze flicked a nearby steel rod up into the air with her foot, caught it in mid air, and threw it at the spotlight, smashing it.

????: That was a very clever move, Miss Fielding, but utterly fruitless non the less. Suzy! Go ahead and switch the lights on!

Suzy: Right Elektra!

As the light came on, Blaze could finally assess the situation. All the supposed “ninjas” were standing in a line across the centre of the warehouse. Behind them was a what looked like a giant vat, with what appeared to be some sort of steaming substance inside. Suspended above the vat was a person, chained up around the mid-section and blindfolded.

It was Becky.

Blaze: Well-well-well! I never thought you idiots would grow a pair and try to get revenge on little old me! I’m flattered!

Elektra: *pulls off mask* You’ve had this coming for a long time!

Suzy: *pulls off mask* We’re calling in your tab, and we’re sure you won’t be able to pay it all!

Lisa: *pulls off mask* We couldn’t pass up on this opportunity to settle the score!

Mona: *pulls off mask* The game is over for you. No more continues!

Blaze: You all came up with those lines yourselves? I’m impressed! No wait! Wait a minute! No I’m not!

Lisa: Shut the hell up!

Mona: Easy sis! Don’t let her get to you!

Blaze: Look, normally I’d love to waste time and tustle with you guys, but right now I’m more concerned about my friend over there. Could you all, be a dear and let her down from there?

Elektra: You can gloat all you want, but we know too well that you’re just trash talking to cover your fear! One push of the button, and your friend will drop in to that huge vat of acid behind us!

Blaze: Why you..!!!

Blaze was about to advance towards them, when another ninja in the level above them pushed the button on the controller, lowering Becky slightly closer towards the vat. Thinking better of making the situation worse, Blaze stopped herself just in time. The crane stopped, leaving Becky spinning round above the steaming vat of acid.

Elektra: So Miss Fielding, how do you want to play this situation now?

Blaze: I swear, if anything happens to her, you’re all gonna pay a million times over!!

Suzy: Why don’t we all have some fun for a bit?

Lisa: Good idea!

Suzy and Lisa charged at Blaze, ready to attack!

Blaze parried their blows and counter attacked with a few moves of her own, pushing them both back. The two looked at each other with a confused look on their faces, then charged again, attacking with more intensity. Blaze blocked and dodged their blows with ease, then grabbed the leg of Suzy and threw her at Lisa, knocking them both to the floor. As they looked up from the embarrassing heap they were in, they saw that Blaze was unshaken, her fighting stance was as intense as ever.

Lisa: God damn it! Why can’t you just take a beating like you’re supposed to?!

Blaze: I’m through with playing games. The way I see it, if I beat you all, then I’m free to rescue my friend as I see fit. Hurry up and send your next group of losers.

Mona: Her cockyness is beginning to piss me off! Let’s try three on one!

Suzy: Why don’t we just all go? If we waste too much time, her friends might come and ruin everything!

Elektra: She has a point. At this rate, our carefully thought out plan will all be for nothing!!

Blaze braced herself as they all charged her at the same time! She was managing to hold her own for a while, but no matter how good she was, the simple fact was she was out numbered!

Their tenacity was slowly wearing her down. For every three blows she dodged or blocked, at least one or two was getting through. The worst thing was Elektra’s whip, which was ripping her skin and shocking her body at the same time.

Blaze was being picked apart. She figured that her old adversaries had trained for quite a while beforehand, figuring out the best strategies to beat her. Blaze was more than a match for any of them one-on-one, but attacking all at once, in a prolonged conflict was proving to be the trump card. All it would take was one lucky shot, and it would be all over!!

And that lucky shot was about to be landed! Blaze was so busy blocking an attack from Mona and Lisa, she didn’t see Elektra launching a whip strike at her from behind! Blaze had knocked the twins away from her, and sensed that something was coming at her, but she couldn’t react quickly enough!

Suddenly, there was a clanging noise, and Elektra’s whip fell to the floor, inches away from Blaze! Wondering what had happened, she turned round to see a familiar figure standing behind her.

It was Becky!

Originally, Becky had appeared to be unconscious for most of the time when they had brought her into the warehouse. What her captors didn’t know was that Becky had been “playing dead”. She was completely aware of what was happening, waiting for the right moment to help Blaze.

As Elektra and the others had their hands full with Blaze, Becky pulled out a hair clip she had stolen from an unsuspecting female thug. She used it to unlock the chains that were holding her in place above the giant vat of acid. She almost slipped as she freed herself from the chains, but luckily managed to stop herself from falling into the vat, then used the chains to swing herself to the edge.

When she finally dropped safely to the upper platform, she disabled the female thug that had been operating the crane that was going to drop her into the vat, and was too busy watching the brawl. The only thing left to do was to leap in at the last second to save Blaze from a finishing blow from Elektra’s whip!

