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Streets of Rage: Love Triangle – Part 6!

It was suggested to me that this time I focus on some of the other characters in the Streets of Rage universe, so I decided to write about Shiva and the other thugs that are as much a part of SOR as the main characters.

I wrote with a more serious tone this time, with a more dramatic action sequence, and a more thought provoking interaction between Blaze & Shiva. Probably some of my best work to date. With a little bit of smut thrown in for good measure! (well I have to keep things interesting, don't I? ~_^;)

You know the drill. No under 15s, no haters of smut, don't like, don't read on. Blah blah blah..... -_-

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle – Part 6!

Shiva used to be the right hand man of Mr X. He was always used as the trump card in any situation that needed a problem solver. Shiva would use his cold, efficient killing techniques to eliminate anyone who was stupid enough to stand in Mr X’s way. Unfortunately, all that changed the day he met Blaze Fielding and her team of ex-police officers. Her team foiled Mr X’s plans on no less that three occasions (there might’ve been more, but that’s not important right now!)

These days, Shiva is living in a pokey rented apartment with the majority of his work associates. There are no less than 11 people living in the same apartment: Bald-headed muscle thug Donovan, knife fanatic Garcia, Sporty punk Zack, Goldie the coward, Signal the waster, Suzy the wanna-be, dominatrix Elektra, the twins Mona & Lisa, and just to make matters worse, the guy that keeps emptying the refrigerator, Big Ben. Shiva makes the 11th. Sufficed to say, the gang had fallen on hard times. REALLY hard times.

Shiva was on the roof meditating, trying to clear his mind of random thoughts. He was interrupted by the loud shouting coming from directly below. It was Donovan and Garcia.

Donovan: How many times have I told you NOT to sit on my glasses you idiot?!

Garcia: Well if you didn’t keep leaving it all over the place, people wouldn’t keep sitting on it, WOULD THEY?!

Donovan: Well I shouldn’t have to worry about people sitting on my sunglasses if SOME people were more considerate of other people’s STUFF!
*Donovan raises his broken sunglasses*
You’re gonna have to pay for this!

Garcia: You’re dreaming if you think I’m going to pay for those! I haven’t even got any money right now!

Donovan: Well I don’t care! Somebody is going to pay for these, or I’m gonna get nasty!

Zack: Will you two SHUT THE HELL UP!

Donovan & Garcia: YOU SHUT UP!

Shiva couldn’t believe what he was hearing! Arguing over a stupid pair of sunglasses! Shiva got up and went inside. When he got in through the door, Donovan and Garcia were at each other’s throats. Zack was desperately trying to break the two of them up. Shiva couldn’t see where Suzy, Elektra or Signal was, but Mona & Lisa, Goldie and Big Ben were watching TV, utterly oblivious to what was going on around them.
Shiva was annoyed that the others hadn’t lifted a finger to deal with the situation, and decided to step in.

Shiva: If you two don’t settle down, I promise I will break those stupid sunglasses in half, and shove each half so far up your asses, by the time they come out again, you’ll both be eating solid food with a straw. Because I will have shoved your teeth down your throats! Got it?!

Zack: Wait a minute, that doesn’t make any sense Shiva! How can you…*looks at Shiva staring at him* ….uh, never mind. I’m good
Garcia: Yeah, me too.
Donovan: Uh, it’s not really that important anyway…

With that settled, Shiva went back onto the roof to continue meditating. Unfortunately, no sooner had he sat down and crosses his legs, another argument broke out. This time, Shiva wasted no time heading inside and down the stairs.


Mona, Goldie, Lisa & Big Ben: SSHHHHH!!!

Zack: Umm, it’s not us dude. Check the bathroom.

Donovan: I think it’s Suzy and Elektra.

Garcia: They’re in the bathroom.

Shiva cursed under his breath, and walked towards the bathroom.

When he got there, Suzy and Elektra were fighting over a slutty, PVC skirt.

Elektra: You keep your greasy mitts off of my skirt!

Suzy: YOUR skirt? As I recall, you said you didn’t want it any more because it was no longer in fashion!

Elektra: Well it just came BACK in fashion again! Besides, I don’t want your fat ass stretching the fabric!

