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Streets of Rage: Love Triangle – Part 5!

I just get worse and worse! You can just tell I ain't getting any, can't ya! ¬_¬
Originally, someone on the Gamefaqs forum suggested I write a intimate liason between Blaze and Max, and the ideas just flowed from my brain onto the screen!

I liked the fact that I played the big burly brute that is Max as a more gentle and caring kinda guy. It's almost as if he's tuneing into his feminine side!

And it seems like Axel is finally gonna get the hint that Blaze isn't interested in him any more!


Streets of Rage: Love Triangle – Part 5!

Max was working out at the gym as usual, when Blaze arrives. Max is slightly surprised and caught off guard by the fact that she had shown up. Max had always had a thing for Blaze, but never did anything about it, mainly because of Axel and Adam. Above all else, he considered himself to be a gentleman.

Blaze: Hi Max. How’s things?

Max: Hey Blaze! I didn’t know you worked out here as well!

Blaze: Well, a girl’s gotta keep figure! Anyway, you more than anyone should know how important it is to keep the blade sharp!

Max: You’re right. I’m pretty sure that if I stopped training for a week, I’d be more than a little off my game.

Blaze: Too true. Uhh, Max? Is it alright to train with you for a bit?

Max: S-s-sure! I sometimes get lonely when I’m training by myself, I’d be glad of the company!

The two friends start warming up, before moving onto light weights with high reps, then onto a couple of machines. As Blaze was working out, Max couldn’t help but watch Blaze as she worked out. Her body was glistening with fresh sweat. Max watched one bead flow down from her neck to the crevice between her breasts.

Blaze: You ok? Your pace seems to have slowed a little.

Max: Ahhh, it’s nothing. I just got a little distracted, that’s all. Shall we move onto something more intense?

Blaze: What do you have in mind?

They move over to a bench with some “not so heavy” weights on them. Max fiddles around with the weights until he thinks they are just right, then beckons to Blaze.

Max: Try it out. I’ll spot you.

Blaze: You sure I can handle it?

Max: Don’t worry! I’ll bail you out if you get in trouble!

Blaze lays down onto the bench and readies herself as Max lowers the weights into her hands. She has little trouble lifting the weights, and starts bringing it down to her chest, then up again.

Max keeps his hands near the bar, ready to snatch it if Blaze got into any trouble. Ironically, this position also gives Max a perfect view of Blaze’s breasts. His eyes observe poetry in motion, as her heavenly mounds get squashed by the bar, and bounce back into shape as it is lifted.

Blaze concentrates on keeping a steady rhythm as she powers the weights away from her body. She can feel the muscles in her whole body tense up as she fights against gravity. Unexpectedly, her attention was distracted by the very large bulge protruding from Max’s skintight speedos!

Blaze’s heart skipped a beat, and she almost dropped the weights onto herself. Max managed to step in at the last second, and pulled the weights back onto the handles.

Max: Blaze! Are you all right? What happened?

Blaze: I-I’m fine, I just got a little distracted by your “package” for a moment!

Max: My……package?

Blaze: I think you KNOW what I’m talking about! *Wink*

(Max’s face goes red, if that’s even possible?)

Max: I-I’m SO SORRY! I didn’t mean to, I mean it wasn’t my intention to, I mean…

Blaze: Don’t worry about it. To be honest, I’m quite flattered actually! I mean, a big strong guy like you must get LOTS of offers from young, fit, attractive girls in the gym, right?

(scratching the back of his head) Max: Well yeah, but it’s not like anything’s gonna happen. It may not look it, but I’m hopeless when it comes to women!(laughs)

Blaze: I don’t think you’re being truthful to yourself Max.

Max: Truthful?

Blaze: Yes. You are a man after all, and as a man, I’m sure that you have certain needs and desires, don’t you? (Moves closer)

Max: Well, sure. It’s not like I don’t like women, it’s just that I keep getting the impression that just because I’m big and muscle-y, they think I’m as thick as the local phone book! It’s a bigger problem than you’d think!

Blaze: Well I’ve known you for quite a while, and I know that you are an intelligent, sensitive, passionate and loyal kinda guy. I’m amazed that you haven’t found a good woman to spend your free time with by now!

Max: Thanks Blaze, your positive comments mean a lot to me.

Blaze: Think nothing of it… *moves closer*

The two friends stare into each others eyes for what seemed like an eternity. Max’s mind is racing, wondering which one of them was going to make the first move. Then Blaze’s hand reaches towards his face to pull him closer, the distance their lips becomes smaller and smaller….


Max and Blaze jump to their feet, fearing that they were under attack from some random thugs that had wandered into the gym to cause trouble.

????: You thought you could get away without me noticing, didn’t you? Well THINK AGAIN!

Max: That voice sounds kinda familiar…

Blaze: Axel?

Max and Blaze looked down to see a pair of angry eyes staring up at them from a vent in the floor. The grate opened up to reveal a dust and grime covered Axel, climbing up out of the vent, and looking VERY angry!

Axel: I’m VERY disappointed with you Max! I thought I could trust you dude! How could you stab me in the back like that?!

Max: Wha? Just hold on there a second! I….WE haven’t done anything! We’re just friends! You more than anyone should know that I’m not the kind of guy who betrays his friends!

