Monday, 3 September 2007

Changing of the Guard

It's all change at ATC. We've lost a lot of guys through either going back to college or university, or finding new jobs. Replacements have been drafted in to fill in the gaps. The only problem is, these replacement plugs are unable to fill in the holes that have been left by the old, better ones (if that makes any sense).

I'm still here, so all I can do is observe the chaos as yet more inexperienced rookies try to adjust to the unpredictable beast that is Acton Taining Centre. ¬_¬

Funny ting is, one of these jabronis used to work for ATC before. When he left, I thought I would never see hom again. And now, for some unknown reason he's come back. I didn't like the guy all that much when he was here before. He's been back all of 5 minutes and already he's on me for business cards. BUSINESS CARDS?!

Normally, it wouldn't take me too long to hash out new business cards for some unknown jabroni, but his NEW job role at ATC is still kinda unconfirmed. Each time I made a new card for him, apparently it was slightly incorrect, which meant I had to go back and do it again. This quickly decended into semantics of the exact wording of his job title. It's not iTQ assessor & ICT support, it's not just iTQ assessor, it's not iTQ assessor & MCSE support, but iTQ Assessor, MCSE! I had to go back and change the card no less than 4 times!!

I actually think I hate him now more than ever. I hope you burn in hell, you semantic dickweed!

I have to get out of here. Soon. At the very least for my own sanity. >_<

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