Blaze: B-B-Becky?

Becky: Glad to see me?

Blaze: H-How did you…

Becky: Let’s not worry about that now! We still have to deal with these chumps, right?

Blaze: I couldn’t have put it better myself!

The girls stood up back to back, ready to face all comers!


Meanwhile, the guys outside were still fighting the thugs that had ambushed them before they could go and help Blaze. Unfortunately, months of inaction had left them a little rusty, leaving them spending more time then they would’ve liked.

Axel: I tell you, once this is over, I’m going back to training full time!

Skate: I might have to join you on that! These guys used to be easy before!

Goldie: Don’t give yourselves so much credit! We’ve all been training for a month beforehand, just so we’d be ready for you chumps!

Max: Is that so?

Max grabbed Goldie from behind, and suplexed him into the ground behind him!

Max: You are good, but you got sloppy!

Garcia: Remember what Shiva said! Don’t get split up! Stick to your teams!

Adam: Shiva? I should’ve known you guys wouldn’t be smart enough to come up with this by yourself! Where is that jackass anyway?

Big Ben: Wouldn’t you like to know?

Axel leapt in front of Big Ben and unleashed a flaming uppercut, launching him into the air!

Axel: Nope, not really!

Axel was then knocked to the floor by Abadede!

Abadede: Long time, no see, pipsqueak!

Axel: Oh great! Like I haven’t got enough of you to deal with!

Abadede: I’ve waited a long time to get you back for…

He was cut short by a spinning roundhouse by Adam! He then held his hand out to help Axel back to his feet.

Adam: You know if you die here, I’ll be free to date Blaze, right?

Axel: Thanks for the assist, but don’t kid yourself!

Adam: Maybe we should try a similar tactic to our opponents here!

Axel: You mean a team up? If it means we can get to Blaze and Becky sooner, sure!

Adam: Let’s remind them why they shouldn’t mess with us!

With renewed vigor, the team started to tag-team their opponents, despatching of them one at a time, until there was only a few left.

Donovan: What da hell? Where’s Shiva? He should be here to take some of this pressure off u……

Donovan was interrupted as Skate jumped on him, and pounded on his head with rapid blows. He finished up by throwing Donovan towards Max.

Skate: Hey Max! Catch!!

Max: Thanks!

Max leaps up and catches Donovan in mid air, and pile-drives his body into the concrete below, leaving a small crater!

Max: Looks like that was the last of them!

Axel: I damn well hope so! My back is sore from all the German Suplexs!

Adam: I never thought they would go this far just to get to us. I’m impressed.

Skate: Get it together guys! We still need to go help Blaze and Becky!

The team start to head towards the warehouse, but were stopped in their tracks by what looked like a giant suit of armour, which dropped out of the sky and landed in front of them, knocking them off their feet!

Axel: What the hell……IS that?!

What appeared to be a pair of evil red eyes opened up on the armour.

Skate: Whatever it is, it looks pissed!

The armour pulled out a giant blade from behind it’s back, and slammed it into the ground, causing a shockwave to push the team backwards a couple of inches!

Adam: I’m…getting…too…old…for…this…****!!!

To be continued!!

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle series – Episode 10 part 2

Continuation of Episode 10. A couple of uncomfortable home truths, a strategy meeting, and a lot of uncertainty. One things for sure, you'll find out who your REAL friends are! Things just can't get better than this, or can they? Stay tuned to find out!!

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle Series – Episode 10 - Part 2

When Blaze got to the Hunter brother’s apartment, she was glad to see Axel and Max had also shown up. It was a testament to the strong friendship that they all had. They were willing to drop whatever they were doing to come together for the simple reason that she needed help.

Skate: Hi Blaze! Good to see you again!

Blaze: Thanks Skate. I wanna thank all of you for coming at such short notice.

Axel: Geez Blaze. You aught to know by now!

Adam: He’s right. There was no question that when it comes to you, we’d all do what ever it takes to help.

Max: You got that straight! So, what the prob?

Blaze took a brief pause.

Blaze: Well, first things first, Axel?

Axel: Yeah? What is it?

Blaze: I don’t want you to get mad, and go off all crazy, alright?

Axel: …you’re starting to scare me Blaze. Tell me what it is already!

Blaze: ……Becky has been kidnapped.

Axel: wh-WHAT?! What da hell happened?!

Blaze: Will you calm down Axel?! I told you not to go crazy!

Axel: How can you expect me to be calm after you just told me my niece has been kidnapped??! Weren’t you supposed to be looking after her?!

Blaze: Of course I was! Do you think that I would just let her get kidnapped?!

Axel: Well it’s obvious to me that you didn't try hard enough, did you?!

Blaze walked right up to Axel and slapped him right across the face!