Suzy: FAT ASS?! Your OLDER than me! I’m surprised you’re able to fit into ANY of your old clothes!

Elektra: Get OFF!!

Suzy: No, YOU GET OFF!!


The girls stopped for a moment and looked at Shiva.

Suzy: Ah, Shiva! Great timing! Who do you think deserves the skirt?

Shiva: Are you kidding me?! I don’t care about the stupid slutty skirt! I just want some peace and quiet!

Elektra: See? The skirt is slutty, which is something a young girl your age shouldn’t be wearing, so give it back!

Suzy: I’m 26! Hand it over you old bag!

Elektra: OLD BAG?! How DARE YOU!!

Shiva: THAT’S IT!!

Shiva grabbed the skirt from both of them, and promptly ripped it in half! He handed each girl a half of the skirt.

Shiva: There! Happy now?

Elektra: You IDIOT!! What have you done?! That dress cost me a fortune!

Suzy: What the hell am I supposed to wear for my date now?!

Shiva: Consider yourselves lucky! I could’ve done something much worse! Now keep the noise DOWN!!

Shiva walks off, leaving the two girls staring their half of ripped skirt. They both looked like they were about to cry.

As Shiva came back into the living room, a news report was running on the news to do with the steady drop in crime levels around the city.

Lisa: Can you believe this crap? They’re only saying that stuff because we’re not on the streets anymore! What total bull!

Mona: It’s only now that you realise that?

Lisa: Nuh-uuh! It’s just that without Mr X, we lack a leader to organise us!

Mona: The brains to our brawn?

Lisa: Exactly! What we need is a new leader!

Donovan: I’ll do it.

Lisa: Don’t be stupid! We need a leader that we all RESPECT and ADMIRE!

Donovan: What? Are you saying you don’t respect me?

Garcia: Wouldn’t be the first time! Don’t you remember Lisa turned you down when you asked her out last week?

Donovan: Shut…the hell….UP!!

Zack: What about Shiva?

At that moment, everyone in the room looked at Shiva.

Shiva: Forget it. Not interested.

Lisa: Why not?

Shiva: To be a powerful leader, you need money. Right now none of us have barely two coins to rub together. I work better alone, and quite frankly, you idiots are too stupid to follow even the simplest of instructions anyway.

Shiva got a cold reception from that comment, and everyone rose to their feet. Even Elektra and Suzy rushed into the room after they overheard what Shiva said.

Donovan: What the hell?

Garcia: You better watch your mouth Shiva.

Shiva: Oooooohhhh! Looks like I ruffled some feathers! Don’t make me laugh!

Big Ben: That’s below the belt man! If you want an ass-whupping, you’re going the right way about it!

Shiva: Heh! I guess some people just can’t handle the truth!

Goldie: W-we aren’t the only ones to blame here!

Shiva: Really? Do you ever remember a time when you DIDN’T go down in one punch to Axel Stone and his cronies? Think hard now, I know you can do it!

Lisa: The last thing you wanna do is piss us all off at the same time!

Shiva: C’mon. Like I have any reason to be scared of all of you chumps!

Mona: I suggest you listen to my sister’s advice! You may be the best fighter out of all of us, but I doubt even YOU could cope with all of us at the SAME time!

Shiva: Pfft. Fine. I’ll leave you all to lick your wounds a while. I’m going out to get some fresh air. Just follow me outside if you want an ass-kicking.

*Shiva walks out*

Suzy: Damn it! That guy can be such a jackass!

Goldie: Well, he kinda had a point though.

*Everyone glares at Goldie*

Goldie: Ahhh! ……..I’ll shut up now.

As Shiva exited the front door, Signal was just coming back from his errands.

Signal: S’up Shiva.

Shiva: I’d probably leave it for a couple of hours, if I were you.
*walks off*

Signal: Huh? Shiva? What happened just now?

Shiva was in such a bad mood, he wasn’t paying too much attention to where he was going. Before he knew it, he was on the other side of the city, far from the slums he had just come from. Everything looked a lot nicer on the streets, cleaner. There were no smashed windows or burned out cars, only the good citizens of the city. Shiva thought to himself that maybe it was better this way. Shiva never liked to think that everybody’s life was controlled by politicians and bureaucrats, but if it meant that people could walk the streets without fear, maybe order should rule over chaos, at least for a little while.

