Monday, 29 October 2007

Happy Halloween 2007!

These are a couple of Halloween desktop wallpapers for this year's Halloween on the 31st of October. I've always had a thing where I create a cool wallpaper for any special day like Christmas or Valentine's Day. These are actually the first Halloween wallpapers I've ever created, and I got a bit of help from my Japanese friends at ENA to translate the names of the characters!

The first one has a traditional style to it. You've got a Witch, an Egyptian Mummy Girl, and a Female Were-Wolf (very sexy!). The second one is the Japan-centric version. I decided to go with a fan favorite, the Nekogal (Cat girl), as well as a Devil Girl. The other character may not be a monster, but more of a monster-hunter! She's a Kunoichi, which translates as a Female Ninja. Fans of Soul Calibur will recognise the resemblance!
Stay tuned Roytec fans, there are a lot more seasonal wallpapers planned for the future!

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