Sunday, 30 September 2007

I've been ill

Just in case you were wondering, I've been ill recently. Very ill.
I have missed days of work (not such a bad thing), and I've spent mornings in so much pain, I could barely move. And you don't even want to know how much phlegm I've been coughing up! I tell you, you could almost swim in it! (not recommended!) >_<

I don't know how long it will be until I fully recover, but it had better be soon. Every day I don't come into work gets taken out of my wages! I kid you not! My boss is a very stingy guy, and quite frankly I don't want to give him any more satisfaction than he is already getting!

I need to get better, now! o_o

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Why does eveybody leave me?

Times are hard at my work right now. A ton of employees are leaving for various reasons, but I can definately attest th the fact that most are leaving because my boss is a douche-bag. He really doesn't give a toss what happens to you, just as long as you do as you're told and keep your mouth shut about the kind of things going on around you.

You have 2 options: Put up and shut up, or you can leave, and my boss will find someone else to take your place, even if they can't do your job half as good as you can.

Fortunately, I've always been very good at that sort of thing, but others are not as accomodating. Hence the mass exodus.

I would say that, out of the total number of employees that work there, about 80% are leaving or have already left. This equates to a lot of leaving parties at the end of the week, and a lot of empty desks at the beginning of the following week. I don't consider myself to be a professional businessman, but to me an 80% employee leaving rate is not very good for company morale. I could be wrong, but I just don't think so. >_<

Quite frankly, I want to join them, but I haven't had much luck finding other work. This leaves me with no option but to stay put until I do. I just don't have anything else to fall back on at the moment. But make no mistake, as soon as I DO find a new job, that will be it for me! I will leave, and NEVER come back. To do so would, for me feel like admitting defeat, and I'm just not willing to do that.

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle series – Part 8

Part 8! I can't believe this has been going on for so long! Requests on Gamefaqs eventually coaxed me to do another installment. Having done a lot of short stories involving most of the main characters (except Zan, coz he sux ballz), I had the idea of adding a new character into the mix. Let me know what you think of the results!

Smut rating: 8.5/10 (pretty indecent!)
Under the age of 15? Think smutty content in all its forms is evil and should be destroyed by any means necessary? You WON'T wanna read this then! GO AWAY! Come back when you're older or have learned to embrace your dark side!

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle series – Part 8

Axel, Blaze, Max, Adam and Skate were all over at the Hunter's apartment having a Chinese takeaway meal together. After defeating Mr X and saving the city for the umpteenth time, the gang decided that once a month, they would all meet together. They would have a different meal each time, and catch up on what was happening in each of their lives.

Axel and Max had decided to open up a Dojo in the city, specialising in Martial Arts and Wrestling. Blaze was still working as a freelance private investigator, and training in her spare time. Adam had been promoted to the rank of Captain at the local Police Dept, and was in charge of leading new recruits in their training to become the next generation of law enforcers. Skate was still at school, and with his bro riding him to get good grades, he would be going onto college to study further (what in, I'm not sure).

As a change to their usual meetings, Axel had brought one other person with him, his 18 year old cousin Becky.

*Door bell ringing*

Adam: Hmmm, that must be Axel. Skate, go and answer the door, will you?

Skate: Why do I have to answer the door?

Adam: Because my rank is Captain, and you always have to do what your Captain says.

Skate: But I'm not in the Police Forc....

Adam: Just go already!

Max: I can go, if you want.

Adam: No, that's alright. As guests to the Hunter household, it is our sole duty to cater to all your needs. I'm setting the table, and Skate is going to go open the door, RIGHT?

Skate: Jeez.....alright! I was in the middle of doing my homework, but I'm sure I can stop right in the middle of my sentence to go and answer the door! You know, since you've become promoted to captain, you've been a right pain in the ass, you know that?

Adam: You do know you're still small enough for me to put you over my knee, don't you?

Skate: Just you try it, big bro! I'll make you regret those words in no time at all!

Adam: Oh, really?

Skate: Yeah, REALLY!

Adam: ORLY?

Skate: YARLY!!

Blaze: Will you two knock it off!! If none of you are going to go, then I'LL do it. If it was up to you two, Axel would probably grow a beard by the time you decided which one of you would go to open the damn door!

*Blaze heads over to the front door and opens it*

Blaze: Hi Axel, come on in. Everyone’s waiting for you.

Axel: What took you so long? I've been waiting out here for over a minute! Any longer, and I might've grown a beard or something!

????: It's very nice to meet you Miss Fielding! I've heard so much about you!

Blaze: Ohhh! Hi! What's your name?

Axel: This here's my sister's kid, Rebecca.

Rebecca: ACTUALLY, I prefer to be called Becky. I’m surprised you don’t remember me, Miss Fielding!

Blaze: Remember you? You know, now that you mention it, you do look kinda familiar…

Becky: Don’t worry about it right now. I’ll tell you more later! *winks*

Blaze: There’s something a tad unusual about that girl.

Axel: Tell me about it! You seem to be the only person she’s opened up to since we got here! Let’s go through.

Blaze: Right.

Axel, Blaze and Becky move into the living room, where everyone else was sitting.

Skate: Whoa! Who's she?

Becky: SHE has a name, short stuff! My name is Becky, and I'm here to join your little gathering!

Axel: My sis is out of town on a business trip, and I got lumbered with the little missy here for a few days.

Becky: I'll be 18 in 2 months, uncle! I'm virtually an adult!

Axel: Virtually isn't the same as actually, Becky!

*Adam sneaks up behind Axel, and slides in between him and Becky*

Adam: As an upholder of the law, I think it's commendable that Miss Rebecca is following age restrictions to the letter. I suggest that in 2 months time, we celebrate her eventual ascension into womanhood! *wink!*

*Axel pushes Becky away from Adam*

Axel: I don't care if you've just been promoted to captain, if you go ANYWHERE near my cousin, they’ll probably have to send me to jail for what I do to you!

Max: Wow Becky, you have really soft skin! What kind of moisturiser do you use?

Becky: Well, it's not a really special cream or anything....

*Axel jumps in and pushes Becky away from Max*

Axel: You may be my business partner, but if you so much as STROKE her soft skin, I'm gonna have to look for a new partner!

Max: But I was only.....

Axel: I KNOW what you THOUGHT you was doing!

Skate: You know, I was a key part of the downfall of Mr X! I was right there on the front line, kicking ass and taking names, all in a day's work for the legendary Skate Hunter!

Becky: Really? From looking at you, I wouldn't have guessed! You are kinda cute though...

*Axel jumps in and pushes Becky away from Skate*

Axel: I don't want to have to hurt you kid, but if you mess with her, I'll mess with you. Permanently!

Skate: Wha? Are you kidding me?

Axel: When it comes to family, I don't kid around. Ever.

Becky: So, how do you keep in such great shape Miss Fielding?

Blaze: You don’t have to call me Miss! Blaze is just fine. And to answer your question, I regularly train at your uncle’s dojo, just to keep my skills in tip top condition and as sharp as possible. Why do you ask?

*Axel jumps in and pushes Blaze away from Becky*

Axel: I thought you told your mother that you would behave yourself while you were with me!

Becky: What? You didn't REALLY believe what I said in front of Mom, did you?

Adam: Yo guys! Everything is ready in the dining room! Hustle!

Everyone moves into the dining room. As Becky goes to sit down, Axel, Adam and Skate scramble to grab the seat nearest to her. Blaze sits on the other side of the table.

Becky: Blaze! Can I sit next to you?

Blaze: Sure. There’s plenty of room on this side, apparently.

The guys look on in disbelief as Becky gets up and goes around to the other side of the table, where she sits down and shuffles her chair right next to Blaze’s. Utterly defeated, the guys go and sit down in their respective chairs around the table, while Axel picks a chair on the opposite side of Becky and Blaze. He gives Adam, Max and Skate all a sinister look as the Chinese food is handed out.

After they had eaten their fill of noodles, sweet & sour pork, dumplings and fortune cookies (most of which foretold of rather grizzly deaths), Blaze decided to chat with Becky a while.

Blaze: So, Becky, how long has it been now? 5 years?

Becky: It’s been about 6 years, 4 months, 1 week and 3 days since we last saw each other. Give or take 3 hours 5 minutes and 42 seconds.

Blaze: Ohhhhhhh Kay. Well then, how has your studies been going? Axel was telling me you were interested in becoming a Police Officer?

Becky: Yeah, I’ve been getting perfect grades on all the written and physical tests.

Blaze: That’s very impressive! I’m sure you’ll make an excellent Police Officer someday!

Becky: I suppose, but to be quite honest, I’d rather be a freelance P.I like you Blaze!

Blaze: Huh? Why is that?

Becky: Because being a police officer isn’t much fun. I’m sure you get much more interesting cases in your line of work, right?

Blaze: Well, sometimes, but some jobs I do can become a lot more dangerous. You would have to spend a lot of time as a regular officer before you could even consider becoming a P.I.

Axel: Uhh, Becky? When did you get the idea to become a Private Investigator? Does your Mom know about this?

Becky: Are you kidding me? She’d go ballistic if I told her anything about this! She has a hard time as it is with the fact that I said I was gonna join the Police Force!