Blaze: How DARE you!! You have NO IDEA what happened!! Do you think that somehow I don’t think it was my fault? If anything happens to her……

Tears started to whell up in her eyes.

Adam: Alright both of you, that’s ENOUGH! Both of you, just go and sit down over there!

Axel: Sit down?! No chance! I’ve got to get out there and go and find my niece!

Max: Axel! Think for a second! You don’t even know where she is, do you?

Axel halted at the door’s archway. Realising that Max was right, he went to sit down at the table.

Axel: Well we can’t just sit here doing nothing!

Max: Don’t you think you should apologise to Blaze? What you said before was totally out of line!

Blaze: It’s alright Max. I figured he would react like this.

Axel: What’s that supposed to mean?!

Blaze: It means despite the fact that you’re a total blockhead, I can tell that you really care about Becky. We all do.

Skate: She’s right. Now’s not the time to be fighting when it’s clear what will solve this problem is team work.

Adam: Right. Let’s start from the beginning. What happened, Blaze?

Blaze took a deep breath, composed her thoughts, and went over the facts as they stood. She showed them the ransom note.

Blaze: Whoever they are, it’s clear their goal is to lure me into a trap.

Skate: Well we’ll just bust in there all awesome style, crack some heads and…

Blaze: That won’t work. They seem far too organised for us to just dive in head first. Becky might end up dead for sure. I have to go in alone.

Adam: or at least be SEEN to be alone. If we stay outta sight, we can act as backup when things turn bad and bail you both out.

Max: Sounds good, but what if they check her over for wires or taps? They’d probably even take her cell phone just to be on the safe side.

Adam: Yeah. We’d need something so small, they couldn’t find it.

Skate: I might have something that’ll work. Wait right here. *runs of towards his bedroom*

Blaze: It’s imperative that no matter how much they goad us, we don’t make a move until we’re ready, got it?

Max: Got it.

Adam: No prob. Reminds me of the old days!

Axel: ………

Blaze: Axel? Are we clear on this?

Axel: No promises. If they so much as pull a single hair on her head, all bets are off.

Blaze: AXEL?!

Max: Don’t worry. I’ll make sure he doesn’t step outta line. This is your show after all!

Axel gives Max a very disapproving look.

Skate: Right! Are we all ready?

Adam: Looks like it. Do you have everything you need?

Skate: Yup. Let’s set it all up on the way.

Blaze: Right. Let’s do it guys!

And with that battlecry, the Streets of Rage team leapt into action! They all bundled into Adam’s people carrier and drove towards the harbour.


By the time they arrived, it was already dark. The only light available was the nearby street lamps. The team decided to scope out the area beforehand, in order to get a handle on the situation. At first, nothing happened, but about 30 minutes before the deadline, the team saw a couple of black vans pull up to warehouse #108.

Adam: Head’s up guys! We’ve got some action.

Skate: Really? Where are they?

Max: *Looking through binoculars* Exactly where they said, right next to Warehouse 108.

Blaze: Can I take a look?

Max: Sure. *hands Blaze the binoculars*

Skate: What are they doing?

Blaze: They’re all bundling in through the side entrance. Wait a minute…

Axel: What is it?

Blaze: Some of them are carrying what looks like a body bag.

Everyone froze at that statement.

Axel: If the body in that bag turns out to Becky…

Max: Easy there man. We don’t know if that’s Becky. Let’s stick to the plan!

Axel: Are you kidding me?!

Blaze: I don’t think they’d kill her if they intend to lure me into a trap, at least not yet.

Axel: How the hell do you know?

Blaze: Just call it Women’s Intuition.

Axel: ……whatever. Are we gonna do this or not?

Adam: Are you all hooked up Blaze?

Blaze: Yup. Skate did a good job. I don’t think they’ll find the microphone too easily.

Adam: Okay then. Let’s do this.

Blaze exits the van.

Max: Uh, Blaze?

Blaze: Yeah?

Max: I think I stand for most of us when I say “good luck!”.

Blaze: Thanks guys. Let’s hope things work out in our favour!

Blaze heads off towards the front entrance of the warehouse.

Adam: Normally, I wouldn’t be too worried about Blaze in a situation like this, but something seems different this time. If we don’t play this right, something terrible could happen.
Axel: And you thought it was perfectly alright to mention that fact out loud?

Adam: Ah. Sorry man.

Max: She’s gonna be fine guys! We can’t let hopelessness break our spirits!

Skate: Can you guys keep the noise level down a bit? I can’t hear Blaze’s microphone clea…

At that moment, Skate noticed a large shadow looming over the van. It was getting bigger and bigger.

Skate: Everybody! Out of the van, NOW!

Adam: Huh? What are you…?

Skate: No time!! Move!!

Skate opened the door and dived out with his brother in tow. Axel and Max leapt out of their side, just in time to see a large object land on top of the van, crushing the roof!

