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Streets of Rage: Love Triangle – Part 7!

You might be surprised to know this episode has a smut rating of only 1.5/10. For me, that's quite an achievement!

Anyway, my man Skate Hunter (or "Sammy" as he is known in Japan), hasn't been getting any love from the scarlet bombshell recently. As the youngest member of the team, he is easily overlooked by everyone, and as a result he's a little miffed! Stay tuned as Skate gets to strut his stuff, and a couple of familiar sisters also make an appearance!

Just to be on the safe side, I'll put in a smut warning anyway. No one under the age of 15, or people who don't like smut/think smut is wrong may read this fanfiction. There. Happy now? Jeez......-_-;

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle – Part 7!

Skate was playing video games, when he heard the doorbell ring. He and eagerly went to open the door. He had a good idea who it was.

Skate: Hi Blaze!

Blaze: What’s up Skate! Is your bro around?

Skate: Nah. He went to meet Axel and Max for a guys night out. He left me in charge!

Blaze: Wow! That’s a lot of responsibility! Is Adam sure he can trust you on your own?

Skate: Ahhh, c’mon Blaze! Don’t you think I’m old enough to be home alone by now?

Blaze: Well I don’t know. Planning on inviting any of your friends for a party any time soon?

Skate: Actually, I kinda had something else planned. I want to ask you a question first Blaze.

Blaze: A question? It’s a little out of the blue, but go ahead.

Skate: When was the last time that you and me spent time alone together?

Blaze: I see where this is going, and I think I may have to stop you right there!

Skate: Huh? What are you talking about, Blaze?

Blaze: Uhh, never mind! *embarrassed* Just forget I said anything! Didn’t we do something fun last month?

Skate: Yeah, but Max, Axel and my bro were there as well, and you spent the most time with Max!

Blaze: Well, what about last year?

Skate: Axel was there, my bro were there as well, and you spent more time with them than with me! Now I don’t want to make a big deal about this, but I just don’t see that as fair, do you?

Blaze: I think you’re imagining things! I remember one time when we went to the cinema together!

Skate: C’mon! Did you forget the old police buddy we bumped into, and insisted that we all sit together?

Blaze: …..Oh……yeah. I’m so sorry. I had no idea you felt that way. I guess I always thought of you as the cute younger brother that would keep hanging round his cooler older brother!

Skate: *pouting* Didn’t I already prove to you how cool I was when I helped you guys beat Mr X? Didn’t I prove to you that I’m not a little kid any more?

Skate pulled out his secret weapon to subdue Blaze: puppy-dog eyes!

Blaze realised she had little choice up to that point. Even SHE has a soft spot for cuteness waves!

Blaze: Okay fine, what do you want to do?

Skate pulled out a poster advertising a Dance-Off contest at the local night club, plus two tickets to participate. Blaze gave Skate a wry look.

Blaze: You had this planned from the very beginning, didn’t you?

Skate gave Blaze a cheeky grin.

Later that evening, Blaze was sitting at the bar. Skate came over to her with a pair of sticky labels with their entry numbers on them.

Blaze: so, did you enter us into the competition as a team?

Skate: Actually, I entered us in separately! I’m gonna show you who’s da man when it comes to busting moves on the dance floor! Baby, you goin DOWN!

Blaze: *puts on her number* Well, we’ll just see about that, won’t we? I accept your challenge!

The two friends sat together drinking soft drinks, and commented on the other entrants as they waited for their turns to come up. First up was Skate, who started breakdancing to a high tempo hip-hop track. He wowed the crowd with his athletic moves and complex skating techniques! He did a number of aerial flips and pirouettes, and finished up with his patented whirlwind leg spin into a relaxed finishing pose. Sufficed to say, the crowd went wild!

Blaze: I’ve got to say, I’m quite impressed

Skate: Yeah well, when you got it, you’ve got it! It’s just a shame that I haven’t given you much of a chance of beating me, now that the people have ALREADY seen the best!

Blaze: Don’t count me out just yet! I’ve still got some moves the crowd has yet to see! You’re gonna see a whole new level of coolness!

Skate: Oh really?

Blaze: Yeah, REALLY!

A few more contestants took their turns afterward, but then the next entrants were two women, who appeared to be wearing the same costume. On closer inspection, the appeared to be twins.

Blaze: Why do you get the distinct impression that I’ve seen those two somewhere before?

Skate: Who? Those two?

Blaze: Yeah. Don’t they seem familiar to you?