Axel: Well frankly, I can’t blame her! Law enforcement is not an easy job! The streets are dangerous, and you could get injured or even killed!

Becky had a lustful, gushy look on her face as moved right next to Blaze and grabbed her arm.

Becky: Well, I’m sure I’ll be just fine when I have Blaze with me, right Blaze?

*Adam sprayed the mouthful of Cool-ade he had in his mouth at that moment. Max choked on a prawn cracker, while Skate just looked on in disbelief. *

Blaze: W-w-wha? What are you talking about?

Becky: What am I talking about? I’m talking about the fact that you said you were going to make me your partner when I got older.

Blaze: P-partner?! I don’t remember saying anything like that!

Becky: Of course you did! When I was only a little girl, you said that when I got older, you would make me your partner!

Blaze: That hardly counts as a binding contract!

A disappointed look crept across Becky’s face

Blaze: Becky, you seem like a nice kid. If I trained you, and then you went and got yourself hurt, I would be responsible!

Becky: If you care about me so much, why don’t you train me to be as good as you!

Axel: BECKY!! That’s enough! Why don’t you just give up! This is not something that you can just keep pestering Blaze about, until she changes her mind!
Becky: Stay out of this Axel! The way I see it, if I’m trained by the guys that defeated the Legendary Mr X, wouldn’t that be better than just leaving me to my own devices on the streets?

Axel: If you’re not on the streets, then there won’t be a problem, will there, right Adam?

Adam: Wha? Ummm, well actually……

Blaze: You know, Becky does have a point

Axel gives her a disapproving look

Blaze: Don’t look at me like that! If I train her, at least she will be able to take care of herself, instead of having to rely on others as much.

*Becky’s eyes lit up*

Becky: You mean you’ll train me?

Blaze: Sure. We’ll set some time when you and I are free, and I can show you the basics.

Becky: Oh my god! I love you so much Blaze!

Axel: What da hell? Blaze?! You’re supposed to back ME up here!

Blaze: Axel, this isn’t something that’s just gonna go away! Can’t you see how dedicated Rebecca is to this?

Axel scratched his head for a moment, frustrated that the situation was not going the way he was expecting. He turned to the others for support.

Axel: C’mon guys! One of you must agree with me on this!

Max: Well I kinda think it’s a good idea. Once she learns from Blaze, she’ll be unstoppable!

Axel: Oh be quite you! Adam! Buddy! Pal! You got my back right?

Adam: Quit the buddy-buddy talk Axel! I can see right through you! Besides, I’m with Blaze on this one! Having another fighter like Blaze can only be a good thing in the long run. She’ll become a much better officer as well as a result. It’s win-win.

Axel: Pfft. Skate? You’re probably gonna support your bro right?

Skate: Damn right! Becky will be awesome if she trains with Blaze! Why would you wanna stand in the way of that?

There was a long pause.

Axel: You know what, I don’t care anymore. You can all do what you want. I’m going home now Becky. If you don’t wanna be left behind, grab your jacket.

Becky: Fine Uncle Pushy! You know, for a grown man, you’re pretty childish!

Axel: Meh. See you guys next month.

*Max, Adam & Skate chuckled to themselves*

Becky: Thank you so much guys! Especially you Blaze!

Blaze: Think nothing of it! I’m just happy to help you out as much as I can!

Becky: I’m really gonna look forward to our first training session. I’ll wear something really special as well!

Blaze: I wouldn’t recommend that. Just wear something casual that’s comfortable. I also want you to know that I’m a pretty hard task-master. I’m not gonna hold back, you understand?

Becky: Oh, of course! I wouldn’t have it any other way! I want you to work me VERY hard!

Blaze: ………? Ahh……Ooooookay then. Take care Becky. I look forward to seeing you again soon!

Blaze moves in to hug Becky, and is greeted with a huge kiss, right on the lips! Blaze was frozen on the spot, her body a wash with heat. Becky was in no way holding back, playfully teasing Blaze’s tongue with her own.

After about what seemed like an eternity, Becky broke of the kiss. A sliver of saliva strayed from their lips.

Becky had a very satisfied look on her face as she sauntered out of the door. She gave Blaze one last glance over her shoulder, licked her lips, and walked to the door.

Everyone had been watching Becky the entire time, including Axel. After she left the room, they all turned to look at Axel. All he could do was shrug his shoulders. Then everyone turned to look at Blaze. Blaze could barely hide her embarrassment.


Stay tuned for part 2!

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle – Part 7!

You might be surprised to know this episode has a smut rating of only 1.5/10. For me, that's quite an achievement!

Anyway, my man Skate Hunter (or "Sammy" as he is known in Japan), hasn't been getting any love from the scarlet bombshell recently. As the youngest member of the team, he is easily overlooked by everyone, and as a result he's a little miffed! Stay tuned as Skate gets to strut his stuff, and a couple of familiar sisters also make an appearance!

Just to be on the safe side, I'll put in a smut warning anyway. No one under the age of 15, or people who don't like smut/think smut is wrong may read this fanfiction. There. Happy now? Jeez......-_-;

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle – Part 7!

Skate was playing video games, when he heard the doorbell ring. He and eagerly went to open the door. He had a good idea who it was.

Skate: Hi Blaze!

Blaze: What’s up Skate! Is your bro around?

Skate: Nah. He went to meet Axel and Max for a guys night out. He left me in charge!

Blaze: Wow! That’s a lot of responsibility! Is Adam sure he can trust you on your own?

Skate: Ahhh, c’mon Blaze! Don’t you think I’m old enough to be home alone by now?

Blaze: Well I don’t know. Planning on inviting any of your friends for a party any time soon?

Skate: Actually, I kinda had something else planned. I want to ask you a question first Blaze.

Blaze: A question? It’s a little out of the blue, but go ahead.

Skate: When was the last time that you and me spent time alone together?

Blaze: I see where this is going, and I think I may have to stop you right there!

Skate: Huh? What are you talking about, Blaze?

Blaze: Uhh, never mind! *embarrassed* Just forget I said anything! Didn’t we do something fun last month?

Skate: Yeah, but Max, Axel and my bro were there as well, and you spent the most time with Max!

Blaze: Well, what about last year?

Skate: Axel was there, my bro were there as well, and you spent more time with them than with me! Now I don’t want to make a big deal about this, but I just don’t see that as fair, do you?

Blaze: I think you’re imagining things! I remember one time when we went to the cinema together!

Skate: C’mon! Did you forget the old police buddy we bumped into, and insisted that we all sit together?

Blaze: …..Oh……yeah. I’m so sorry. I had no idea you felt that way. I guess I always thought of you as the cute younger brother that would keep hanging round his cooler older brother!

Skate: *pouting* Didn’t I already prove to you how cool I was when I helped you guys beat Mr X? Didn’t I prove to you that I’m not a little kid any more?

Skate pulled out his secret weapon to subdue Blaze: puppy-dog eyes!

Blaze realised she had little choice up to that point. Even SHE has a soft spot for cuteness waves!

Blaze: Okay fine, what do you want to do?

Skate pulled out a poster advertising a Dance-Off contest at the local night club, plus two tickets to participate. Blaze gave Skate a wry look.

Blaze: You had this planned from the very beginning, didn’t you?

Skate gave Blaze a cheeky grin.

Later that evening, Blaze was sitting at the bar. Skate came over to her with a pair of sticky labels with their entry numbers on them.

Blaze: so, did you enter us into the competition as a team?

Skate: Actually, I entered us in separately! I’m gonna show you who’s da man when it comes to busting moves on the dance floor! Baby, you goin DOWN!

Blaze: *puts on her number* Well, we’ll just see about that, won’t we? I accept your challenge!

The two friends sat together drinking soft drinks, and commented on the other entrants as they waited for their turns to come up. First up was Skate, who started breakdancing to a high tempo hip-hop track. He wowed the crowd with his athletic moves and complex skating techniques! He did a number of aerial flips and pirouettes, and finished up with his patented whirlwind leg spin into a relaxed finishing pose. Sufficed to say, the crowd went wild!

Blaze: I’ve got to say, I’m quite impressed

Skate: Yeah well, when you got it, you’ve got it! It’s just a shame that I haven’t given you much of a chance of beating me, now that the people have ALREADY seen the best!

Blaze: Don’t count me out just yet! I’ve still got some moves the crowd has yet to see! You’re gonna see a whole new level of coolness!

Skate: Oh really?

Blaze: Yeah, REALLY!

A few more contestants took their turns afterward, but then the next entrants were two women, who appeared to be wearing the same costume. On closer inspection, the appeared to be twins.

Blaze: Why do you get the distinct impression that I’ve seen those two somewhere before?

Skate: Who? Those two?

Blaze: Yeah. Don’t they seem familiar to you?

Skate: *pauses* You know, I think you’re right!

The twins started dancing to a heavily choreographed routine. It was easy to see that the two of them must’ve trained with each other since they were kids, because the timing of their movements was perfect. It was almost like watching a real life mirror image in motion. The audience was in complete awe of their routine, the entire dance floor was silent except for the music. When they had finished, they received a standing ovation from the crowd! The sisters went to sit down at a nearby table, and relaxed, looking directly at Blaze as they did so.

Blaze: Mona & Lisa! I should’ve known!

