Friday, 18 January 2008

Slow off the blocks

It's a new year, and I was hoping for a fresh start that would finally set me on the right course. Unfortunately, I feel like 2008 is gonna be more of the same crap I was getting in 2007!

Firstly, I've been trying to get in contact with a Jobsearch agency in Central London, in order to help me find a new job. I've sent a few e-mails over the past couple of weeks, but so far I haven't received any replies. I'm kinda pissed off about that, but it's still early so I'm not too worried. Yet.

After Christmas, my Grandmother came to stay over for one night. When I was younger, I always used to enjoy seeing my Gran, but as I've gotten older (and less cute looking), every encounter with my Gran has resulted in her moaning, complaining and nagging at me about crap like getting married, getting a car, getting a house, having kids, looking after my Mum, blah blah blah. You get the gist.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Gran. I just feel like I don't want to be around her anymore, because she makes me, my brother and my Mum (her eldest daughter) miserable. Nothing we do makes her happy, and I get the distinct impression that she enjoys putting others down to make herself feel better (I hope I'm wrong). It's always the same with these religious types...

On a slightly different note, today is the last day for my good friend Masa Takagi, before he has to move to America. (Please ignore this line. My delusional mind has convinced myself that today is his last day, when in reality he's leaving in the beginning of February. I am such a tool!)

I haven't known Masa that long (about 6 months), but I can truly say that I am going to miss him greatly. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be any closer to realising my dream of going to Japan. I don't think I've ever met someone who is so honest and genuine in personality. He has a good sense of humour, and is always so eager to help where he can. It was also nice to have someone that I could talk about my artwork and interest in Anime to. He gave me hope that some day I would finally find a place where I'm not judged by other people's standards, but by my own personality and skills, which is all I've ever really wanted in life.

I'm wishing Masa all the best for the future, and I have every intention to staying in contact with him for as long as I can.

In the mean time, I just hope that things can turn in my favor soon, or I might have to choke someone out to get things done! (just kidding!).