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Final Fantasy VII Vs Devil May Cry Crossover! Part 2 - Dante Sparda Vs Tifa Lockheart!

Originally I was going to write a fanfiction battle between Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy 7) & Dante Sparda (Devil May Cry), with Cloud protecting Tifa from Dante. The silly thing is, I got so wraped up with the idea of Dante and Tifa that I had the idea of writing the second part of the story first, then later on the first half later. It might work, it might not, only time will tell! Enjoy!

Tifa: Of all the places a girl could find herself! I’ve gotta say, this looks bad. VERY bad!

In the resulting flash of light that had engulfed Cloud, Tifa and Dante, Tifa found herself alone in the middle of an old town that looked similar in style to Kalm. It was dark outside, save for a full moon beaming down from above. The fact that not a sound could be heard gave Tifa the impression that the town had been abandoned recently. As Tifa walked around, she cried out for Cloud, hoping that he could somehow hear her and come running.

After walking about the abandoned streets for what seemed like hours, Tifa decided to give up on searching for anyone and consolidate her position. She decided to head to the nearby church, situated in the middle of the city.

At first, the huge door wouldn’t budge, but a quick tap to its rusted hinges made things much easier. Tifa could see that the church was not that large, but the supports reached very high into the ceiling. Right at the back was the altar, and an elaborate stained-glass window beyond. She could see the moon light shining through the glass, revealing what looked like an angel in knight’s armour fighting a large black and red suit of armour.

Tifa walked down the aisle, the wooden floorboards creaked under her feet. Had she heard someone just now? Her imagination was starting to play tricks on her, so she shook it off. She went to sit down on the front of the altar, looking back towards the front door.

Tifa: I wonder where Cloud and that other guy went?

Tifa mused the events to herself, but then sensed that something was wrong!

????: I don’t know what happened to your boyfriend, but I’m still here!

Tifa leapt off of the altar just in time to avoid Dante’s swinging attack! Tifa rolled forward onto the ground and swung herself round to face her opponent. She saw Dante crouched on top of the altar, his sword held out in front of him.

Dante: Now that was impressive! Not many people can dodge my attacks, so for you to so is truly something!

Tifa wasted no time in going after her opponent, charging Dante with a straight dashing punch. Dante effortlessly somersaulted over her head and landed directly behind her. Without stopping, Tifa pulled her fist backwards to try and elbow Dante in the face. Dante’s movement became a blur as Tifa launched into a flurry of punch and kick combos. Most of her hits missed, and those that did hit were easily deflected by Dante’s hand.

Dante: You’re not just a pretty face, are ya? Your moves show a tremendous amount of finesse and technique. How many years have you trained?

Tifa: That’s none of your business! Why did you attack us?!

Dante: As crazy as it sounds, a mysterious guy in a black cloak told me your boyfriend was a very powerful demon.

Tifa: Cloud isn’t a demon!

Dante: I know. I could tell by the way he thought to protect you before.

Tifa: But if you knew he wasn’t a demon, why did you still attack us?

Dante: Well as crazy as it sounds, even though he isn’t a demon, he kinda fights like one. I hadn’t had a good fight like that in a very long time!

Tifa: For sport? You men are all alike!

Dante: And what about you?

Tifa: I fight to protect the ones I love! I’m not some mercenary for hire, like you!

Dante: “Touché” Miss Tifa! You have me there! But it’s alright, your icy tongue pierces my heart, but your voluptuous figure softens it to its very core!

Tifa: Oh great! Another pervert!

Dante’s speed meant that no matter what she threw at him, Tifa knew she wouldn’t be able to hit him under normal circumstances. She decided to try something different.

Tifa: Why don’t you spice things up by using that huge sword you have on your back, there!

Dante: But that wouldn’t be very sporting now, would it!

Tifa: Please don’t hold back on my account! I’m more than capable of taking care of myself!

Dante: Well, I don’t think it’s a good idea myself, but I always consider it a top priority to give a woman what she wants!

Dante pulls Rebellion out from behind his back, and starts swinging. Tifa gives herself more room to manoeuvre by skipping backwards. Dante’s sword swings and stabs were missing Tifa, but just barely! As a result, her clothing was being ripped and torn. Bit by bit, more flesh was being exposed, and Tifa was running out of room to move!

Dante: You’re doing well, but don’t you think you should think about quitting?

Tifa: Sorry, not my style! I believe I will have this match won in the next few moves!

Dante: I love your confidence!

Unsuspecting her positioning, Tifa was soon backed up against the church door. Dante smirked and launched a thrusting sword attack right at her! It looked like it was all over for Tifa, but at the last second she ducked slightly.

