Tuesday, 4 December 2007

X-mas Madness!

It's that time of year again folks! A time when all logical thought and reasoning goes right out of the window. I am of course talking about, Christmas.

Over the years, I have grown to despise this particular holiday, mainly because of the fact that there is no other holiday in the year that COMPLETELY and UTTERLY INCAPACITATE LIFE AS WE KNOW IT!!

Retail and High-Street stores grind to a halt under the strain of virtually millions of people spending tons of money on stuff they don't need, to impress people they don't really like.

They also use this holiday season as an excuse to throw caution to the wind, and stuff their faces with stuff they KNOW isn't good for them, proceed to make complete twats of themselves in front of their work colleagues and bosses, and possibly embarrass themselves further by seducing a colleague they are attracted to, sleep with them, and end up regretting it in the morning.

Call me a Scrooge if you want, but I just don't see the appeal. I've never been much of a party animal to begin with (even though I love to dance), but to do the kinds of things I just mentioned earlier, without a complete regard for the consequences of such actions is beyond me. To make matters worse, you X-mas lovers insist that every one else should be doing the same things, and if they choose not to, they're shunned and ridiculed for not getting into the "Holiday Spirit".

Let me tell you straight right now. I really don't give a toss what and how you choose to celebrate the birth of your almighty lord, just leave me the hell out of it! >_<

Personally, I'm planning to minimise my exposure to Christmas as much as humanly possible, and like the proverbial grizzly bear about to go into hibernation, stock up on as many quality Anime DVDs, Video Games and Gundam model kits to last me the entire period until the advent of the new year, where the cycle will begin ALL OVER AGAIN!! *_*;

As far as I'm concerned, everything about Christmas is a complete waste of time.......

......although, I wouldn't say no to a kiss under the Mistletoe with a really cute girl! Santa? If you can do this for me, I will forever sing your praises, and preach to all and sundry just how awesome Christmas is!

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