Skate: Didn’t we kick their asses a while back?

Blaze: We did, but it seems they’re back for more!

One other competitor came up after the twins, then finally, it was Blaze’s turn!

Blaze: Looks like I’m up. Wish me luck!

Skate: Go for it Blaze! Show ‘em who’s boss!

Blaze started dancing to a sensual R&B mix. She gyrated in a very sensual manner, getting a lot of whoops and hollers from the men in the crowd! She also threw in a couple of jumps and flips, which also got a lot of cheers. She got the most cheers when she did the splits!

Lisa: What da hell? Why are they cheering for her? She’s just dancing like a cheap stripper!

Mona: This is the kind of thing we have to put up with at competitions like this. The crowds will always be swayed so easily by such slutty, techniques.

Lisa: Well I’m not standing for it! We practiced for months to get our moves down just right, and now that dumb bimbo is going to ruin everything! Are you with me?

Mona: Right behind you sis!

Blaze was so into her dance routine, she was totally off her guard when she was tripped over by Lisa. She tried to retaliate, but no sooner had she thrown a punch, she was grabbed on the arm by Mona and chucked into the crowd. Most of the people in the line of fire managed to get out of the way as Blaze tumbled into a nearby table!

Skate was quickly to his feet, and ran headlong towards Mona. Unfortunately, he didn’t see Lisa’s leg swing towards his head. He slammed into the floor and slid towards the other side of the dance floor, and came to a stop next to a petrified couple.

By the time Blaze had gotten to her feet, most of the crowd had fled, leaving the nightclub mostly empty. She looked over to see Mona and Lisa standing in the centre of the dance floor, and Lisa was holding Skate in the air by his neck.

Blaze: I would’ve thought you two would’ve found other ways to amuse yourselves by now!

Mona: We did, but the YOU and your toy-boy had to stick your nose in and ruin everything!
Lisa: Do you have any idea just how hard we worked to try and win this contest? This was our one chance to earn some decent money for a change!

Blaze: My heart bleeds! Why don’t you drop the kid, so we can settle this, women to women?

Mona: Only idiots give up their trump cards in a stale mate! You’re going to have to learn that you’re not dealing with the same Mona and Lisa you’ve faced in the past!

Lisa: *Starts to choke Skate* I think this stalemate just became a whitewash!

Blaze couldn’t stand any more, and charged ate Lisa. Anticipating this move, Lisa threw Skate into Blaze’s path. Blaze caught Skate, but was unable to block the aerial kick from Mona, that threw the both of them to the floor. Blaze was momentarily stunned, but quickly shook it off. She checked to see if Skate was alright. He was unconscious, but still breathing. Blaze gently placed him behind an upturned table, out of harms way, then stood to face to twins who were stood next to each other in the centre of the dance floor. They both had a look of utter contempt on their faces.

Blaze started to walk slowly towards the twins, her stride quickly broke into a sprint. She leapt into the air to deliver a downward kick, but the kick missed as Mona dodged backwards and Lisa dodged sideways. Blaze tried a roundhouse kick on Mona, but Mona ducked, leaving Blaze open to a punch from Lisa. Blaze skipped backwards, parrying Lisa’s blows as she did so.

Lisa’s movements were so sloppy, Blaze was able to grab her arm and throw her to the ground with a judo throw. Unfortunately, Lisa was quick enough to use Blaze’s momentum against her and threw her towards her sister at the same time. Mona finished up with a monkey-flip throw, causing Blaze to slam into the ground with a thud!

Lisa: Ha! It’s true that you ARE a great fighter, you may even be a match for either of us one-on-one…
Mona: …But you’re no match for the BOTH of us! You probably don’t want to hear this, but you might want to think about quitting!

Blaze stumbled to her feet, her clothes were slightly torn and blood was trickling from her nose. She was coming to the conclusion that she may not win this fight. Fortunately, she WASN’T going to let them know that!

Blaze: Sorry girls! I have no intention of quitting just yet! I’m having too much fun! *takes a moment to limber up* Ready for round two?

Lisa: Uhhh, sis? Why is she not giving up?

Mona: Shut up!

Lisa: Don’t tell me to shut up!

The twins almost became so distracted that they didn’t realise Blaze bearing down on them. Blaze changed her tactics, choosing to fight them at the same time and switching between the sisters in quick succession. This caused the twins to become frustrated, because it meant neither of them could free themselves up long enough to launch a counterattack. Mona and Lisa started to throw punches and kicks at the same time in the hope that one of them would connect. Blaze was flustered, but quickly turned this to her advantage.

I was becoming harder for the sisters to not hit each other as they tried to hit Blaze. Lisa threw a lightning fast kick that barely missed Blaze, but hit her sister clean in the face, causing her to spiral into a bunch of tables and chairs! Shocked by her own mistake, Lisa rushed to her sister’s aid, only to receive a slap to the face from her twin!

Mona: What the hell do you think you’re doing?! Hit HER not ME!!

Lisa: Well if you weren’t so slow, I wouldn’t have hit you!!

Blaze: Umm, girls?

The two sisters look over to see Blaze dancing again. She really seemed to be dancing to her own tune, and thoroughly enjoying herself, thus causing the sisters to become more flustered and frustrated!

Lisa helped Mona to her feet, then they both charged Blaze, hoping she was too distracted to fight back. Blaze effortlessly dodged their attacks and knocked them both on their asses! Just to make matters worse, she taunted them by wiggling her butt at them!

Blaze: I hope that’s not the bet you two have! If it is, I can’t help but feel sorry for you a little! Too many twins think their similarities are always enough to get them through any problem in life. You need to realise that at the end of the day, you’re both individuals! Separate people with separate personalities! The more you keep relying on each other, the more lost you’ll be when you‘re forced to think for yourselves!

Mona: I’ve just about had enough of your crap!

Lisa: What YOU don’t realise is that the very fact that we’re twins gives us a strength that you’ll NEVER hope to beat!

Mona: I couldn’t have put it better myself sis! You have no idea jus how powerful we can be!

Lisa: I think it’s time to unleash our super finisher, don't you?

Mona: You’re absolutely right! Let’s do it!

Mona leaps into the air towards Blaze and launches an aerial downward kick, while Lisa dashes towards her as well, and launches a low fast corkscrew kick. At the last second, Blaze launches herself between the two sister’s kicks, effortlessly spiralling through the narrow gap! She lands in a sexy crouching pose, while the sisters collide into each other in a clumsy heap on the floor!

Blaze: *standing up* I must admit girls, I’ve had fun, I really have! But now it’s time you the both of you to experience MY super finisher!

Mona & Lisa: Oh CRAP!!

Blaze: SOUL FIRE!!

Blaze launched a lightning blue energy bolt at the hapless sisters. The resulting energy blast smashed them through more tables and chairs, the DJ’s mixing desk, the bar, and then against the wall of the nightclub, lifting them up and through the wall and into the sky beyond. All that was left was a large hole in the side of the nightclub!

Blaze turned round to see Skate standing behind the upturned table she had hid him behind. He appeared unhurt, except for a bruised neck and arm.

Skate: Holy crap Blaze! You really did a number on them, didn’t you?

Blaze: Yeah well, they deserved it. Are you okay?

Skate: A little worse for wear, but I’ll live! I’m just sad that I didn’t get a chance to give those two an ass-kicking myself!

Blaze: Don’t worry! I gave them more of an ass-kicking than the two of us combined!

Skate looked round to see that the entire club was empty.

Skate: Auuhh man! We didn’t get a chance to find who won the competition!

Blaze: Well, there’s always next year! C’mon, let’s head to the hospital. I’m feeling a little sore myself!

Skate: I’m not surprised. Those sisters were really dangerous, weren’t they?

Blaze: They would’ve been more dangerous if they could’ve trusted each other more.

Skate: Huh? I thought that twins had the most amount of trust that any two people could have?

Blaze: That is true, but at the end of the day, they’re still individuals. Two minds, two personalities. Sometimes one is going to want to do something that the other doesn’t want to do. Simple as that.

In a far off ally in the middle of the night, the two sisters carried each other homeward.

Lisa: Do you think she had a point?

Mona: Perhaps. Perhaps it’s time we took some time off from each other?

Lisa: *pauses* I’m not sure that I could cope with you not being around sis. You…complete me.

Mona: I feel the same way Lisa. I feel the exact same way…


Streets of Rage: Love Triangle – Part 6!

It was suggested to me that this time I focus on some of the other characters in the Streets of Rage universe, so I decided to write about Shiva and the other thugs that are as much a part of SOR as the main characters.

I wrote with a more serious tone this time, with a more dramatic action sequence, and a more thought provoking interaction between Blaze & Shiva. Probably some of my best work to date. With a little bit of smut thrown in for good measure! (well I have to keep things interesting, don't I? ~_^;)

You know the drill. No under 15s, no haters of smut, don't like, don't read on. Blah blah blah..... -_-

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle – Part 6!

Shiva used to be the right hand man of Mr X. He was always used as the trump card in any situation that needed a problem solver. Shiva would use his cold, efficient killing techniques to eliminate anyone who was stupid enough to stand in Mr X’s way. Unfortunately, all that changed the day he met Blaze Fielding and her team of ex-police officers. Her team foiled Mr X’s plans on no less that three occasions (there might’ve been more, but that’s not important right now!)