The Stinger strike lodged itself into the rickety old door, kicking up a small cloud of dust. As the dust cleared, Dante could see that his sword was embedded just above Tifa’s left shoulder. Tifa looked to see where the sword had hit. Realising that it had missed her, she slowly slid her back downwards on the door. At that moment, the shoulder strap snapped free and fell, revealing a very exposed bosom, and a VERY perky left nipple!

Dante couldn’t believe his eyes! Tifa saw the look on his face, and wondered why his face had changed. Her slow realisation turned to embarrassment as she looked down to see her exposed teat! She looked back at Dante, her cheeks filled with a rosy blush. She looked like she was about to try and hide her nakedness from Dante, but the embarrassed expression on her face quickly turned to a smirk which seemed to say “got ya!”

Tifa pushed off from the door and lunged at Dante. She managed to wind him with an elbow to the gut, then continued to keep punching Dante in the stomach!

Tifa followed up with an uppercut punch which knocked Dante off his feet. She then leapt onto his airborne body and kicked off it like a springboard, propelling him into the floor with such force, that his body bounced right back up again! To finish up, a still airborne Tifa grabbed his leg and rotated 360 degrees vertically, slamming Dante right through the floorboards of the church! She elegantly landed behind him, confidently rose up, not even bothering to look behind her. She quickly realised that her boob was still showing, and promptly tried to covered up.

Tifa: That ought to teach you not to mess with the fairer sex!

Tifa eagerly awaited Dante’s reply. There was a moment of silence. Then the silence was broken by a chuckle. The chuckle grew into a laugh. Tifa prepared herself for the worst.

Dante: Ha ha ha ha! You really are the real deal, aren’t you? Willing to EXPOSE yourself just to open up a weak spot and gain the upper hand? Genius! If it had been anyone else, you would’ve won for sure!

Tifa had a confused look on her face.

Tifa: Would’ve? Are you telling me you can still fight?

Dante: Unfortunately for you, yes I can. And I’m afraid I’ve got more bad news for you!

Tifa: Are you just trying to scare me? If you are, you’re not doing a very good job!

At that moment, a reddish aura began to emanate from the crater.

Dante: Did I mention that I hunt demons for a living?

Tifa: I think you did mention something like that before.

A red flash of lightning started to crackle around the crater as Dante stood up.

Dante: Did I mention that I’m part demon?

Tifa: Uhhhh……..No.

Dante: Ahh……sorry about that.

Tifa: Why are you sorry?

Dante: Because you never knew you didn’t stand a chance against me!

A wave of energy exploded from Dante’s body. Tifa had to shield her face from the blast wave. When she lowered her arm, something very different was standing in front of her. It looked like some kind of humanoid beetle type creature, with a hard outer shell, insect wings, horns, fang-like teeth and glowing red eyes. Tifa’s face turned to abject terror!

Dante: You don’t look so good! Maybe you should take a break!

Dante then forced an open palm towards Tifa, sending a tremendous shockwave towards her. The force of the impact sheared through her like a hot sharp wind, destroying most of her clothes! Tifa tried with all her might to stay on her feet, but eventually fell to the floor.

When she sensed that the wave had stopped, she looked up to see the Demon Dante walking slowly towards her. At this point, Tifa was so terrified she was unable to move! All she could do was look on as the glowing demon moved closer and closer, until it was right on top of her!

Tifa: Wha……what are you gonna do to me?!

Dante: Why don’t you use your imagination?

Dante moved closer to Tifa, his hand reaching closer to her barely covered body. The demon could barely contain it’s excitement, saliva dribbled from it’s mouth. A long slithery tongue slid out from it’s mouth to lick it’s lips…..
Then Dante was stopped in his tracks when what looked like a giant blade was placed in his path. Both Dante and Tifa looked over to see who the blade belonged to.

????: I really don’t think that is such a good idea buddy.

Tifa: Cloud! You’re here!

Cloud: Are you okay Tifa?

Tifa: Where the HELL have you been!

Cloud: Just a second Tifa. Excuse me dude, could you please move away from my friend here?

The demon turned its head to look at Cloud. A slight look of disappointment crept across its face, which then turned to a smirk. In a flash, the demon disappeared, leaving Dante standing in the exact same spot. Dante then backed off and went to sit down on a nearby bench.

Once Cloud was satisfied that Tifa was no longer in danger, he placed his sword on his back and reached out to help Tifa back to her feet.

Tifa: Do you have any idea how worried I was about you, you stupid douche?!
Cloud: I’m fine thanks. And it looks like you’ve been having fun as well.

Tifa paused for a second when she realised that, apart from her gloves and boots, she was totally naked. She tried to cover up.

Tifa: Tha….that’s not the point! I thought I might never see you again! I was all alone with that perverted maniac over there *Dante waves at them*, and you were nowhere to be seen! Did you know that he’s a demon?!

Dante: Actually, that’s HALF demon

Cloud & Tifa: SHUT UP!