Axel: Whatever! Your actions have clearly shown what kind of a guy YOU are! As far as I’m concerned, you’ve crossed the line! I’d expect this kind of crap from Adam, but I thought better of you!

Max: You know what? I REALLY don’t have to put up with this. I’ll see you both later, I’m going to go have a shower to wash the bitter taste out of my mouth! *Walks off*

Axel: What the? Get back here! I’m not done with you yet! MAX!!

At this point, Axel is totally oblivious to the smouldering fury that is Blaze Fielding.

Axel: I hope you can see the kind of guys I have to protect you from Blaze! These guys only have one thing on their minds! You just can’t trust ‘em Blaze! Blaze?

Blaze: You JERK!! It seems like no matter how many times I tell you, you just can’t take a hint! I’m not yours! I NEVER will be! We’re no longer together! It’s OVER! Stop following me! It’s weird and creepy! If you persist, I may have to call in a few favours down at the station to have you restrained!

Axel: Now I know you don’t mean that! You and me have a history! You can’t just say that thing between us is just going to go away just like that! I refuse to believe it! You’re mine! You always will be, and there’s nothing that anyone else can do abou…

His sentence was cut short by a thundering super-kick by Blaze, that threw him through the air into the nearest wall. As he stumbled to his feet, he was pinned in place by a flurry of blows by Blaze! She wasn’t holding back anymore, and unleashed the full gamut of he fury! Just when Axel thought it couldn’t get any worse, Blaze finished up with her finishing move. As she leaned back, lightning blue energy appeared in her hands. She lunged forward, shoving the energy into Axel’s chest!


The impact was so great, it sent Axel through the wall he’d been standing against. His entire body was wracked with pain as the energy travelled though his entire body. Moments passed, then Axel slowly rose to his feet to see that Blaze had disappeared. His t-shirt was ripped and smoking from the blast, and there was a star shaped burn mark on his chest.

????: Man, you don’t look so good Axel! You okay?

Axel looked up to his right to see Adam and his little bro Skate on a couple of treadmills. Adam stepped off and walked towards Axel. Skate chuckles to himself.

Adam: What happened just now?

Axel: I’m not sure, but I think it’s finally over between me and Blaze. I-I just can’t believe it… *tears start to run down his cheeks*

Adam: Sorry to tell you this man, but she’s been telling you that for some time. I’m just surprised you’ve ignored her this long!

Axel: Well, I guess in some small way I already knew it was over. I just didn’t want to admit it to myself.

Adam: Do you want to go to the hospital? You look pretty torn up.

Axel: Nah, I just need a nice strong drink.

Adam: Sounds good. Mind if I come?

Axel: The more the merrier. Let’s go.

Skate: Cool! I’ll have a Bud.

Adam: You’ll have Lemonade. And you’ll like it.


Meanwhile, Max was in the showers trying to cool his head. He’d been totally flustered by Axel’s comments. He was unsure as to what to do next, or how his relationship with the others would turn out.

He also wondered about Blaze. “Did she really like him?” “How far would she have gone?” “How supple are her breasts?” It wouldn’t take too long to find out, as someone pulled back the shower curtain!

Blaze: There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you!

Max: Wahhhhh! Blaze! I’m naked in the shower! D-Do you think there’s a chance you could come back later?

Blaze: Oh c’mon Max! Don’t tell me you’re scared off an attractive young woman seeing you naked in the shower, are you?

Max: *shakes head* You’re crazy, do you know that? What if someone were to walk in on us? We’d probably be kicked out of the gym permanently!

Blaze: Makes it more exciting, doesn’t it? *starts to strip down* I’m feeling a bit sweaty, so I think I’ll join you!

Max: You’re totally crazy! I don’t think I’ve ever seen this side of you before. Are you alright?

Blaze: *steps into shower* shouldn’t I be asking you the same question? Those things Axel said…

Max: It’s alright Blaze. I probably deserved them. Considering how it all looked, I can understand why he was so upset.

Blaze: Stop right there Max! It’s not your fault that Axel has been acting like a selfish, possessive jerk these past few months. He’s the one that needs to grow up.

Max: So does that mean that there is nothing going on between you and Axel?

Blaze: There’s been nothing going on between us for about 2 years now! The idiot just hasn’t gotten the hint yet! I tried to be firm but fair, but that didn’t work. Just now, I resorted to what even I consider extreme measures!

Max: Really? Is he okay?

Blaze: Yeh, but he’s gonna have a few bruises for a while!

Max: Ha! I should’ve stuck around to see that!

*They both laugh*

Max: So…right now, here we are, in the men’s shower, together, naked.

Blaze: Well, what do you want to do? Be honest now, because if you lie, I might as well just get out right now!

Max: I-I-I…….I want you. I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anybody…ever! I want to touch your soft skin, I want to run my fingers through your hair, I want to be able to wake up with you tomorrow morning! I-It’s just…

Blaze: You were right when you said that there was noting going on between us. You’re worried how others will see this side of you. You’re worried they won’t trust you any more, right?

*Max looks away*

Blaze: Look at me! If anyone, and I mean ANYONE gives you trouble about us, they have to answer to me, got it?

Max: Blaze…

Blaze: Now shut up and kiss me, you big oaf!

Max: Hey! That hurt!

Blaze: Just kidding!

And with that, the two friends decided to consummate their relationship. Things became VERY steamy indeed!


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