These days, Shiva is living in a pokey rented apartment with the majority of his work associates. There are no less than 11 people living in the same apartment: Bald-headed muscle thug Donovan, knife fanatic Garcia, Sporty punk Zack, Goldie the coward, Signal the waster, Suzy the wanna-be, dominatrix Elektra, the twins Mona & Lisa, and just to make matters worse, the guy that keeps emptying the refrigerator, Big Ben. Shiva makes the 11th. Sufficed to say, the gang had fallen on hard times. REALLY hard times.

Shiva was on the roof meditating, trying to clear his mind of random thoughts. He was interrupted by the loud shouting coming from directly below. It was Donovan and Garcia.

Donovan: How many times have I told you NOT to sit on my glasses you idiot?!

Garcia: Well if you didn’t keep leaving it all over the place, people wouldn’t keep sitting on it, WOULD THEY?!

Donovan: Well I shouldn’t have to worry about people sitting on my sunglasses if SOME people were more considerate of other people’s STUFF!
*Donovan raises his broken sunglasses*
You’re gonna have to pay for this!

Garcia: You’re dreaming if you think I’m going to pay for those! I haven’t even got any money right now!

Donovan: Well I don’t care! Somebody is going to pay for these, or I’m gonna get nasty!

Zack: Will you two SHUT THE HELL UP!

Donovan & Garcia: YOU SHUT UP!

Shiva couldn’t believe what he was hearing! Arguing over a stupid pair of sunglasses! Shiva got up and went inside. When he got in through the door, Donovan and Garcia were at each other’s throats. Zack was desperately trying to break the two of them up. Shiva couldn’t see where Suzy, Elektra or Signal was, but Mona & Lisa, Goldie and Big Ben were watching TV, utterly oblivious to what was going on around them.
Shiva was annoyed that the others hadn’t lifted a finger to deal with the situation, and decided to step in.

Shiva: If you two don’t settle down, I promise I will break those stupid sunglasses in half, and shove each half so far up your asses, by the time they come out again, you’ll both be eating solid food with a straw. Because I will have shoved your teeth down your throats! Got it?!

Zack: Wait a minute, that doesn’t make any sense Shiva! How can you…*looks at Shiva staring at him* ….uh, never mind. I’m good
Garcia: Yeah, me too.
Donovan: Uh, it’s not really that important anyway…

With that settled, Shiva went back onto the roof to continue meditating. Unfortunately, no sooner had he sat down and crosses his legs, another argument broke out. This time, Shiva wasted no time heading inside and down the stairs.


Mona, Goldie, Lisa & Big Ben: SSHHHHH!!!

Zack: Umm, it’s not us dude. Check the bathroom.

Donovan: I think it’s Suzy and Elektra.

Garcia: They’re in the bathroom.

Shiva cursed under his breath, and walked towards the bathroom.

When he got there, Suzy and Elektra were fighting over a slutty, PVC skirt.

Elektra: You keep your greasy mitts off of my skirt!

Suzy: YOUR skirt? As I recall, you said you didn’t want it any more because it was no longer in fashion!

Elektra: Well it just came BACK in fashion again! Besides, I don’t want your fat ass stretching the fabric!

Suzy: FAT ASS?! Your OLDER than me! I’m surprised you’re able to fit into ANY of your old clothes!

Elektra: Get OFF!!

Suzy: No, YOU GET OFF!!


The girls stopped for a moment and looked at Shiva.

Suzy: Ah, Shiva! Great timing! Who do you think deserves the skirt?

Shiva: Are you kidding me?! I don’t care about the stupid slutty skirt! I just want some peace and quiet!

Elektra: See? The skirt is slutty, which is something a young girl your age shouldn’t be wearing, so give it back!

Suzy: I’m 26! Hand it over you old bag!

Elektra: OLD BAG?! How DARE YOU!!

Shiva: THAT’S IT!!

Shiva grabbed the skirt from both of them, and promptly ripped it in half! He handed each girl a half of the skirt.

Shiva: There! Happy now?

Elektra: You IDIOT!! What have you done?! That dress cost me a fortune!

Suzy: What the hell am I supposed to wear for my date now?!

Shiva: Consider yourselves lucky! I could’ve done something much worse! Now keep the noise DOWN!!

Shiva walks off, leaving the two girls staring their half of ripped skirt. They both looked like they were about to cry.

As Shiva came back into the living room, a news report was running on the news to do with the steady drop in crime levels around the city.

Lisa: Can you believe this crap? They’re only saying that stuff because we’re not on the streets anymore! What total bull!

Mona: It’s only now that you realise that?

Lisa: Nuh-uuh! It’s just that without Mr X, we lack a leader to organise us!

Mona: The brains to our brawn?

Lisa: Exactly! What we need is a new leader!

Donovan: I’ll do it.

Lisa: Don’t be stupid! We need a leader that we all RESPECT and ADMIRE!

Donovan: What? Are you saying you don’t respect me?

Garcia: Wouldn’t be the first time! Don’t you remember Lisa turned you down when you asked her out last week?

Donovan: Shut…the hell….UP!!

Zack: What about Shiva?

At that moment, everyone in the room looked at Shiva.

Shiva: Forget it. Not interested.

Lisa: Why not?

Shiva: To be a powerful leader, you need money. Right now none of us have barely two coins to rub together. I work better alone, and quite frankly, you idiots are too stupid to follow even the simplest of instructions anyway.

Shiva got a cold reception from that comment, and everyone rose to their feet. Even Elektra and Suzy rushed into the room after they overheard what Shiva said.

Donovan: What the hell?

Garcia: You better watch your mouth Shiva.

Shiva: Oooooohhhh! Looks like I ruffled some feathers! Don’t make me laugh!

Big Ben: That’s below the belt man! If you want an ass-whupping, you’re going the right way about it!

Shiva: Heh! I guess some people just can’t handle the truth!

Goldie: W-we aren’t the only ones to blame here!

Shiva: Really? Do you ever remember a time when you DIDN’T go down in one punch to Axel Stone and his cronies? Think hard now, I know you can do it!

Lisa: The last thing you wanna do is piss us all off at the same time!

Shiva: C’mon. Like I have any reason to be scared of all of you chumps!

Mona: I suggest you listen to my sister’s advice! You may be the best fighter out of all of us, but I doubt even YOU could cope with all of us at the SAME time!

Shiva: Pfft. Fine. I’ll leave you all to lick your wounds a while. I’m going out to get some fresh air. Just follow me outside if you want an ass-kicking.

*Shiva walks out*

Suzy: Damn it! That guy can be such a jackass!

Goldie: Well, he kinda had a point though.

*Everyone glares at Goldie*

Goldie: Ahhh! ……..I’ll shut up now.

As Shiva exited the front door, Signal was just coming back from his errands.

Signal: S’up Shiva.

Shiva: I’d probably leave it for a couple of hours, if I were you.
*walks off*

Signal: Huh? Shiva? What happened just now?

Shiva was in such a bad mood, he wasn’t paying too much attention to where he was going. Before he knew it, he was on the other side of the city, far from the slums he had just come from. Everything looked a lot nicer on the streets, cleaner. There were no smashed windows or burned out cars, only the good citizens of the city. Shiva thought to himself that maybe it was better this way. Shiva never liked to think that everybody’s life was controlled by politicians and bureaucrats, but if it meant that people could walk the streets without fear, maybe order should rule over chaos, at least for a little while.

Shiva walked down the side streets, curious to see how others lived, when he spotted a familiar figure walking towards him. With beautifully long brunette hair, leather jacket, fingerless gloves, a small handbag, elegantly toned legs and trainers, he knew it could be none other than Blaze Fielding!

She was looking for something inside her handbag, utterly oblivious to what was going on around her. Shiva took his chance, and stood directly in her path. She bumped right into him, and dropped her bag.

Blaze: Oh! I’m so SORRY! I wasn’t watching were I was going! Are you alright?

Shiva: I’m fine. Long time no see, Miss Blaze!

The expression on Blaze’s face shifted from confusion to surprise, and then anger.

Blaze: Shiva?! What the hell are you doing here!

Shiva: I’m glad you finally recognised who I am! How long has it been now?

Blaze: A little over a year and a half. I hope you’re not looking for an ass kicking, because I’m late for an appointment right now. Can we do this later?

Shiva: Straight to the point! I like that in a woman!

Blaze: I suppose I’m not going to get off that easily, am I?

Shiva: Well, I was just taking a walk to try and improve my mood, but a good sparing session just might do that for me! Do you mind?

Blaze: Fine, looks like I’m gonna be late anyway! A few more minutes won’t hurt much. *Takes her jacket off* How about that basketball court?

Shiva: Now I’m motivated! I’m REALLY looking forward to this!

Shiva and Blaze move over to the abandoned basketball court. Shiva ushers Blaze to go in first by bowing in a chivalric, knights of the round kind of way. Blaze moves over to the far side of the court, places her jacket and bag in the corner, then proceeds to do some stretching exercises to limber up for the fight. Shiva also does some stretching, to loosen his muscles. He flicks out some lightning quick punches and kicks, while Blaze starts rotating her arms while cricking her neck, then squats down to do some leg splits. The both take about 2 minutes to limber up in preparation for their fight.