Dante looked a tad disappointed, but quickly shook it off.

Cloud: I did suspect that something wasn’t quite right about that guy while I fought him. No matter where I moved, he was always on me.

Tifa: So what happened to you after we were all transported by that bright light?

Cloud: Well, apparently I ended up in the same town you did, but you were nowhere to be seen. I kept looking for you for a while, until I heard the commotion coming from this church.

Tifa: I guess it’s just as well the fight broke out like it did then, or you might not have found me!

Cloud: Yeah, if I’d have turned up any later, you’d probably be pregnant with demon spawn or something!

Tifa had reached her limit, and launched a killer punch right at Cloud’s face, knocking him flat on his ass!

Tifa: Do you think it’s funny, you jerk? He was about to rape me!

Dante: Hey! I would NEVER do something like that! I may be half demon, but I am a complete gentleman! Besides, by that time I knew your friend was there with us!

Tifa: And I assume blowing my clothes off was just a fair way of winning a fight?

Dante: Nah, I just wanted to see what you look like naked.

Cloud: You’re not the first one!

Tifa: Both of you, SHUT UP! I’d expect that kind of perverted talk from a guy like him, but I expected you to back me up Cloud!

Cloud: Jeez Tifa! Can’t you take a joke?

Dante: If you want, you can borrow my jacket. It’s the least I can do after destroying your clothes!

Tifa: ……..fine. Throw it over here then.

Dante takes off his jacket and throws it over to Tifa. Tifa promptly flings the long red leather jacket on.

Cloud: You know, she actually looks quite good in that jacket.

Dante: I thought so too!

Tifa: Will you two grow up?! *notices jacket* Hey! I DO look good in this! Maybe I should get one like it when we get home…

Dante: So, what’s the plan now? Do we resume our fight, or do we try to get back to our respective universes?

Cloud gets to his feet.

Cloud: Well, you seem like an okay guy, and I’d hate to have to go up against a demon…

Dante: HALF-demon.

Cloud: …..right. Can you give us a clue as to how you got to our universe in the first place?

Dante: Well, there was this little gu……

At that moment, a strong wind blew towards the three inside the church. When it stopped, they all turned to see a mysterious figure in a black cloak. The figure was a slightly short looking fellow, with hardly any muscle mass. He was wearing a pair of large, circular rimmed spectacles that seemed to cover most of his face. Underneath his hooded cloak, he was wearing a shiny grey jumpsuit with circuit board like white lines running across it, and angular white sneakers. He also had a large gauntlet on his left arm, which had a small screen and buttons on it.

Mysterious Figure: Oh hello there! Looks like I’ve finally found you all!

Dante: That guy! He’s the one!

MF: Did I come at a bad time?

Dante: Nope, perfect timing. Get over here!

MF: Ummm, you all look like you’re in the middle of something. I’ll come back later!

The mysterious figure started to back away from the group, only to bump into Cloud, who had snuck up behind him while he wasn’t looking.

Cloud: Where do you think you’re going?

MF: Ahhh! Don’t hurt me! Please!

Tifa: We won’t hurt you if you cooperate with us!

Tifa and Dante closed in on the stranger.

Dante: First things first. Who are you?

MF: I’m a very big fan of all of you! My name is Preston, and I've been following your lives very closely.

Dante: Ever thought of getting yourself a hobby?

Tifa: Shush you! Umm, Preston is it? Why have you brought us here?

Preston: Ahhh….well, teleporting you all here wasn’t entirely intentional. I just didn’t want anyone to get hurt, especially Tifa! I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if she had died as a result of my curiosity!

Cloud walked up to the kid and grabbed him by the scruff of his hood.

Cloud: You better start making sense right now kid! I don’t like it when anyone threatens my friends!

Tifa: Hey! Take it easy!

Preston: Cloud! Please let me explain!

Dante: Let’s give the kid the benefit of the doubt, shall we?

Cloud slowly put the kid down.

Cloud: Right. Start talking. Now.

Preston: You may not like to hear this, but where I come from, you guys are just fictional characters. Nothing more than computer data reacting in realtime to a entirely virtual environment.

Tifa: Fictional? How can that be?

Preston: You are all characters from video games. Cloud and Tifa are from a series called “Final Fantasy”, and Dante is the star of a series called “Devil May Cry”.

Dante: I’m the star? Cool!

Cloud: You’re right. I’m NOT liking what I’m hearing.

Preston: Kids like me are always arguing over who’s the strongest fighter. The only difference is, I was able to make this dream match-up become a reality!

Tifa: You mean Cloud versus Dante?

Preston: Exactly! Only, I didn’t realise that by doing so, one of you would be permanently erased from existence. I had no choice but to step in when Tifa jumped into the fray to save Cloud from a killing blow.