Shiva walked down the side streets, curious to see how others lived, when he spotted a familiar figure walking towards him. With beautifully long brunette hair, leather jacket, fingerless gloves, a small handbag, elegantly toned legs and trainers, he knew it could be none other than Blaze Fielding!

She was looking for something inside her handbag, utterly oblivious to what was going on around her. Shiva took his chance, and stood directly in her path. She bumped right into him, and dropped her bag.

Blaze: Oh! I’m so SORRY! I wasn’t watching were I was going! Are you alright?

Shiva: I’m fine. Long time no see, Miss Blaze!

The expression on Blaze’s face shifted from confusion to surprise, and then anger.

Blaze: Shiva?! What the hell are you doing here!

Shiva: I’m glad you finally recognised who I am! How long has it been now?

Blaze: A little over a year and a half. I hope you’re not looking for an ass kicking, because I’m late for an appointment right now. Can we do this later?

Shiva: Straight to the point! I like that in a woman!

Blaze: I suppose I’m not going to get off that easily, am I?

Shiva: Well, I was just taking a walk to try and improve my mood, but a good sparing session just might do that for me! Do you mind?

Blaze: Fine, looks like I’m gonna be late anyway! A few more minutes won’t hurt much. *Takes her jacket off* How about that basketball court?

Shiva: Now I’m motivated! I’m REALLY looking forward to this!

Shiva and Blaze move over to the abandoned basketball court. Shiva ushers Blaze to go in first by bowing in a chivalric, knights of the round kind of way. Blaze moves over to the far side of the court, places her jacket and bag in the corner, then proceeds to do some stretching exercises to limber up for the fight. Shiva also does some stretching, to loosen his muscles. He flicks out some lightning quick punches and kicks, while Blaze starts rotating her arms while cricking her neck, then squats down to do some leg splits. The both take about 2 minutes to limber up in preparation for their fight.

Blaze: Before we start, I’ll tell right now, that you had better not hold back because I’m a woman, got it?

Shiva: Wouldn’t have it any other way! Are you ready?

Blaze: Yep.

Shiva: Then I’ll BEGIN!!

Shiva dashes towards Blaze at high speed. To the untrained eye, it looked like he wasn’t even touching the floor. Blaze stood ready with her arms up to absorb the first punch. Shiva then launched into a flurry of punches and kicks. Blaze was totally composed in her actions, blocking and dodging his blows like they were no big deal. She finished up by blocking a straight punch by Shiva, holding him in place. Shiva tried to apply more pressure to push her back, but as he did, Blaze moved with the push, then counter-attacked with an elbow to his stomach.

Shiva stumbled backwards, clutching his gut from the pain.

Blaze: I thought you said you weren’t going to hold back. This had better not be your best Shiva!

Shiva grimaced for a moment, then smiled.

Shiva: I apologise! I should’ve realised that you would’ve improved since the last time we met!

Blaze: Geez! Don’t make me regret missing my appointment by wasting my time not fighting at your best!

*Shiva starts to laugh*

Shiva: This is incredible! It’s been a VERY long time since someone has made sport of my fighting ability!

Shiva launches another attack. Blaze goes to intercept, but she is knocked off her feet by a lightning upward kick from Shiva. She slides backward, but stays on her feet, then wipes a small trickle of blood from the corner of her mouth.

Blaze: I’d forgotten just how quick you can be Shiva!

Shiva: I’m glad my high standards meet your approval!

This time, Blaze charges in first. The two exchange punches for a moment, then the fight turns into a kicking match, with their legs moving like coloured blurs. Shiva lunges at Blaze again with another upward kick, but this time Blaze leaps high enough to land on his foot as it comes up. As he follows through, Blaze flips backwards from the kick, and uses the momentum to get high in the air. As Shiva recovers from his kick, he is left totally defenceless as Blaze flies towards him with a diving straight kick! The force of the kick forces Shiva to the ground, sliding backwards until he hits the wall behind him, while Blaze gracefully touches down and is again in a ready stance!

It takes Shiva a couple of minutes to compose himself enough to get up again, and dust himself off. Still sore from the kick, he massages his jaw, then spits out a loose tooth.