Blaze: Before we start, I’ll tell right now, that you had better not hold back because I’m a woman, got it?

Shiva: Wouldn’t have it any other way! Are you ready?

Blaze: Yep.

Shiva: Then I’ll BEGIN!!

Shiva dashes towards Blaze at high speed. To the untrained eye, it looked like he wasn’t even touching the floor. Blaze stood ready with her arms up to absorb the first punch. Shiva then launched into a flurry of punches and kicks. Blaze was totally composed in her actions, blocking and dodging his blows like they were no big deal. She finished up by blocking a straight punch by Shiva, holding him in place. Shiva tried to apply more pressure to push her back, but as he did, Blaze moved with the push, then counter-attacked with an elbow to his stomach.

Shiva stumbled backwards, clutching his gut from the pain.

Blaze: I thought you said you weren’t going to hold back. This had better not be your best Shiva!

Shiva grimaced for a moment, then smiled.

Shiva: I apologise! I should’ve realised that you would’ve improved since the last time we met!

Blaze: Geez! Don’t make me regret missing my appointment by wasting my time not fighting at your best!

*Shiva starts to laugh*

Shiva: This is incredible! It’s been a VERY long time since someone has made sport of my fighting ability!

Shiva launches another attack. Blaze goes to intercept, but she is knocked off her feet by a lightning upward kick from Shiva. She slides backward, but stays on her feet, then wipes a small trickle of blood from the corner of her mouth.

Blaze: I’d forgotten just how quick you can be Shiva!

Shiva: I’m glad my high standards meet your approval!

This time, Blaze charges in first. The two exchange punches for a moment, then the fight turns into a kicking match, with their legs moving like coloured blurs. Shiva lunges at Blaze again with another upward kick, but this time Blaze leaps high enough to land on his foot as it comes up. As he follows through, Blaze flips backwards from the kick, and uses the momentum to get high in the air. As Shiva recovers from his kick, he is left totally defenceless as Blaze flies towards him with a diving straight kick! The force of the kick forces Shiva to the ground, sliding backwards until he hits the wall behind him, while Blaze gracefully touches down and is again in a ready stance!

It takes Shiva a couple of minutes to compose himself enough to get up again, and dust himself off. Still sore from the kick, he massages his jaw, then spits out a loose tooth.

Shiva: Heh! I must…heh…make sure…not to….heh…use the same attack twice!

Blaze: Well, look who’s still on his feet! I know you’re probably gonna hate me for saying this, but I’m just going to come out and say it anyway: Do you want to quit?

Shiva: *Limbering up* This is the best fight I’ve had in a very long time! There is ABSOLUTELY no way that I can walk away from this now! If you just give me a moment, I’d be more than happy to continue!

Blaze: Fine. *mumbles to herself* Geez, this guy really needs to get out more! HELLO? Ever heard of a social life?

After Shiva felt he was ready, he charged again. This time however, he used his attacks to disguise the fact that he was trying to get close enough to grab Blaze. Each time he laid a hand on her clothes, Blaze batted his hand away. This tactic also fooled Blaze enough for him to be able to get behind her and put her in a Full Nelson hold. At first, Blaze tried to head-butt backwards, but Shiva dodged it. She then tried to kick behind her, but Shiva was able to dodge these attacks as well. Finally, she tried to use brute strength to power out from his hold, but even that proved useless due to Shiva’s superior upper body strength! Shiva made sure that he dodged any attack Blaze launched at him in order to get free. He was certain he could hold her on place long enough to finish her off, then leaned backwards into a Suplex throw.

This was the opportunity Blaze needed! Sensing what Shiva was about to do, she threw herself into the throw. This caused Shiva’s grip to slip just enough for Blaze to absorb the impact into her legs as she landed. Even though Shiva was still holding on to her, he could stop her as she propelled the both of them into the air again!

Using her amazing leg strength, she span herself out of Shiva’s grip and then threw a few punches at Shiva’s stomach and then pushed off of his body like it was an aerial platform! The force of the kick off propelled Shiva straight into the ground, leaving a crater-shaped hole on the basketball floor! Blaze once again effortlessly pirouetted through the air and landed in a crouched position, then rose back into her ready stance.

Shiva was in no shape to continue, and he knew it! He was badly bruised, and his clothes were all ripped. He didn’t want to quit, but it seemed he had already reached his limit, where as Blaze looked ready to go one more round! Things were becoming desperate, and Shiva was at the stage where he was considering using a dirty trick to get the upper hand, after all, he wasn’t exactly a good guy was he? As Blaze started to approach him, Shiva grabbed a handful of dirt from the ground.

Blaze: I think you’ve had enough, don’t you? *reaches to help him up*

Shiva: I’ll tell you when I’ve had enough!!

Shiva blew the dirt into Blaze’s eyes! She was momentarily blinded, unable to defend herself. As she staggered backwards, Shiva leapt to his feet and charged her again. Blow after blow connected, sending Blaze backwards even further. He finished up with a gut punch that utterly floored Blaze, causing her to writhe in agony.

Shiva moved in for the kill! Climbed on top of her, pinning her to the floor. He pulled his hand backwards and formed it on the shape of a point. This was it! He had finally defeated Blaze Fielding! But those thoughts of triumph quickly turned to something else.

As he looked down at her, he couldn’t help but notice that her clothes were ripped from their fight, exposing her well toned vulnerable body. Sweat was dripping all over her, some was running down from her neck to between the crevice between her breasts! He looked down further to see that her tight red miniskirt was also torn, exposing her frilly panties!

Shiva could barely believe what was happening to him! Instead of delivering the killer blow, his emotions were confusing him, making him lust over the body of this woman! What’s more, this woman had bested him at every turn, but he just didn’t seem to care anymore. She was clearly more powerful than he was, but his desire for revenge was quelled by his desire to want her!

Blaze had recovered just in time to see Shiva knelt over her body, ready to strike, but not doing anything.

Blaze: Huh? W-what are you doing? Are you going to finish me off or not?

Shiva was shaken out of his lustful daze by Blaze’s words, and then looked like he was going to strike again. Moments passed, but still nothing happened. Blaze looked into Shiva’s eyes, but instead of blind rage, all she saw was admiration and desire.

Shiva eventually lowered his hand. He then move closer until he was right on top of Blaze. He could feel her ample bosom pressing against his chest. He could feel her pounding heartbeat fall into sync with his.

Blaze: What happened, Shiva? A while ago, you wanted to kill me. Did you lose your nerve?

Shiva: I just realised, right now, more than anything in the world that I want to kiss you! Might I be so bold?

Blaze: …..You might.

Shiva moved closer, their lips were about to touch…

WHAM!! Shiva winces from the pain as Blaze knees him in his crotch! Blaze proceeds to roll Shiva off of her body and gets up off the floor. She dusts herself off, then as Shiva rolls onto his back, shoves the side of her shoe under his chin, choking him.

Blaze: Stand down.

Unable to move, and slowly feeling himself become light-headed from lack of oxygen, Shiva goes limp to signify that he would no longer fight. The look he gives Blaze says clearly “You win, I give up”.

Blaze removes her foot from Shiva’s throat. She then goes to pick up her jacket and handbag. As she leaves the basketball court, she hears Shiva calling out to her.

Shiva: W-wait! Blaze! Please!

Blaze: *turns around* What the hell do you want now?!

Shiva: It’s just that, I wanted to say “thank you”. That fight has opened my eyes to new possibilities. I doubt, I’ll never have a fight like that with anyone else!

Blaze: So? Are you saying you want another rematch? Geez! You just don’t give up, do you?

Shiva: Indeed! You can pick the time and the place, I don’t care. I just want to see your magnificent body in action again!

Blaze: You’re a real pervert, do you know that? You must really enjoy getting your ass kicked by a woman! Why else would you stop dead when you had the chance to kill me! *looks at herself* AND you ruined my clothes to boot!

Shiva rose to his feet, but due to fatigue, he could barely keep himself from toppling over again. After a moment, Blaze said:

Blaze: On one condition.

Shiva: Name it.

Blaze: No cheating.

Shiva: Deal.

Blaze: Oh, one other thing. You have to pay for the damage you did to my clothes!

Shiva: Well, I don’t have much money at the moment, but I promise.

Blaze: Fine. Let’s meet up again in a week. See ya! *starts to walk off*

Shiva: Wait! How will I contact you?

Blaze: Don’t worry! I’ll find you!

All Shiva could do was watch Blaze’s hips sway from side to side as she walked away, and wonder what lay in store for him in the future!


A week later, Shiva was about ready for his rematch with Blaze. It was the middle of the night, and the rest of the gang were fast asleep. As he left, he was confronted by two dark figures blocking the door. It was the twin sisters, Mona and Lisa.

Lisa: And WHERE do you think YOU’RE going?

Shiva: I haven’t got time for this, you two. Move.

Mona: Or what? You’re going to thrash us? I would sincerely love you to try!

Lisa: You’re not going anywhere! Let’s do it sis!

Thinking their usual tag team antics would work, they charge towards Shiva. Shiva effortless moves through them, and heads towards the door. Lisa spots this, and tries to head him off, but Shiva is too quick for her. He stuns her with a blow to the side of her neck and holds her hostage.