Max: What the hell was that?!

Adam: My VAN!!

The guy’s looked on, as the van they had been in moments ago was hoisted into the air by what appeared to be a magnetic crane.

????: I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that you guys were able to dodge our little present!

Axel: Who da hell are you, Jackass!

????: I’m hurt that you have already forgotten who we are! What do you think, Donovan?

Donovan: It’s a damn shame Garcia, a DAMN shame!

Adam: Donovan?

Axel: Garcia? Well isn’t that just rich!

Skate: I thought you guys disbanded after we off-ed your boss?

Garcia: You know us, kid. We rarely stay down for long!

Signal: That’s what makes us so special like! No matter how many times you kick us down…

Big Ben: We keep comin’ back! Bah hahahahahaha!

Max: You know what? I’m kinda glad you guys showed up again!

Skate: You are?

Max: Yeah! My daily workouts are just not cutting it anymore! Nothing but the exhilaration of a REAL FIGHT ignites the fire in my blood these days!

Axel: Ha! I gotta admit that is one thing that I can totally agree with, Max!

Adam: You guys are crazy! I haven’t done any street fighting in ages!

Skate: It’s just like riding a bike bro! You never forget!

The team, realising that they were surrounded, moved closer together, keeping their backs facing each other. Each one stood in a ready stance, ready to face of against what appeared to be an increasing number of opponents.

Axel: Do you think they planned it like this from the very beginning?

Adam: It sure seems like it!

Max: Makes me wonder what they have in store for Blaze!

Skate: If it’s as bad as this, we shouldn’t waste too much time on these guys! If we don’t hurry, we won’t be able to help Blaze!

Garcia: Ha! You won’t be able to stop us quickly enough to help Miss Fielding! She’s dead for sure!

Max: You idiots don’t realise that the four of us will do whatever it takes to save our friends!!

Adam: You heard the man!! Let’s do this!!

The team charged into battle, knowing that they couldn’t waste a second.

Blaze had entered the warehouse, unaware what was happening with the guys. The lights were off, and the light switch near the door didn’t work. Blaze had no choice but to venture further into the warehouse and prepare for the worse.

Suddenly, a bright light flashed directly in front of Blaze’s eyes, nearly blinding her. She raised her arms in front of her eyes to shield them.

????: Glad you could make it, Miss Fielding! And slightly early too! I can certainly appreciate your punctuality!

Blaze sensed that there was something very familiar about the voice speaking to her.

Blaze: Where’s Becky? I want to see her!

????: All in good time, Miss Fielding! All in good time!

To be continued!!

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle series – Episode 10 part 1

Part 10! A kind of climax of sorts. I've had a lot of requests to bring the series back to what makes SOR so great: Kick ass action and teamwork.

Up to this point, I've been shamelessly pushing Blaze as the main character (because I think she's so awesome!), and the other guys have suffered as a result. For this episode, I'm gonna try and give each character a decent amount to do this time, and also emphasize the whole "we can win if we work together" ethic.

There will be a couple of new faces, but I'm also bringing back some familiar faces, so stay tuned!!

Smut rating: 2/10 (not very indecent)
Consider yourself lucky you can read this one! I was just releasing some pent up frustration with the last couple of stories, so you can more or less enjoy this one without worrying about going to hell in a handbasket. Unless you hate violence as well. Then you're just weird. O_0;

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle Series – Episode 10 - Part 1

A month passed since the first day that Becky had stayed at Blaze’s place. Over time, it was getting to the stage where was nothing anyone could do to get Becky to move out. She was acting more stubborn than a dog that’s got an especially tasty bone in it’s mouth, and no matter how hard you try you just can’t get the damn dog to let go!

Her mother had come over to order Becky to come home, and at the time it seemed like she would do as she was told. Two days later, Blaze looking through her closet when she was startled by what appeared to be someone hiding behind her clothes!

Blaze: What the?! BECKY?!

Becky: Uh…hi Blaze! Fancy meeting you here!

Blaze: What the hell are you doing in my closet?! Get outta there!

Becky: Alright already! You don’t have to get so mad!

Becky stumbles out of the closet, straight into Blaze’s arms!

Becky: Oops! Sorry about that!

Blaze: So…what exactly are you doing hiding out inside my closet, aside from the obvious?

Becky: Would you believe me if I said I forgot my favourite bra?

Blaze: I’m calling your mom, Angie. I got a call from her yesterday asking if I had seen you. Now I can say that I can!

Becky: Don’t do that! If you do, I’ll have to hide again!

Blaze: Well you can’t stay here! Don’t you have to get back to studying?

Becky: Well you could always help me out with that, couldn’t you?

Blaze: I have a case I’m working on. I have no time to help you with your studies!

Becky: C’mon! If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours, and maybe a little extra!