Skate: *pauses* You know, I think you’re right!

The twins started dancing to a heavily choreographed routine. It was easy to see that the two of them must’ve trained with each other since they were kids, because the timing of their movements was perfect. It was almost like watching a real life mirror image in motion. The audience was in complete awe of their routine, the entire dance floor was silent except for the music. When they had finished, they received a standing ovation from the crowd! The sisters went to sit down at a nearby table, and relaxed, looking directly at Blaze as they did so.

Blaze: Mona & Lisa! I should’ve known!

Skate: Didn’t we kick their asses a while back?

Blaze: We did, but it seems they’re back for more!

One other competitor came up after the twins, then finally, it was Blaze’s turn!

Blaze: Looks like I’m up. Wish me luck!

Skate: Go for it Blaze! Show ‘em who’s boss!

Blaze started dancing to a sensual R&B mix. She gyrated in a very sensual manner, getting a lot of whoops and hollers from the men in the crowd! She also threw in a couple of jumps and flips, which also got a lot of cheers. She got the most cheers when she did the splits!

Lisa: What da hell? Why are they cheering for her? She’s just dancing like a cheap stripper!

Mona: This is the kind of thing we have to put up with at competitions like this. The crowds will always be swayed so easily by such slutty, techniques.

Lisa: Well I’m not standing for it! We practiced for months to get our moves down just right, and now that dumb bimbo is going to ruin everything! Are you with me?

Mona: Right behind you sis!

Blaze was so into her dance routine, she was totally off her guard when she was tripped over by Lisa. She tried to retaliate, but no sooner had she thrown a punch, she was grabbed on the arm by Mona and chucked into the crowd. Most of the people in the line of fire managed to get out of the way as Blaze tumbled into a nearby table!

Skate was quickly to his feet, and ran headlong towards Mona. Unfortunately, he didn’t see Lisa’s leg swing towards his head. He slammed into the floor and slid towards the other side of the dance floor, and came to a stop next to a petrified couple.

By the time Blaze had gotten to her feet, most of the crowd had fled, leaving the nightclub mostly empty. She looked over to see Mona and Lisa standing in the centre of the dance floor, and Lisa was holding Skate in the air by his neck.

Blaze: I would’ve thought you two would’ve found other ways to amuse yourselves by now!

Mona: We did, but the YOU and your toy-boy had to stick your nose in and ruin everything!
Lisa: Do you have any idea just how hard we worked to try and win this contest? This was our one chance to earn some decent money for a change!

Blaze: My heart bleeds! Why don’t you drop the kid, so we can settle this, women to women?

Mona: Only idiots give up their trump cards in a stale mate! You’re going to have to learn that you’re not dealing with the same Mona and Lisa you’ve faced in the past!

Lisa: *Starts to choke Skate* I think this stalemate just became a whitewash!

Blaze couldn’t stand any more, and charged ate Lisa. Anticipating this move, Lisa threw Skate into Blaze’s path. Blaze caught Skate, but was unable to block the aerial kick from Mona, that threw the both of them to the floor. Blaze was momentarily stunned, but quickly shook it off. She checked to see if Skate was alright. He was unconscious, but still breathing. Blaze gently placed him behind an upturned table, out of harms way, then stood to face to twins who were stood next to each other in the centre of the dance floor. They both had a look of utter contempt on their faces.

Blaze started to walk slowly towards the twins, her stride quickly broke into a sprint. She leapt into the air to deliver a downward kick, but the kick missed as Mona dodged backwards and Lisa dodged sideways. Blaze tried a roundhouse kick on Mona, but Mona ducked, leaving Blaze open to a punch from Lisa. Blaze skipped backwards, parrying Lisa’s blows as she did so.

Lisa’s movements were so sloppy, Blaze was able to grab her arm and throw her to the ground with a judo throw. Unfortunately, Lisa was quick enough to use Blaze’s momentum against her and threw her towards her sister at the same time. Mona finished up with a monkey-flip throw, causing Blaze to slam into the ground with a thud!

Lisa: Ha! It’s true that you ARE a great fighter, you may even be a match for either of us one-on-one…
Mona: …But you’re no match for the BOTH of us! You probably don’t want to hear this, but you might want to think about quitting!

Blaze stumbled to her feet, her clothes were slightly torn and blood was trickling from her nose. She was coming to the conclusion that she may not win this fight. Fortunately, she WASN’T going to let them know that!

Blaze: Sorry girls! I have no intention of quitting just yet! I’m having too much fun! *takes a moment to limber up* Ready for round two?

