Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Whatever it takes to save the one you love! (Update)

It took a little longer than I thougt it would, but I've finally got my PS2 back!

I must admit, somewhere in the back of my mind, I was slightly worried about what might happen. The shop clerk kept saying things like "we make no guarantee that this service will fix the problem" and "even if it is fixed, there is no guarantee how long it will last" etc.

This kind of talk is enough to un-nerve even the most fearless individual, and I was already imagining all the likely things taht could go wrong, such as:

- The engineer makes a mistake and fries the machine, turning it into a useless pile of scrap
- The engineer finds a servere problem that means that it can't be fixed or costs even more to fix
- It's dropped during transit.
- An error is made, and the machine is given to the wrong person
- None of my disks work with it anymore

The least bad thing that could've happened, that I would have been okay with was that the service made absolutely no difference to the performance whatsoever.

Much to my embarassment, my PS2 has come back even better than it left! Where as before, it had trouble loading up some games, now it loads up FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME! My DVDs, my cheat disks, even my PSone games start up first time, with no loading errors. I forsee a long and enjoyable gaming future!

The icing on the cake is that "Rogue Galaxy" runs perfectly as well! Yatta!! My gamble has paid off quite handsomely!

I predict my PS2 will keep going for at least a couple more years, where as before, I would've predicted only another 6 months at best. I think I've already mentioned this before, but I would definately recommend anyone to service their fav games console once in a while (especially if you're an Xbox360 owner!).

The love of my life is back where she belongs, ready to tide me over for the Christmas period! Although, I have to admit I have been eyeing up the sexy new Slim and Lite Sony Playstation Portable (PSP). Damn, she looks fine! I wouldn't mind tapping that ass!



What? Can't a guy's eyes wander a little?

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