Blaze: Go home Becky!!

Becky: Why won’t you let me stay?

Blaze: Listen to me! The reason why you were able to stay here was that me AND your mom agreed on it. It was never meant to be a permanent thing!

Becky: Well, maybe you can persuade my mom that I can stay here a bit longer! I know you can do it! You have to!

Blaze: Becky, I’m calling Angie.

Becky: ……you know I’ll come right back!

Blaze: I’m calling your mom!

Becky: No matter how many times you call her to take me home, as soon as her back is turned I will sneak out and come right back!

Blaze: ……how about a compromise?

Becky: I’m listening!

Blaze called Becky’s mom, Angie, over to her apartment to discuss the situation. At first, no matter what compromise Blaze and Angie came up with, Becky refused to go along with it. This went on for some time until, after a CONSIDERABLE amount of haggling, an agreement was reached. It was agreed that Becky could stay at Blaze’s apartment two weekends a month, on the condition that she would train with Blaze and help out with her day to day tasks like cooking, cleaning, laundry and shopping.

Sufficed to say, Becky was VERY happy with the outcome of this agreement!

A couple of months later, Blaze and Becky were shopping at the local corner store to grab a couple of things.

Blaze: Right. From what I can see on the list, we need bread, milk, cereal, eggs, ham, lettice and tomatoes, cheese, and toilet paper. I’ll get the first four items on the list, and you get the rest. Got it?

Becky: Righty-oh, big boss lady!

Blaze: ……don’t call me that.

Becky: Okey-dokey big mamma!! *runs off*

Blaze: Geez……I tell you, there are times when I just wanna slap that girl upside the head!

After they were done shopping, they both started to head back to Blaze’s apartment.

Blaze: I know you enjoy helping me out like this, but I just want to say thanks anyway.

Becky: Think nothing of it. The way I see it, I’m just paying you back for the martial arts lessons. Thanks to your advanced techniques, I’ve gotten so much better!

Blaze: Well as long as you don’t forget the basics, you’ll have nothing to worry abou…

At that moment, a group of mysterious shadowy figures descended around them! They appeared to be dressed like ninjas. With out even thinking, Blaze dropped her shopping and leapt into action! The figures were surprisingly quick, and effortlessly dodged all of Blaze’s strikes, leaving Blaze no other option but to get up close and personal!

Blaze grabbed one of the ninjas by the arm, them judo-flipped them into two others that had been standing behind her. She followed up with an elbow drop that flattened all three of them, then effortlessly flipped herself back onto her feet, ready for the others!

????: Stop right there, Miss Fielding!

Blaze turned round to see that Becky had been caught by one of the ninjas. This one was carrying a whip, which to Blaze seemed quite familiar. Becky couldn’t move, as she was being choked by the whip wrapped around her neck. She was trying to loosen the whip’s grip around her neck with one hand, and reach out to Blaze with the other.

????: You wouldn’t want something bad to happen to your beloved protégée, would you?

Blaze: Let her go right now, or I swear to you, you won’t live to see tomorrow’s sunrise!!

????: Hmmm. I must admit, under normal circumstances, you would probably be right about that. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case!

Before Blaze could react, she was grabbed from behind by a very big ninja, one that was a lot bigger than the others, at least twice Blaze’s size, and very muscular. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t move! The large ninja and this ninja was able to choke Blaze with just it’s huge arm around her neck.

Blaze’s struggling only made it harder for her to get free, and she could feel herself slowly fading away by the moment. The last thing Blaze could see was the ninjas running off, with an unconscious Becky slung over the shoulder of what was probably their leader.

Blaze woke up a while later, nursing her sore neck. She looked around to see a group of kids surrounding her.

Kid A: Are you alright lady?

Blaze: I think so. Did any of you kids see a group of ninjas running away from here?

Kid B: Nah, didn’t see no ninjas. Would’ve been so cool to see something like that though!

Kid C: We found this note next to you though.

Blaze: Can I look at it please?

Kid A: What’s it worth?

Blaze: My friend’s life is at stake! If I don’t hurry, she might end up seriously hurt, or worse!

Kid C: C’mon! Give her the note already!

Kid A: Alright already! I was just kidding! Here. *hands over note*

Blaze reads out the note:
If you want your cute little friend back, you will meet us at the docks at 10pm, warehouse 108. Come alone if you want her to live! Make no mistake, scores will be settled once and for all!

Blaze: This doesn't sound good. I might need some help for this.

Kid B: If you want, we can help you out!

Blaze: Thanks for the offer, but I already have some friends that are experts at this kind of thing!

Kid A: Really? Who are they?

Blaze pulls out her cell phone.

Blaze: Adam? Yeah, it’s me. Can you do me a favour? Call Axel and the others to your place for an important meeting. Me? I’ll be there in 20 minutes. Why? I’ll tell you when I get there!...right. See you in a bit. Later.

