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Streets of Rage: Love Triangle - Parts 1 & 2

Hello and welcome to what will be known as the Streets of Rage: Love Triangle series. This baby has been going on since early 2007, and is a showcase of my writing ability. I've been wanting to write my own stories since I was quite young. I got the bug when I had to write short stories at school, and that bug has infested my brain and manipulated my thought processes ever since then!

I get a great sense of power when I write, because I can choose how I want the story to go, instead of just sitting back and watching everything unfold before me, as it is with movies, TV, comics, Video Games and Anime & Manga. I can dictate the intensity of the action, the emotion of the characters, the grandness of the environments, and everything in between. I may not be a pro, but I feel like a lot of my own ideas are a lot better than some of the stuff that is produced out there! (I'm not being cocky, it's true! ¬_¬)

Anyway, let me warn you now that the content of this series is quite racy, filled with violent action and softcore smut, unsuitable for anyone under the age of 15 (or anyone who doesn't like this sort of thing). If you have a problem in any way with the previous statement DON'T READ IT! Simple as that! This is the only warning you're gonna get, so don't come complaining to me that I have scared your delicate psyche!

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle - Parts 1 & 2

Original Thread:
Everyone just assumes that it's all about Axel and Blaze getting it on together at the end of each game (even though nothing is ACTUALLY implied as such), but what about Blaze and Adam?All three of them were police officers together in the beginning, and I'm sure that as much as there would've been chemistry between Blaze and Axel, I'm sure the same could be said for her and Adam.Wouldn't that be a great story arc to play with in any subsequent Streets of Rage game?"Once you go Black, you never go back!" Just Kidding!

I'm coming up with ideas in my head as to how that would play out!I'll probably post a link to a sketch of this in the future!Adam: Blaze! You an' me go way back, right?Blaze: Yeah Adam, we've been in some tough situations in our time, and managed to pull through somehow!Adam: Well, I was thinkin', maybe you an' me get together sometime.Blaze: Uhh, Adam? What do you mean by 'get together'? You know I'm still with Axel right?Adam: Yeh, but you two have been on a break for ages! Why don't you give me a chance to make that break......PERMENANT?Blaze: a..ADAM! Don't say that out so loud! Axel might hear!Adam: THAT'S THE PLAN!Axel: HOLD IT RIGHT THERE YOU TWO!Blaze: a...AXEL! We weren’t doing anything! Waaaait a minute........just HOW LONG were you hiding behind that pillar?Axel: LONG ENOUGH! Adam. Outside. NOW!Adam: Don't sweat it babe! I'll be right back after I clean this chump's clock!*Both men leave the room*Blaze: Wow! I never thought it would go down like this! I mean, Adam is so hot, but Axel.....(Outside) RASAPAW!!!Blaze: Oh dear..................poor Adam.....TO BE CONTINUED?

– Part 2

Blaze was at her private investigator office, looking over files of known criminals on her laptop, when Adam walks through in the front door.

Adam: Hi Blaze baby!

Blaze: Not now Adam! I’m busy!

Adam: You look stressed. How about a relaxing neck massage?

Blaze: Dammit Adam, I said NOT NOW! If I miss a single detail, this guy’s gonna walk. Who KNOWS what he’ll get up to next!

Adam: Look Blaze, as a friend, I’ve got to say you’re taking this case a little too personally. You do need to relax! All I’m asking for is 5 minutes, that’s all. 5 minutes.

Blaze: Okay FINE! I’ll take a little break.

Adam: Come and sit next to me on the couch. I’ll give you that massage I promised!

Blaze moves over to the couch, and pulls aside her hair so Adam can work her neck and shoulders.

Adam: I was right, you ARE tense! Let me get the kinks out for you!

Blaze: A little bit lower……….yeh, that’s the spot…….mmmmmm!

Adam move in closer to kiss Blaze on her neck.

Blaze: Mmmmmm……………don’t stop……..right there…..

Adam’s hand slowly reaches into Blaze’s bra!

Blaze: WHOA! Slow down there cowboy! That kinda thing isn’t EXACTLY relaxing, is it?

Adam: I suppose you’ve got a point. Can’t blame a guy for trying can you? Let’s just take it nice and slow from here on in.

Blaze: REAL SLOW! A girl’s gotta have SOME secrets!

Adam and Blaze move closer, their lips are about to touch…


Axel falls through the air vent to the middle of the floor of Blaze’s Office! He looks in great pain, and is covered in dust. Ignoring the pain, he instantly gets up and points his finger directly at Adam.


Blaze looks at Axel with a bemused expression on her face.

Blaze: How long were you up inside the vent Axel? You look a mess!


Adam: Not now man! Can’t you see we’re busy?

Axel: You think I’m gonna just stand here and let you two “get it on” right in front of me? You’re way off! I’m gonna RAWSAPA your *** into the middle of next year! Quit your whining, and get outside NOW!

Adam: Pffft. Fine. Blaze, I’ll be right back, keep the fires going for me baby!

Just as the guys were heading for the door, Max and Skate walk in.

Skate: Sup Bro!

Max: What’s going on guys?

Adam: Ask Axel. He thinks he owns Blaze or something. I’m going outside to kick his *** right now.

Axel: Shut up!

Adam: Do me a favour guys? Do anything necessary to keep her hot till I get back, and I mean ANYTHING!

Axel: You guys touch so much as one hair on her head, you’re both dead! Got it?

Adam and Axel leave Blaze’s office to continue their testosterone fuelled battle to the death. Skate and Max look at each other with dirty looks on their faces.

Skate and Max: ANYTHING?!

They both look directly at Blaze who’s still sitting on the couch. As they slowly advance on her, she gets up and crosses her arms with a very disapproving look on her face.

Blaze: Don’t even think about it guys! I’ve got work to do! I don’t have time for your perverted shenanigans!

The guys seem oblivious to her pleas and continue to advance.

Blaze: C’mon now guys! Knock it off!

Skate and Max move closer, their faces twisted into manic grinning, their hands raised, their fingers twitching with barely contained excitement!
Blaze falls back onto the couch. She tries to shuffle to the farthest side, her face is flushed, and her body is dripping with sweat.

Blaze: I-I’m pretty sure Adam was kidding guys! G-g-guys?

Skate circles round to the other side of the couch. They have her trapped into what could only be described as a hot, sweaty, meat sandwich! Blaze squeaks out a last few words:

H-he was joking! G-guys? GUYS??!!

To be continued?!

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