Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle - Part 4!

Part 4! A slight departure from the previous formats, in that only Blaze appears with another special guest! Street Fighter fans rejoice!

The smut rating is especially relevant here, so if you're under 15 or don't like smut in any form DON'T READ IT! I will not tollerate any idiot that doesn't pay attention to my warnings!

(sorry if that sounded a little harsh, but there are some people that no matter how many times you tell them, just don't listen! >_<)

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle - Part 4!

Blaze was heading home from her office after a slow day. She was pretty tired from trying to keep up with her paperwork AND trying to keep the motley crew of Axel, Adam, Skate and Max under control (Zan is not in this story because he sucks).She was walking past an alley when she heard a scuffle and a woman cry out. Instinctively, Blaze charged in to render assistance to the hapless victim. The 3 punks that were trying to steal an old woman's hand bag were quickly dispatched, but not by Blaze. No sooner had Blaze reached the commotion, another mysterious woman in a blue Chinese combat dress with yellow stripes leapt in and with lightning kicks trounced the 3 effortlessly.

Blaze: Are you alright?

Old Woman: I-I think so, I’m just a little shaken that’s all.

??? Woman: Are you two ok?

Blaze: I’m fine, but she’s a little shaken up. Those were some fancy moves you’ve got there!

??? Woman: Thanks. I train every day to hone my skills, but I always jump at the chance to improve my skills in actual combat. The name’s Chun Li Zang. Nice to meet you…

Blaze: Blaze Fielding. I’m a Private Investigator in this city, but I also enjoy any opportunity to bust a couple of heads together!

Chun Li: That’s just as well …coz looks like we’re gonna be busy for a while!

Just then, a whole bunch of punks poured into the alley.

PunkA: Is that them?

PunkB: Yeah. Don’t go easy on them just coz they’re girls! They’re pretty tough!

PunkA: You kidding me?

PunkC: I like the Chinese one, she looks cute!

PunkA and B: SHUT UP!

Blaze: Things are about to get ugly! I suggest you make your way home as quickly as you can!

Old Woman: Ok. Take care both of you!

Chun Li: Don’t worry about us! We’re about to punish these guys for not respecting their elders!

Blaze: Right!

The air became alive with the yells and screams of combat. One after another, the punks were despatched by the two plucky warrior-ettes. Chun Li favoured using her muscular legs and aerial moves to stun the enemy. Blaze favoured street fighting, combined with her Judo background to confuse, and throw the hapless chumps off balance.

After about 2 and a half minutes, the battle seemed to be coming to a close. The thugs lay on the ground, clutching their wounds and moaning. The two women stood back to back, their arms still raised in their respective stances, ready for more.

PunkB: Y-You’ve REALLY done it now!

PunkA: H-He’s right! Now you’re both gonna have to go up against our boss! He’s gonna rip you both to shreds!

PunkA: Say your prayers, Biaches!
Blaze: Boss? How tough could THEIR boss possibly be?

Chun Li: From the looks of him, pretty tough!

A dark silhouette slowly walked towards the two women. The man was tall, and very big.

Boss: I see you two girls have been giving my boys a lot of trouble. Very impressive.

You could tell their boss kept himself in shape, because he had a monster 6-pack. He looked like he came right out of “Fist of the North Star”.

Boss: Unfortunately, I’m afraid I’m going to have to end your little fun and games.

Blaze: You think it’s alright for your BOYS to pick on an innocent old woman?

Boss: We don’t have to explain ourselves to you. People who live in this city should realise that we own the streets, and everything on them!

Chun Li: You’re probably gonna have a hard time explaining that to a judge, after I break your jaw!

Boss: Ooooooh! I’m SOOOoooo scared! Anyone ever told you, you talk too much?

Chun Li: At Interpol, we eat guys like you for breakfast!

Blaze: You’re from Interpol?

Chun Li: I guess I forgot to mention that, didn’t I!


Boss had managed to grab Chun Li by her neck. His large hands were so securely fastened, she couldn’t move an inch!

Boss: You lowered your guard! Girls shouldn’t play warrior coz their likely to get hurt!

Blaze: Tell that to my feet!

Despite his size, Boss was easily able to toss Chun Li in the way of Blaze and then throw a kick that made them tumble to the ground.

Chun Li: Oww! That guy is pretty quick for his size!

Blaze: Ugggh! I know! I may have a plan though.

Chun Li: A plan? I suppose you want ME to act as a decoy!

Blaze: Well you know what they say, great minds think alike! On 3!

Chun Li: Ok then, 3!

They both charged Boss, Chun Li high, Blaze low. There were several glancing blows dealt, and Boss appeared to have no weak spots. Chun Li then lunged forward again, this time with an attack that planted her crotch directly in his face! With Boss distracted for a split second, Blaze grabbed him around his waist! He tried to break free, but Blaze had a vice-like grip!

Boss: Still wanna play?!

Blaze: Sure! Just don’t hit your head on the way down!

With all her strength, Blaze launched into a huge German Suplex, planting Boss’s head firmly into the concrete below! It looked like it was over, but Blaze hadn’t let go. She muscled the leader of the thugs to his feet, only to throw him into ANOTHER German Suplex! At this point, Boss was in no shape to continue, but Blaze STILL HADN’T LET GO!

The hapless Boss was once again wrestled to his feet one last time, and with one last burst of strength, Blaze hurled the colossus skyward! As he flew through the air, his face was met by a corkscrew-like kick from Chun Li. His unconscious body slammed into the ground with such momentum, the ground was torn up as he slid through the alley, across the street, and into a nearby café.

Jaws fell open, and eyes popped out of their sockets as the remaining gang members looked on in disbelief at what had been their Boss. They then looked at the two women. They looked exhausted, but the looks in their eyes gave the impression that they were hungry for more. The thugs slowly retreated from the alley towards what was left of their boss. Some just ran away as fast as their legs could carry them.

After it seemed like all the punks had left, the two women shuffled to the nearest wall and slumped together beside it.

Blaze: You look pretty banged up; your clothes are all ripped!

Chun Li: You don’t look too hot yourself! Let’s just say that your clothes have probably seen better days!

Blaze looks down at her clothes to see there wasn’t much left.

Blaze: Those punks really did a number on us, didn’t they?

Chun Li: Yea, but we certainly held our own, didn’t we? I mean that Triple Suplex was amazing!

Blaze: Just something I picked up from a friend. Nice job distracting him like that! I don’t think I could’ve pulled THAT off as well as you did!

Chun Li: Two things I’ve learned in all the fights I’ve ever been in. First, you’ve got to train your WHOLE body for combat. Second, men are suckers for a little fanservice!

Blaze: We made a pretty good team, didn’t we, Miss “Interpol operative”Chun Li Zang?

Chun Li: Yes we did, Miss “Private Investigator” Blaze Fielding!

And with that, the two women looked into each others eyes for what seemed like forever. The passion they had shared in combat began to flourish, and they embraced each other in a kiss that neither of them wanted to end.


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