Shiva: Heh! I must…heh…make sure…not to….heh…use the same attack twice!

Blaze: Well, look who’s still on his feet! I know you’re probably gonna hate me for saying this, but I’m just going to come out and say it anyway: Do you want to quit?

Shiva: *Limbering up* This is the best fight I’ve had in a very long time! There is ABSOLUTELY no way that I can walk away from this now! If you just give me a moment, I’d be more than happy to continue!

Blaze: Fine. *mumbles to herself* Geez, this guy really needs to get out more! HELLO? Ever heard of a social life?

After Shiva felt he was ready, he charged again. This time however, he used his attacks to disguise the fact that he was trying to get close enough to grab Blaze. Each time he laid a hand on her clothes, Blaze batted his hand away. This tactic also fooled Blaze enough for him to be able to get behind her and put her in a Full Nelson hold. At first, Blaze tried to head-butt backwards, but Shiva dodged it. She then tried to kick behind her, but Shiva was able to dodge these attacks as well. Finally, she tried to use brute strength to power out from his hold, but even that proved useless due to Shiva’s superior upper body strength! Shiva made sure that he dodged any attack Blaze launched at him in order to get free. He was certain he could hold her on place long enough to finish her off, then leaned backwards into a Suplex throw.

This was the opportunity Blaze needed! Sensing what Shiva was about to do, she threw herself into the throw. This caused Shiva’s grip to slip just enough for Blaze to absorb the impact into her legs as she landed. Even though Shiva was still holding on to her, he could stop her as she propelled the both of them into the air again!

Using her amazing leg strength, she span herself out of Shiva’s grip and then threw a few punches at Shiva’s stomach and then pushed off of his body like it was an aerial platform! The force of the kick off propelled Shiva straight into the ground, leaving a crater-shaped hole on the basketball floor! Blaze once again effortlessly pirouetted through the air and landed in a crouched position, then rose back into her ready stance.

Shiva was in no shape to continue, and he knew it! He was badly bruised, and his clothes were all ripped. He didn’t want to quit, but it seemed he had already reached his limit, where as Blaze looked ready to go one more round! Things were becoming desperate, and Shiva was at the stage where he was considering using a dirty trick to get the upper hand, after all, he wasn’t exactly a good guy was he? As Blaze started to approach him, Shiva grabbed a handful of dirt from the ground.

Blaze: I think you’ve had enough, don’t you? *reaches to help him up*

Shiva: I’ll tell you when I’ve had enough!!

Shiva blew the dirt into Blaze’s eyes! She was momentarily blinded, unable to defend herself. As she staggered backwards, Shiva leapt to his feet and charged her again. Blow after blow connected, sending Blaze backwards even further. He finished up with a gut punch that utterly floored Blaze, causing her to writhe in agony.

Shiva moved in for the kill! Climbed on top of her, pinning her to the floor. He pulled his hand backwards and formed it on the shape of a point. This was it! He had finally defeated Blaze Fielding! But those thoughts of triumph quickly turned to something else.

As he looked down at her, he couldn’t help but notice that her clothes were ripped from their fight, exposing her well toned vulnerable body. Sweat was dripping all over her, some was running down from her neck to between the crevice between her breasts! He looked down further to see that her tight red miniskirt was also torn, exposing her frilly panties!

Shiva could barely believe what was happening to him! Instead of delivering the killer blow, his emotions were confusing him, making him lust over the body of this woman! What’s more, this woman had bested him at every turn, but he just didn’t seem to care anymore. She was clearly more powerful than he was, but his desire for revenge was quelled by his desire to want her!

Blaze had recovered just in time to see Shiva knelt over her body, ready to strike, but not doing anything.

Blaze: Huh? W-what are you doing? Are you going to finish me off or not?

Shiva was shaken out of his lustful daze by Blaze’s words, and then looked like he was going to strike again. Moments passed, but still nothing happened. Blaze looked into Shiva’s eyes, but instead of blind rage, all she saw was admiration and desire.

Shiva eventually lowered his hand. He then move closer until he was right on top of Blaze. He could feel her ample bosom pressing against his chest. He could feel her pounding heartbeat fall into sync with his.

Blaze: What happened, Shiva? A while ago, you wanted to kill me. Did you lose your nerve?