Blaze: Sorry kids, but I gotta go!

Kid A: Good luck lady!

Kid B: Give ‘em hell!

Kid C: Make sure you bring back your friend safe & sound!

Blaze: Thanks! I will!

And with that, Blaze ran towards her car and drove off towards the Hunter’s apartment!

To be continued!

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle series – Part 9

Part 9! A continuation of the Becky saga. Things are hotting up with the girl that just can't take a hint! Blaze tries to uncover what it it is that makes Becky so batty for her. Be warned, this story is one of my darker and more intense ones. A shocking revelation will add more depth to this new character!

Smut rating: 9/10 (very indecent!)
Under the age of 15? Think smutty content in all its forms is evil and should be destroyed by any means necessary? You WON'T wanna read this then! GO AWAY! Come back when you're older or have learned to embrace your dark side!

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle series – Part 9

Blaze was on the roof of her office/apartment meditating. She meditated at least once every week in order to clear her mind and focus her thoughts. She also enjoyed the peace and quiet it gave her when she wanted a break from everything. She had learned from an early age that a strong mind can only be used effectively by a strong mind that is not distracted by trivial thoughts.

Unfortunately, the silence and tranquillity was about to be broken.

????: BLAZE?! Where the hell ARE you?!

Blaze opened one eye, then closed it again, in the hopes that the individual calling her name would give up and go away.

????: I KNOW you’re up there Blaze! Hurry up and get down here!

????: You don’t have to be so rude Axel! Maybe she’s still asleep?
Axel: Well I don’t care WHAT she’s doing! If she doesn’t get down here right now, I’m gonna break the damn door down!

It wasn’t the voice of Axel that stirred Blaze from her meditation, but the second voice. That voice was quite familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time. Blaze uncrossed her legs, got up, and moved over to the edge of the roof to see who was at the front door.

What Blaze could see was Axel, carrying what looked like a lot of heavy travelling bags. He was barely able to hold all of them AND keep his balance at the same time! In front of him was a young looking woman with short blond hair. Blaze couldn’t see her face because her back was turned.

Blaze: Axel! Why are you trying to scream my apartment down to its foundations?

Axel: About damn time! Get down here!

The young girl turned round to see who was talking to Axel. As she turned, Blaze’s face almost turned red as she realised who the girl was. It was Axel’s cousin, Becky.

As if in response to seeing Blaze, Becky’s face lighted up, and she enthusiastically waved towards her.

Becky: BLAZE!! I’m so glad that you’re in! Are you coming down?

Blaze paused for a second, wondering what she was getting herself into, but realised this wasn’t a situation that she could just dodge like a punch.

Blaze: Just a second! I’m coming down!

And with that, Blaze flung herself over the edge of the building. Becky was shocked, and thinking that Blaze was trying to commit suicide, ran towards Blaze’s falling body! Blaze was never in danger however, and using the side of the building to slow her decent, slid downwards. Just before she reached the ground, she kicked of the wall into a reverse flip and landed elegantly onto the pavement below.

Becky: Whoa!! How did you learn to do a move like that?! It was totally awesome!

Blaze: It’s all in the legs, and years of rhythmic gymnastics! What are you guys doing here?

Axel: I know that I can count on you to look after Becky for me. *dumps bags* See you later.

Blaze: WhoaWhoaWhoa! Hold on here a second! What the hell are you talking about?!

Axel: My sis wanted me to look after Becky again, but Becky says she wants to stay with you. As she is now 18 years old, I can’t make her do anything she doesn’t want to do, and no matter how hard I try, I can’t convince her that you won’t take her in. So here we are.

Blaze: So here we are?! You do know I’ve got cases that I need to finish right? I need total concentration, and I can’t babysit for her and finish those off at the same time!

Becky: Don’t worry about me! Maybe I can help you finish your cases while I’m here?

Blaze: Becky, sweetheart! Let me assure you that if it were at any other time, I would love to have you around, but now is just not a good time. You do understand, don’t you?

Becky: I’m not a kid anymore! I’m 18 years old!

Axel: Only since last week! As they say in the industry, you’re barely legal!

Blaze: Axel? NOT. HELPING.

Axel: Whatever. Laters. *walks towards his car*

Blaze: HEY! Get back here! You’re not gonna just run away from this you know!

Axel: I’m not running. I’m walking. And it’s not as if I didn’t try. All I can say is that I’m sorry.

Blaze: SORRY?! You’re just gonna leave me to pick up the pieces? What if something happens to her because I wasn’t able to look after her?

Axel: *from drivers seat* I trust your judgement. Just do what you have to, to keep her in line. *winks*

As Axel drives off, Blaze is left with a sense of foreboding, a feeling that things were going to get worse from here on in. This feeling was magnified when Becky grabbed onto her arm and pulls herself as closely as she can.