Shiva: I don’t want to hurt either of you, Stand down.

Mona: After you just hit my sister? Not a chance!

Mona charges again. This time, Shiva throws Lisa into her path, knocking them both to the floor.

Shiva: Please understand. I’m not trying to betray any of you. It’s just that there is someone that I have to fight.

Lisa: Who is it? You can’t possibly do it by yourself, so let us help you!

Shiva: I thank you for offering to help me, but this is something that I have to do on my own.
Mona looks into Shiva’s eyes, and then everything starts to make sense.

Mona: You’re in love with her, aren’t you?

Shiva: Heh! The more I think about it, the more I believe that is the case! I’ve never met anyone like her in my entire life!

Mona: Then go for it!

Lisa: Sis?

Mona: And don’t come back until you’ve won her heart!

Shiva: I’ll try! See you guys later. *walks out the door*

Lisa: Sis? Do you know who he’s talking about?

Mona: Perhaps…

Lisa: Then tell me!

Mona: Maybe later. I’m going to bed. Coming?

Lisa: Auuhh! You’ve got to tell me who it is sis! The suspense is killing me!

The sun was just coming up as Shiva was walking towards the place Blaze had told him to go. His thoughts were filled with images of Blaze, her perfect fighting form, and her magnificent breasts and ass! He could hardly contain his excitement at the prospect of getting to see and fight Blaze Fielding one more time!

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle – Part 5!

I just get worse and worse! You can just tell I ain't getting any, can't ya! ¬_¬
Originally, someone on the Gamefaqs forum suggested I write a intimate liason between Blaze and Max, and the ideas just flowed from my brain onto the screen!

I liked the fact that I played the big burly brute that is Max as a more gentle and caring kinda guy. It's almost as if he's tuneing into his feminine side!

And it seems like Axel is finally gonna get the hint that Blaze isn't interested in him any more!


Streets of Rage: Love Triangle – Part 5!

Max was working out at the gym as usual, when Blaze arrives. Max is slightly surprised and caught off guard by the fact that she had shown up. Max had always had a thing for Blaze, but never did anything about it, mainly because of Axel and Adam. Above all else, he considered himself to be a gentleman.

Blaze: Hi Max. How’s things?

Max: Hey Blaze! I didn’t know you worked out here as well!

Blaze: Well, a girl’s gotta keep figure! Anyway, you more than anyone should know how important it is to keep the blade sharp!

Max: You’re right. I’m pretty sure that if I stopped training for a week, I’d be more than a little off my game.

Blaze: Too true. Uhh, Max? Is it alright to train with you for a bit?

Max: S-s-sure! I sometimes get lonely when I’m training by myself, I’d be glad of the company!

The two friends start warming up, before moving onto light weights with high reps, then onto a couple of machines. As Blaze was working out, Max couldn’t help but watch Blaze as she worked out. Her body was glistening with fresh sweat. Max watched one bead flow down from her neck to the crevice between her breasts.

Blaze: You ok? Your pace seems to have slowed a little.

Max: Ahhh, it’s nothing. I just got a little distracted, that’s all. Shall we move onto something more intense?

Blaze: What do you have in mind?

They move over to a bench with some “not so heavy” weights on them. Max fiddles around with the weights until he thinks they are just right, then beckons to Blaze.

Max: Try it out. I’ll spot you.

Blaze: You sure I can handle it?

Max: Don’t worry! I’ll bail you out if you get in trouble!

Blaze lays down onto the bench and readies herself as Max lowers the weights into her hands. She has little trouble lifting the weights, and starts bringing it down to her chest, then up again.

Max keeps his hands near the bar, ready to snatch it if Blaze got into any trouble. Ironically, this position also gives Max a perfect view of Blaze’s breasts. His eyes observe poetry in motion, as her heavenly mounds get squashed by the bar, and bounce back into shape as it is lifted.

Blaze concentrates on keeping a steady rhythm as she powers the weights away from her body. She can feel the muscles in her whole body tense up as she fights against gravity. Unexpectedly, her attention was distracted by the very large bulge protruding from Max’s skintight speedos!

Blaze’s heart skipped a beat, and she almost dropped the weights onto herself. Max managed to step in at the last second, and pulled the weights back onto the handles.

Max: Blaze! Are you all right? What happened?

Blaze: I-I’m fine, I just got a little distracted by your “package” for a moment!

Max: My……package?

Blaze: I think you KNOW what I’m talking about! *Wink*

(Max’s face goes red, if that’s even possible?)

Max: I-I’m SO SORRY! I didn’t mean to, I mean it wasn’t my intention to, I mean…

Blaze: Don’t worry about it. To be honest, I’m quite flattered actually! I mean, a big strong guy like you must get LOTS of offers from young, fit, attractive girls in the gym, right?

(scratching the back of his head) Max: Well yeah, but it’s not like anything’s gonna happen. It may not look it, but I’m hopeless when it comes to women!(laughs)

Blaze: I don’t think you’re being truthful to yourself Max.

Max: Truthful?

Blaze: Yes. You are a man after all, and as a man, I’m sure that you have certain needs and desires, don’t you? (Moves closer)

Max: Well, sure. It’s not like I don’t like women, it’s just that I keep getting the impression that just because I’m big and muscle-y, they think I’m as thick as the local phone book! It’s a bigger problem than you’d think!

Blaze: Well I’ve known you for quite a while, and I know that you are an intelligent, sensitive, passionate and loyal kinda guy. I’m amazed that you haven’t found a good woman to spend your free time with by now!

Max: Thanks Blaze, your positive comments mean a lot to me.

Blaze: Think nothing of it… *moves closer*

The two friends stare into each others eyes for what seemed like an eternity. Max’s mind is racing, wondering which one of them was going to make the first move. Then Blaze’s hand reaches towards his face to pull him closer, the distance their lips becomes smaller and smaller….


Max and Blaze jump to their feet, fearing that they were under attack from some random thugs that had wandered into the gym to cause trouble.

????: You thought you could get away without me noticing, didn’t you? Well THINK AGAIN!

Max: That voice sounds kinda familiar…

Blaze: Axel?

Max and Blaze looked down to see a pair of angry eyes staring up at them from a vent in the floor. The grate opened up to reveal a dust and grime covered Axel, climbing up out of the vent, and looking VERY angry!

Axel: I’m VERY disappointed with you Max! I thought I could trust you dude! How could you stab me in the back like that?!

Max: Wha? Just hold on there a second! I….WE haven’t done anything! We’re just friends! You more than anyone should know that I’m not the kind of guy who betrays his friends!

Axel: Whatever! Your actions have clearly shown what kind of a guy YOU are! As far as I’m concerned, you’ve crossed the line! I’d expect this kind of crap from Adam, but I thought better of you!

Max: You know what? I REALLY don’t have to put up with this. I’ll see you both later, I’m going to go have a shower to wash the bitter taste out of my mouth! *Walks off*

Axel: What the? Get back here! I’m not done with you yet! MAX!!

At this point, Axel is totally oblivious to the smouldering fury that is Blaze Fielding.

Axel: I hope you can see the kind of guys I have to protect you from Blaze! These guys only have one thing on their minds! You just can’t trust ‘em Blaze! Blaze?

Blaze: You JERK!! It seems like no matter how many times I tell you, you just can’t take a hint! I’m not yours! I NEVER will be! We’re no longer together! It’s OVER! Stop following me! It’s weird and creepy! If you persist, I may have to call in a few favours down at the station to have you restrained!

Axel: Now I know you don’t mean that! You and me have a history! You can’t just say that thing between us is just going to go away just like that! I refuse to believe it! You’re mine! You always will be, and there’s nothing that anyone else can do abou…

His sentence was cut short by a thundering super-kick by Blaze, that threw him through the air into the nearest wall. As he stumbled to his feet, he was pinned in place by a flurry of blows by Blaze! She wasn’t holding back anymore, and unleashed the full gamut of he fury! Just when Axel thought it couldn’t get any worse, Blaze finished up with her finishing move. As she leaned back, lightning blue energy appeared in her hands. She lunged forward, shoving the energy into Axel’s chest!


The impact was so great, it sent Axel through the wall he’d been standing against. His entire body was wracked with pain as the energy travelled though his entire body. Moments passed, then Axel slowly rose to his feet to see that Blaze had disappeared. His t-shirt was ripped and smoking from the blast, and there was a star shaped burn mark on his chest.

????: Man, you don’t look so good Axel! You okay?

Axel looked up to his right to see Adam and his little bro Skate on a couple of treadmills. Adam stepped off and walked towards Axel. Skate chuckles to himself.

Adam: What happened just now?

Axel: I’m not sure, but I think it’s finally over between me and Blaze. I-I just can’t believe it… *tears start to run down his cheeks*

Adam: Sorry to tell you this man, but she’s been telling you that for some time. I’m just surprised you’ve ignored her this long!

Axel: Well, I guess in some small way I already knew it was over. I just didn’t want to admit it to myself.

Adam: Do you want to go to the hospital? You look pretty torn up.

Axel: Nah, I just need a nice strong drink.

Adam: Sounds good. Mind if I come?

Axel: The more the merrier. Let’s go.