Cloud: If you knew that one of us could’ve been erased, why did you lure us in to fight against each other?

Preston looked down at the ground for a moment.

Preston: It’s entirely my fault. My calculations didn’t take that element into account. I barely got to you all in time when the fight reached its climax.

Tifa: Is that why that huge flash of light teleported us all here?

Preston: Yes. There was no way that I could stop you all. Because your self awareness would reject any attempt to control you, the best I could do was teleport you all to another virtual environment.

Cloud: I see. So you’re saying that even though we’re fictional characters, our wills are so strong that you couldn’t control us?

Tifa: It’s like, because we believe that we are real, we are real, but only in a virtual sense?

There was an awkward silence.

Dante: My head hurts. Can we go home now?
Preston: Actually, that sounds like a very good idea. Until I can figure out a safer way to set up a fight system that doesn’t erase either combatant, I’ll send you all back to your own respective “homes”.

Cloud: Hey kid? Next time, could you at least warn us before you pull a stunt like that again? I normally prefer some preparation time before any kind of combat, you know what I mean?

Preston: Got it!

Preston started inputting commands onto the keypad of the electronic gauntlet on his arm. Everyone started to feel a strong wind kick up inside the church, then two balls of light appeared in front of them. The small balls of energy started to grow, revealing themselves to become what looked like two dimensional portals. One was a reddish colour, the other was purple.

Both portals swirled around like vertical whirlpools, and crackled with energy. Everyone slowly started to walk towards them.

Tifa: I can see 7th Heaven! Cloud! That’s our home!

Dante: Devil May Cry! Looks like my shop is still intact!

Preston: You know? I wish I could hang out with you guys in your worlds some day!

Cloud: Maybe someday you can.

Preston: Really?!

Cloud: Sure. You don’t seem like such a bad kid. I could show you round some of the sights.

Preston: That would be AWESOME!! I’m so looking forward to that!

Dante: Well, so long you two! I've got some errands to run! *moves closer to Tifa* I hope I get to see YOU in the future as well! *kisses her hand* Chao!!

Tifa: Barf. I feel like I’m gonna throw up!

Dante: Take good care of Tifa will ya? If you hurt her, I might have to come after you!

Cloud: Isn’t that MY line?

Dante did a sweeping wave to everyone, then passed through the red portal.

Cloud: Well, that was quite an experience. Ready to go Tifa?

Tifa: Sure! I can’t wait to get home an….h-HEY!!

The red leather jacket that Dante had given her began to crackle with reddish energy. It slowly began to pull Tifa towards the portal leading to Dante’s world!

Tifa: W-what the hell’s going on?! Cloud!!

Cloud: Preston! What are you doing?!

Preston: It’s not me!! I…..I think the jacket is linked to Dante’s world as well! It’ll pull her through with it if she doesn’t take it off!

Cloud: Tifa! You have to take the jacket off!

Tifa: Oh that’s just typical! You’d like that wouldn’t you, you sick pervert?!

As she got closer to the portal, the strength of the pull became stronger. Tendrils of energy stretched from the portal to the jacket.

Tifa: Cloud! Help me!

Cloud: Damn! Tifa! Hold on to my hand!

Cloud grabbed onto Tifa’s arm and pulled as hard as he could. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough.

Tifa: I’m slipping! Cloud! Don’t let go!

Cloud: I…..can’t hold on to you!

Tifa: Cloud! Promise me you’ll come and save me!

Cloud: What? What are you talking about?!

Tifa: *grip slipping* Promise me!!

Cloud: …..I promise!


Cloud’s grip slipped, and Tifa was pulled into the portal.

Cloud: Well that’s just great! Preston! Can I follow her?

Preston: You should be able to, but I’m not sure weather you’ll be able to get back!

Cloud: Then I’m left with no other option. You’re coming with me.

Preston: M-me?

Cloud: You got us all into this mess, so you’re going to get us out! *grabs hood*
Preston: WAIT! Dante is a pretty strong fighter, maybe even stronger than you! What if we run into the kind of monsters he fights every day?! If they happen to be stronger than you….

Cloud: Idiot! I can’t think about that now! Tifa’s life may be at stake!

Preston: You’d really do anything for her, wouldn’t you?

Cloud: Damn straight. Let’s go.

Preston: Oh dear! What have I gotten myself into?!

Cloud sprinted towards the portal leading to Dante’s universe, with the hapless future geek Preston in tow. Will Cloud be able to bring Tifa back? What manner of creatures will they encounter? What EXACTLY is Tifa’s bra size? Will she have to endure more seduction by the cocky demon hunter Dante? Stay tuned for the next instalment of CROSSOVER: The ultimate realm of what-ifs!


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This is a very interesting crossover. I like both games, especially DMC. Please continue the story.

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Good words.