Becky: You worry too much Blaze! What could possibly go wrong?

Blaze felt her heart sink even further.


After the two of them had managed to get all of Becky’s very heavy bags into the office, Blaze goes over to her office to check her emails. Becky follows her, and sits opposite Blaze at her desk. As she is reading through the emails, she realises that Becky is staring at her.

Blaze: If you’re hungry, the kitchen is just down the corridor.

Becky: No thanks, I’m not hungry.

Blaze paused for a moment, then went back to replying to one of her emails. 2 minutes later, Blaze looked up from her screen to see if Becky was still staring at her, but she was nowhere to be seen.

Blaze: Becky? Where are you?

Becky: Under the desk.

Blaze: ?????

Blaze looked down to see the head of Becky inches from her crotch! Blaze was so startled, she stumbled backwards off her chair onto the floor. Quickly regaining her composure, she looked to see Becky crawl out from under the desk on all fours, with a very naughty look on her face!

Blaze: What the hell were you doing under my desk?!

Becky: What did you WANT me to be doing under the desk?

Blaze: Don’t play dumb! Do you want me to tell your mom what you’ve been doing?

Becky gets up off the floor and move closer to Blaze.

Becky: I suppose so. It’s about time Mom found out what has been going on between us!

Blaze: There’s nothing going on between us!! You!! Why are you being such a pest?!

Becky: I promise to stop bothering you if you do one thing for me.

Blaze: One thing? I can just guess! I’m afraid I must inform you that I’m all out of whipped cream!

Becky: Really? That’s a shame, but that wasn’t what I was going to ask you!

Blaze: *sceptical look on her face* Really?

Becky: REALLY! Look, all I want is for you to teach me a few techniques in combat. You know, how to disable an armed thug and stuff like that.

Blaze pondered the request for a moment.

Blaze: If I teach you some moves, will you promise to leave me alone for a couple of hours?

Becky: Promise!

Blaze: Okay then, follow me.

Blaze leads Becky up to the roof of her apartment. The open space of the roof was always an ideal spot for Blaze to do her training alone or with others.

Blaze: Okay Becky, go and stand over there.

Becky: Right.

Becky moves over to the far side of the roof.

Blaze: First things first. We’re going to do some stretching exercises to loosen the joints and to ensure we don’t pull anything while we work out.

Becky: I’m really good a stretches! Just watch!

Becky lay down on the ground, then lifted her hips up. With her legs apart, she arched her back upwards, thrusting her crotch in Blaze’s direction.

Blaze: *shakes head* What the......hell are you doing?

Becky: Limbering up. I do a lot of Yoga in my spare time. How do you like my bridge pose?

Blaze: Stop it.

Becky: But you told me…

Blaze: Will you just get up off the floor?

Becky stops what she is doing and gets up off the floor.

Blaze: Right. I want you to run at me as if you are about to attack me.

Becky: Okay, here I come!

Becky charges at Blaze. Blaze appears to effortlessly flip Becky forwards onto her back, but Becky doesn’t let go, and Blaze soon realises that her hand is on Becky’s left breast.

Becky: You got me. I’m a little dizzy, but it’s okay because your hand is on my breast!

Blaze: Gah!! *removes hand*

Becky: It’s all right Blaze, really. I won’t tell anyone…

Blaze: Enough already! This time, just try to punch me in the face okay?

Becky: *gets up* Okay, if you insist!

Becky starts throwing punches at Blaze. Blaze dodges from left to right, then grabs Becky’s arm and twists it so that she has her in an armbar hold.

Blaze: You see? It’s quite easy to immobilise an opponent if you do a move like this.

Becky: That is true, but what if they then do something like THIS!

Becky pushes towards Blaze with her extended arm, then quickly pulls in the opposite direction, throwing Blaze off balance. As Blaze stumbles forwards, Becky flips around and powers Blaze to the ground. They end up with Blaze laying on top of Becky.

Blaze: Wha….what just happened there?

Becky: *blushes* Miss Fielding, if you wanted to touch me there, all you had to do was ask!

Blaze: ?????

Blaze looks downward to see that her hand was now on Becky’s crotch! Blaze’s face turned bright red, as she quickly pulled back from Becky and stumbled to her feet.

Becky: What’s the matter? Don’t you like girls?

Blaze: T-that’s none of your damn business!! I….y-you….you know what? I’ve had about as much as I can take from you! I thought you were going to take this training seriously, but if you’re gonna keep acting like this, I’m gonna go and call Axel right now!

Becky: Go ahead and call him! It won’t make any difference anyway!

At this point, Blaze was at the end of her rope.

Blaze: Why Becky? Why do you act like this around me? Don’t you like boys your own age?