Lisa: Uhhh, sis? Why is she not giving up?

Mona: Shut up!

Lisa: Don’t tell me to shut up!

The twins almost became so distracted that they didn’t realise Blaze bearing down on them. Blaze changed her tactics, choosing to fight them at the same time and switching between the sisters in quick succession. This caused the twins to become frustrated, because it meant neither of them could free themselves up long enough to launch a counterattack. Mona and Lisa started to throw punches and kicks at the same time in the hope that one of them would connect. Blaze was flustered, but quickly turned this to her advantage.

I was becoming harder for the sisters to not hit each other as they tried to hit Blaze. Lisa threw a lightning fast kick that barely missed Blaze, but hit her sister clean in the face, causing her to spiral into a bunch of tables and chairs! Shocked by her own mistake, Lisa rushed to her sister’s aid, only to receive a slap to the face from her twin!

Mona: What the hell do you think you’re doing?! Hit HER not ME!!

Lisa: Well if you weren’t so slow, I wouldn’t have hit you!!

Blaze: Umm, girls?

The two sisters look over to see Blaze dancing again. She really seemed to be dancing to her own tune, and thoroughly enjoying herself, thus causing the sisters to become more flustered and frustrated!

Lisa helped Mona to her feet, then they both charged Blaze, hoping she was too distracted to fight back. Blaze effortlessly dodged their attacks and knocked them both on their asses! Just to make matters worse, she taunted them by wiggling her butt at them!

Blaze: I hope that’s not the bet you two have! If it is, I can’t help but feel sorry for you a little! Too many twins think their similarities are always enough to get them through any problem in life. You need to realise that at the end of the day, you’re both individuals! Separate people with separate personalities! The more you keep relying on each other, the more lost you’ll be when you‘re forced to think for yourselves!

Mona: I’ve just about had enough of your crap!

Lisa: What YOU don’t realise is that the very fact that we’re twins gives us a strength that you’ll NEVER hope to beat!

Mona: I couldn’t have put it better myself sis! You have no idea jus how powerful we can be!

Lisa: I think it’s time to unleash our super finisher, don't you?

Mona: You’re absolutely right! Let’s do it!

Mona leaps into the air towards Blaze and launches an aerial downward kick, while Lisa dashes towards her as well, and launches a low fast corkscrew kick. At the last second, Blaze launches herself between the two sister’s kicks, effortlessly spiralling through the narrow gap! She lands in a sexy crouching pose, while the sisters collide into each other in a clumsy heap on the floor!

Blaze: *standing up* I must admit girls, I’ve had fun, I really have! But now it’s time you the both of you to experience MY super finisher!

Mona & Lisa: Oh CRAP!!

Blaze: SOUL FIRE!!

Blaze launched a lightning blue energy bolt at the hapless sisters. The resulting energy blast smashed them through more tables and chairs, the DJ’s mixing desk, the bar, and then against the wall of the nightclub, lifting them up and through the wall and into the sky beyond. All that was left was a large hole in the side of the nightclub!

Blaze turned round to see Skate standing behind the upturned table she had hid him behind. He appeared unhurt, except for a bruised neck and arm.

Skate: Holy crap Blaze! You really did a number on them, didn’t you?

Blaze: Yeah well, they deserved it. Are you okay?

Skate: A little worse for wear, but I’ll live! I’m just sad that I didn’t get a chance to give those two an ass-kicking myself!

Blaze: Don’t worry! I gave them more of an ass-kicking than the two of us combined!

Skate looked round to see that the entire club was empty.

Skate: Auuhh man! We didn’t get a chance to find who won the competition!

Blaze: Well, there’s always next year! C’mon, let’s head to the hospital. I’m feeling a little sore myself!

Skate: I’m not surprised. Those sisters were really dangerous, weren’t they?

Blaze: They would’ve been more dangerous if they could’ve trusted each other more.

Skate: Huh? I thought that twins had the most amount of trust that any two people could have?

Blaze: That is true, but at the end of the day, they’re still individuals. Two minds, two personalities. Sometimes one is going to want to do something that the other doesn’t want to do. Simple as that.

In a far off ally in the middle of the night, the two sisters carried each other homeward.

Lisa: Do you think she had a point?

Mona: Perhaps. Perhaps it’s time we took some time off from each other?

Lisa: *pauses* I’m not sure that I could cope with you not being around sis. You…complete me.

Mona: I feel the same way Lisa. I feel the exact same way…


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