Shiva: I just realised, right now, more than anything in the world that I want to kiss you! Might I be so bold?

Blaze: …..You might.

Shiva moved closer, their lips were about to touch…

WHAM!! Shiva winces from the pain as Blaze knees him in his crotch! Blaze proceeds to roll Shiva off of her body and gets up off the floor. She dusts herself off, then as Shiva rolls onto his back, shoves the side of her shoe under his chin, choking him.

Blaze: Stand down.

Unable to move, and slowly feeling himself become light-headed from lack of oxygen, Shiva goes limp to signify that he would no longer fight. The look he gives Blaze says clearly “You win, I give up”.

Blaze removes her foot from Shiva’s throat. She then goes to pick up her jacket and handbag. As she leaves the basketball court, she hears Shiva calling out to her.

Shiva: W-wait! Blaze! Please!

Blaze: *turns around* What the hell do you want now?!

Shiva: It’s just that, I wanted to say “thank you”. That fight has opened my eyes to new possibilities. I doubt, I’ll never have a fight like that with anyone else!

Blaze: So? Are you saying you want another rematch? Geez! You just don’t give up, do you?

Shiva: Indeed! You can pick the time and the place, I don’t care. I just want to see your magnificent body in action again!

Blaze: You’re a real pervert, do you know that? You must really enjoy getting your ass kicked by a woman! Why else would you stop dead when you had the chance to kill me! *looks at herself* AND you ruined my clothes to boot!

Shiva rose to his feet, but due to fatigue, he could barely keep himself from toppling over again. After a moment, Blaze said:

Blaze: On one condition.

Shiva: Name it.

Blaze: No cheating.

Shiva: Deal.

Blaze: Oh, one other thing. You have to pay for the damage you did to my clothes!

Shiva: Well, I don’t have much money at the moment, but I promise.

Blaze: Fine. Let’s meet up again in a week. See ya! *starts to walk off*

Shiva: Wait! How will I contact you?

Blaze: Don’t worry! I’ll find you!

All Shiva could do was watch Blaze’s hips sway from side to side as she walked away, and wonder what lay in store for him in the future!


A week later, Shiva was about ready for his rematch with Blaze. It was the middle of the night, and the rest of the gang were fast asleep. As he left, he was confronted by two dark figures blocking the door. It was the twin sisters, Mona and Lisa.

Lisa: And WHERE do you think YOU’RE going?

Shiva: I haven’t got time for this, you two. Move.

Mona: Or what? You’re going to thrash us? I would sincerely love you to try!

Lisa: You’re not going anywhere! Let’s do it sis!

Thinking their usual tag team antics would work, they charge towards Shiva. Shiva effortless moves through them, and heads towards the door. Lisa spots this, and tries to head him off, but Shiva is too quick for her. He stuns her with a blow to the side of her neck and holds her hostage.

Shiva: I don’t want to hurt either of you, Stand down.

Mona: After you just hit my sister? Not a chance!

Mona charges again. This time, Shiva throws Lisa into her path, knocking them both to the floor.

Shiva: Please understand. I’m not trying to betray any of you. It’s just that there is someone that I have to fight.

Lisa: Who is it? You can’t possibly do it by yourself, so let us help you!

Shiva: I thank you for offering to help me, but this is something that I have to do on my own.
Mona looks into Shiva’s eyes, and then everything starts to make sense.

Mona: You’re in love with her, aren’t you?

Shiva: Heh! The more I think about it, the more I believe that is the case! I’ve never met anyone like her in my entire life!

Mona: Then go for it!

Lisa: Sis?

Mona: And don’t come back until you’ve won her heart!

Shiva: I’ll try! See you guys later. *walks out the door*

Lisa: Sis? Do you know who he’s talking about?

Mona: Perhaps…

Lisa: Then tell me!

Mona: Maybe later. I’m going to bed. Coming?

Lisa: Auuhh! You’ve got to tell me who it is sis! The suspense is killing me!

The sun was just coming up as Shiva was walking towards the place Blaze had told him to go. His thoughts were filled with images of Blaze, her perfect fighting form, and her magnificent breasts and ass! He could hardly contain his excitement at the prospect of getting to see and fight Blaze Fielding one more time!

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