Becky: Boys my own age are douche-bags! I could never count on them if I ever got into trouble. In fact, it’s more likely that THEY would be the ones to get me in trouble anyway! *moves closer to Blaze* With you, it’s different. I feel safe. Safer than I’ve ever felt with anyone.

Blaze: That’s a nice sentiment, but it doesn’t change the fact that you’re still a kid. You can’t possibly know what you want at your age!

Becky: But I’m 18!

Blaze: As your uncle said, barely! You are my friend’s cousin! Even if I wanted to, nothing can happen between us! It’s wrong! It’s forbidden! It’s indecent, and it’s taboo!

Becky: That just makes it even better! I don’t care what happens! I know what I want! Right now, more than anything, I want to be by your side! Forever! Even if it means everyone hating us!

Blaze: Forever?! Why? Why me? What makes me so special?

Becky: You want to know the answer?

Blaze: You damn right I want the answer! And it had better be a good one!

Becky: Okay then. Let’s go and sit over there.

Blaze: If you touch me, I’ll…

Becky: I promise I won’t touch you, okay? Please, just sit with me.


The two of them go and sit together on the edge of the roof.


Becky: It all began 6 years ago. I was in the park, playing with some of my friends. It was getting late, so everyone started to head off home. I was walking back the same route I usually did through the park when a pervert grabbed me and tried to pull me into the bushes!

Blaze: My god! I had no idea! What happened next?

Becky: I tried to struggle as much as I could, but he was too strong! I screamed out as hard as I could, hoping that someone would hear me, but he hit me in the head. I was dazed, and couldn’t quite tell what happened next, but in the distance I saw someone running towards us. Do you know who that was?

Blaze: It was me, wasn’t it? I remember now what happened. I had come to visit your Mom with Axel. She was worried that it was getting late, and you hadn’t come back yet. She asked me and Axel to go look for you in the park. At first, we thought it would be a good idea to split up, so we could cover more ground. After a while of searching, I heard a scream and ran in the direction it came from. When I got there…

Becky: …you spotted me and the pervert in the bushes. He tried to fight you, but you kicked his ass and he ran off.

Blaze: That’s right. I probably would've pursued him further, but you were hurt, and visually shaken by the whole ordeal. I carried you in my arms back to your Mom’s.

Becky: I could remember how strong your arms were, how safe I felt in your arms…

Blaze: We took you to the hospital to get you checked up. Luckily, the pervert didn’t get a chance to rape you because you fought back so much. Even back then, you were a tough kid!

Becky: I remember the next day, you and Axel came to see me. You even brought me flowers & candy! When Axel left for a bit, you told me you thought I was very strong, and that you would love to have a partner like me by your side. I think I said something like “When I get older, will you promise to make me your partner?”.

Blaze: I may have said yes, but that was a long time ago! Things change, and we’re no longer the person we were in the past. Becky, you’ve got to let this go!

Becky: You’re still in love with Axel, aren’t you?

Blaze: No, I’m not. I may still have feelings for him, but that spark is long gone.

Becky: Are you telling me that you lied?

Blaze: I would never lie to you Becky! But you more than anyone must realise that what you’re asking for is impossible!

Becky: Nothing is impossible!

Blaze: You’re being unreasonable and childish!

Becky: But how can you just ignore the feelings I have for you!

Blaze: I could never go out with anyone who thought so selfishly! All you care about is your own feelings, ignoring how your actions can affect all those around you! You may have just turned 18, but you still think like a child! If you ever want me to love you, you have to grow up!

Something in that statement stopped Becky cold. She could feel everything she had ever known fall apart before her very eyes. Becky could barely stop the tears welling up behind her eyes.

Becky: Wha….wha….what I’m I supposed to do? These feelings, won’t go away….I….don’t want them to…..go away….Blaze!

Blaze pulls Becky close to her to comfort her.

Blaze: It’s hard. I know it is. This is just something you’re going to have to deal with by yourself.

Becky: So…difficult…

Blaze: Don’t worry. I’ll always be there for you, as a friend. You can still count on me, to come to your rescue when you need me!

Becky: That’s good to know, Blaze!

Blaze: Feel a little better?

Becky: A little. But right now, you know what I really want?

Blaze: Dare I ask?

Becky: I want some chocolate ice-cream! Do you have any?

Blaze: I’m sure I can find something for you in the fridge! Shall we head downstairs?

Becky: Okay!

The two head downstairs to go get, what Becky hoped, was a large tub of dark chocolate ice-cream, with hazelnuts and almonds, topped off with lashings of dark chocolate syrup! Becky had a lot to think about, and as she sat down with Blaze and shared the large tub of ice-cream, she wondered whether she could ever see Blaze as JUST a friend. And Blaze was hoping her little pep talk had convinced Becky not to keep trying to hit on her for the rest of the time that she was staying at her apartment. Only time would tell!