Skate: Cool! I’ll have a Bud.

Adam: You’ll have Lemonade. And you’ll like it.


Meanwhile, Max was in the showers trying to cool his head. He’d been totally flustered by Axel’s comments. He was unsure as to what to do next, or how his relationship with the others would turn out.

He also wondered about Blaze. “Did she really like him?” “How far would she have gone?” “How supple are her breasts?” It wouldn’t take too long to find out, as someone pulled back the shower curtain!

Blaze: There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you!

Max: Wahhhhh! Blaze! I’m naked in the shower! D-Do you think there’s a chance you could come back later?

Blaze: Oh c’mon Max! Don’t tell me you’re scared off an attractive young woman seeing you naked in the shower, are you?

Max: *shakes head* You’re crazy, do you know that? What if someone were to walk in on us? We’d probably be kicked out of the gym permanently!

Blaze: Makes it more exciting, doesn’t it? *starts to strip down* I’m feeling a bit sweaty, so I think I’ll join you!

Max: You’re totally crazy! I don’t think I’ve ever seen this side of you before. Are you alright?

Blaze: *steps into shower* shouldn’t I be asking you the same question? Those things Axel said…

Max: It’s alright Blaze. I probably deserved them. Considering how it all looked, I can understand why he was so upset.

Blaze: Stop right there Max! It’s not your fault that Axel has been acting like a selfish, possessive jerk these past few months. He’s the one that needs to grow up.

Max: So does that mean that there is nothing going on between you and Axel?

Blaze: There’s been nothing going on between us for about 2 years now! The idiot just hasn’t gotten the hint yet! I tried to be firm but fair, but that didn’t work. Just now, I resorted to what even I consider extreme measures!

Max: Really? Is he okay?

Blaze: Yeh, but he’s gonna have a few bruises for a while!

Max: Ha! I should’ve stuck around to see that!

*They both laugh*

Max: So…right now, here we are, in the men’s shower, together, naked.

Blaze: Well, what do you want to do? Be honest now, because if you lie, I might as well just get out right now!

Max: I-I-I…….I want you. I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anybody…ever! I want to touch your soft skin, I want to run my fingers through your hair, I want to be able to wake up with you tomorrow morning! I-It’s just…

Blaze: You were right when you said that there was noting going on between us. You’re worried how others will see this side of you. You’re worried they won’t trust you any more, right?

*Max looks away*

Blaze: Look at me! If anyone, and I mean ANYONE gives you trouble about us, they have to answer to me, got it?

Max: Blaze…

Blaze: Now shut up and kiss me, you big oaf!

Max: Hey! That hurt!

Blaze: Just kidding!

And with that, the two friends decided to consummate their relationship. Things became VERY steamy indeed!


Streets of Rage: Love Triangle - Part 4!

Part 4! A slight departure from the previous formats, in that only Blaze appears with another special guest! Street Fighter fans rejoice!

The smut rating is especially relevant here, so if you're under 15 or don't like smut in any form DON'T READ IT! I will not tollerate any idiot that doesn't pay attention to my warnings!

(sorry if that sounded a little harsh, but there are some people that no matter how many times you tell them, just don't listen! >_<)

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle - Part 4!

Blaze was heading home from her office after a slow day. She was pretty tired from trying to keep up with her paperwork AND trying to keep the motley crew of Axel, Adam, Skate and Max under control (Zan is not in this story because he sucks).She was walking past an alley when she heard a scuffle and a woman cry out. Instinctively, Blaze charged in to render assistance to the hapless victim. The 3 punks that were trying to steal an old woman's hand bag were quickly dispatched, but not by Blaze. No sooner had Blaze reached the commotion, another mysterious woman in a blue Chinese combat dress with yellow stripes leapt in and with lightning kicks trounced the 3 effortlessly.

Blaze: Are you alright?

Old Woman: I-I think so, I’m just a little shaken that’s all.

??? Woman: Are you two ok?

Blaze: I’m fine, but she’s a little shaken up. Those were some fancy moves you’ve got there!

??? Woman: Thanks. I train every day to hone my skills, but I always jump at the chance to improve my skills in actual combat. The name’s Chun Li Zang. Nice to meet you…

Blaze: Blaze Fielding. I’m a Private Investigator in this city, but I also enjoy any opportunity to bust a couple of heads together!

Chun Li: That’s just as well …coz looks like we’re gonna be busy for a while!

Just then, a whole bunch of punks poured into the alley.

PunkA: Is that them?

PunkB: Yeah. Don’t go easy on them just coz they’re girls! They’re pretty tough!

PunkA: You kidding me?

PunkC: I like the Chinese one, she looks cute!

PunkA and B: SHUT UP!

Blaze: Things are about to get ugly! I suggest you make your way home as quickly as you can!

Old Woman: Ok. Take care both of you!

Chun Li: Don’t worry about us! We’re about to punish these guys for not respecting their elders!

Blaze: Right!

The air became alive with the yells and screams of combat. One after another, the punks were despatched by the two plucky warrior-ettes. Chun Li favoured using her muscular legs and aerial moves to stun the enemy. Blaze favoured street fighting, combined with her Judo background to confuse, and throw the hapless chumps off balance.

After about 2 and a half minutes, the battle seemed to be coming to a close. The thugs lay on the ground, clutching their wounds and moaning. The two women stood back to back, their arms still raised in their respective stances, ready for more.

PunkB: Y-You’ve REALLY done it now!

PunkA: H-He’s right! Now you’re both gonna have to go up against our boss! He’s gonna rip you both to shreds!

PunkA: Say your prayers, Biaches!
Blaze: Boss? How tough could THEIR boss possibly be?

Chun Li: From the looks of him, pretty tough!

A dark silhouette slowly walked towards the two women. The man was tall, and very big.

Boss: I see you two girls have been giving my boys a lot of trouble. Very impressive.

You could tell their boss kept himself in shape, because he had a monster 6-pack. He looked like he came right out of “Fist of the North Star”.

Boss: Unfortunately, I’m afraid I’m going to have to end your little fun and games.

Blaze: You think it’s alright for your BOYS to pick on an innocent old woman?

Boss: We don’t have to explain ourselves to you. People who live in this city should realise that we own the streets, and everything on them!

Chun Li: You’re probably gonna have a hard time explaining that to a judge, after I break your jaw!

Boss: Ooooooh! I’m SOOOoooo scared! Anyone ever told you, you talk too much?

Chun Li: At Interpol, we eat guys like you for breakfast!

Blaze: You’re from Interpol?

Chun Li: I guess I forgot to mention that, didn’t I!


Boss had managed to grab Chun Li by her neck. His large hands were so securely fastened, she couldn’t move an inch!

Boss: You lowered your guard! Girls shouldn’t play warrior coz their likely to get hurt!

Blaze: Tell that to my feet!

Despite his size, Boss was easily able to toss Chun Li in the way of Blaze and then throw a kick that made them tumble to the ground.

Chun Li: Oww! That guy is pretty quick for his size!

Blaze: Ugggh! I know! I may have a plan though.

Chun Li: A plan? I suppose you want ME to act as a decoy!

Blaze: Well you know what they say, great minds think alike! On 3!

Chun Li: Ok then, 3!

They both charged Boss, Chun Li high, Blaze low. There were several glancing blows dealt, and Boss appeared to have no weak spots. Chun Li then lunged forward again, this time with an attack that planted her crotch directly in his face! With Boss distracted for a split second, Blaze grabbed him around his waist! He tried to break free, but Blaze had a vice-like grip!

Boss: Still wanna play?!

Blaze: Sure! Just don’t hit your head on the way down!

With all her strength, Blaze launched into a huge German Suplex, planting Boss’s head firmly into the concrete below! It looked like it was over, but Blaze hadn’t let go. She muscled the leader of the thugs to his feet, only to throw him into ANOTHER German Suplex! At this point, Boss was in no shape to continue, but Blaze STILL HADN’T LET GO!

The hapless Boss was once again wrestled to his feet one last time, and with one last burst of strength, Blaze hurled the colossus skyward! As he flew through the air, his face was met by a corkscrew-like kick from Chun Li. His unconscious body slammed into the ground with such momentum, the ground was torn up as he slid through the alley, across the street, and into a nearby café.

Jaws fell open, and eyes popped out of their sockets as the remaining gang members looked on in disbelief at what had been their Boss. They then looked at the two women. They looked exhausted, but the looks in their eyes gave the impression that they were hungry for more. The thugs slowly retreated from the alley towards what was left of their boss. Some just ran away as fast as their legs could carry them.

After it seemed like all the punks had left, the two women shuffled to the nearest wall and slumped together beside it.

Blaze: You look pretty banged up; your clothes are all ripped!

Chun Li: You don’t look too hot yourself! Let’s just say that your clothes have probably seen better days!

Blaze looks down at her clothes to see there wasn’t much left.

Blaze: Those punks really did a number on us, didn’t they?

Chun Li: Yea, but we certainly held our own, didn’t we? I mean that Triple Suplex was amazing!

Blaze: Just something I picked up from a friend. Nice job distracting him like that! I don’t think I could’ve pulled THAT off as well as you did!

Chun Li: Two things I’ve learned in all the fights I’ve ever been in. First, you’ve got to train your WHOLE body for combat. Second, men are suckers for a little fanservice!

Blaze: We made a pretty good team, didn’t we, Miss “Interpol operative”Chun Li Zang?

Chun Li: Yes we did, Miss “Private Investigator” Blaze Fielding!

And with that, the two women looked into each others eyes for what seemed like forever. The passion they had shared in combat began to flourish, and they embraced each other in a kiss that neither of them wanted to end.


Streets of Rage: Love Triangle - Part 3!

Part 1 & 2 kind of only work when they are together, but part 3 is a more independent story. I added a secret character near the end. Fans of the Capcom beat 'em up Final Fight should be able to recognise this character quite easily!

As I've said before, the content isn't for anyone under 15 years old, or doesn't like smut. If you don't like it, DON'T READ IT!

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle - Part 3!

Blaze is training at the local gym. She’s taking a brisk jog on one of the treadmills. She always found that running always helped her to clear her head. Unfortunately, her private run was about to be interrupted, as she saw Axel enter the gym. She hoped that he wouldn’t see her. He did, and waved to her as he moved closer.

Axel: Is this treadmill taken?
Blaze: Free Country.

Axel starts up the treadmill next to Blaze’s.

Axel: So, eh, have you thought at all about what I said before?
Blaze: If you must know, yes, I have given your proposal CONSIDERABLE thought.
Axel: And?

Blaze looked Axel directly in the eye.

Blaze: The answer is NO.
Axel: WHAT?!

Axel stops mid-run, and then stumbles and falls off his treadmill.

Blaze: You heard me. The answer is no. I’m afraid I’ve had a better offer.

Axel promptly moves directly in front of Blaze’s Treadmill.

Axel: A better offer? Let me guess! That no good, double-crossing, back-stabbing traitor known as Adam Hunter!
Blaze: Way off. See you round Axel!

And with that, Blaze stepped off the treadmill and walked towards the cafeteria.

Blaze bought herself a sports drink and a salad, and went to sit down at a vacant table. No sooner had she sat down to read a fitness magazine, a man came and sat down opposite her. It was Adam.

Adam: Just heard you blew off Axel! Smooth! You made the right choice!

Blaze: For your information, he wasn’t the ONLY one I blew off. I’m afraid you’re not in the running either.

Adam: O’RLY?! *exaggerated winking*

Axel aggressively pushes past a group of fitness fanatics to join Blaze and Adam at their table

Axel: I thought you said you weren’t interested in either of us?!
Blaze: I did

Adam: She just said that so your feelings wouldn’t be hurt as much.

Axel: I’m warning you Adam, shut the hell up!

Adam: OOOOooo! I’m so scared! Please don’t hit me with your WASAPA attack again!

Axel: It’s called the BARE KNUCKLE attack, you jackass! And if you keep running your mouth like that, you’re gonna get more of the same!

?????: Excuse me gentlemen!

An attractive woman with pink hair pushes her way between the two men. She was wearing a cop’s hat, a white top, ripped denim hot-pants and black stilettos with a long, thin heel.

?????: Blaze, are you ready to go?

Blaze: Just a sec. Sorry I can’t stay and chat boys, but I have made a prior arrangement.

Adam & Axel: Who is this?

Blaze: This is my good friend Poison. She also happens to be my lesbian lover.

Adam & Axel: WTF???!!!

Blaze: I met her 5 years ago, when I paid a brief visit to Metro City. We’ve kept in touch ever since.

Poison: Charmed.

Adam: So you’re a Lesbian now? As a great robot once said, that does not compute!

Axel: You can’t be sleeping with her! I absolutely refuse to believe this!

Blaze: Believe what you want. The fact of the matter is, I pretty much play for both teams. I enjoy the company of both males AND females. I believe the term I’m looking for is BI-sexual.

Axel: Bbbbb……Yoooooo……….T-this is a joke right? It’s gotta be a joke!

Adam: Besides, what the hell has she got that we don’t?

Poison: You probably don’t wanna know the answer to that. REALLY!

Adam: What da hell is THAT supposed to mean?

Blaze: Well, let’s just say that being with her, I get the best of both worlds!

*Pats Poison’s crotch*

Blaze: See you guys later!
Poison: Boggles the mind, doesn’t it? Ta-ta!

Axel and Adam stare blankly as the two girls walk off. They then look blankly at each other.

Axel: What just happened there?

Adam: I don’t know man, but I know I didn’t like it. Not one bit.
…………………wanna go get a soda?

Axel: Sure, anything to wash the bitter taste out of my mouth!


Streets of Rage: Love Triangle - Parts 1 & 2

Hello and welcome to what will be known as the Streets of Rage: Love Triangle series. This baby has been going on since early 2007, and is a showcase of my writing ability. I've been wanting to write my own stories since I was quite young. I got the bug when I had to write short stories at school, and that bug has infested my brain and manipulated my thought processes ever since then!

I get a great sense of power when I write, because I can choose how I want the story to go, instead of just sitting back and watching everything unfold before me, as it is with movies, TV, comics, Video Games and Anime & Manga. I can dictate the intensity of the action, the emotion of the characters, the grandness of the environments, and everything in between. I may not be a pro, but I feel like a lot of my own ideas are a lot better than some of the stuff that is produced out there! (I'm not being cocky, it's true! ¬_¬)

Anyway, let me warn you now that the content of this series is quite racy, filled with violent action and softcore smut, unsuitable for anyone under the age of 15 (or anyone who doesn't like this sort of thing). If you have a problem in any way with the previous statement DON'T READ IT! Simple as that! This is the only warning you're gonna get, so don't come complaining to me that I have scared your delicate psyche!

Streets of Rage: Love Triangle - Parts 1 & 2

Original Thread:
Everyone just assumes that it's all about Axel and Blaze getting it on together at the end of each game (even though nothing is ACTUALLY implied as such), but what about Blaze and Adam?All three of them were police officers together in the beginning, and I'm sure that as much as there would've been chemistry between Blaze and Axel, I'm sure the same could be said for her and Adam.Wouldn't that be a great story arc to play with in any subsequent Streets of Rage game?"Once you go Black, you never go back!" Just Kidding!

I'm coming up with ideas in my head as to how that would play out!I'll probably post a link to a sketch of this in the future!Adam: Blaze! You an' me go way back, right?Blaze: Yeah Adam, we've been in some tough situations in our time, and managed to pull through somehow!Adam: Well, I was thinkin', maybe you an' me get together sometime.Blaze: Uhh, Adam? What do you mean by 'get together'? You know I'm still with Axel right?Adam: Yeh, but you two have been on a break for ages! Why don't you give me a chance to make that break......PERMENANT?Blaze: a..ADAM! Don't say that out so loud! Axel might hear!Adam: THAT'S THE PLAN!Axel: HOLD IT RIGHT THERE YOU TWO!Blaze: a...AXEL! We weren’t doing anything! Waaaait a minute........just HOW LONG were you hiding behind that pillar?Axel: LONG ENOUGH! Adam. Outside. NOW!Adam: Don't sweat it babe! I'll be right back after I clean this chump's clock!*Both men leave the room*Blaze: Wow! I never thought it would go down like this! I mean, Adam is so hot, but Axel.....(Outside) RASAPAW!!!Blaze: Oh dear..................poor Adam.....TO BE CONTINUED?

– Part 2

Blaze was at her private investigator office, looking over files of known criminals on her laptop, when Adam walks through in the front door.

Adam: Hi Blaze baby!

Blaze: Not now Adam! I’m busy!

Adam: You look stressed. How about a relaxing neck massage?

Blaze: Dammit Adam, I said NOT NOW! If I miss a single detail, this guy’s gonna walk. Who KNOWS what he’ll get up to next!

Adam: Look Blaze, as a friend, I’ve got to say you’re taking this case a little too personally. You do need to relax! All I’m asking for is 5 minutes, that’s all. 5 minutes.

Blaze: Okay FINE! I’ll take a little break.

Adam: Come and sit next to me on the couch. I’ll give you that massage I promised!

Blaze moves over to the couch, and pulls aside her hair so Adam can work her neck and shoulders.

Adam: I was right, you ARE tense! Let me get the kinks out for you!

Blaze: A little bit lower……….yeh, that’s the spot…….mmmmmm!

Adam move in closer to kiss Blaze on her neck.

Blaze: Mmmmmm……………don’t stop……..right there…..

Adam’s hand slowly reaches into Blaze’s bra!

Blaze: WHOA! Slow down there cowboy! That kinda thing isn’t EXACTLY relaxing, is it?

Adam: I suppose you’ve got a point. Can’t blame a guy for trying can you? Let’s just take it nice and slow from here on in.

Blaze: REAL SLOW! A girl’s gotta have SOME secrets!

Adam and Blaze move closer, their lips are about to touch…


Axel falls through the air vent to the middle of the floor of Blaze’s Office! He looks in great pain, and is covered in dust. Ignoring the pain, he instantly gets up and points his finger directly at Adam.


Blaze looks at Axel with a bemused expression on her face.

Blaze: How long were you up inside the vent Axel? You look a mess!


Adam: Not now man! Can’t you see we’re busy?

Axel: You think I’m gonna just stand here and let you two “get it on” right in front of me? You’re way off! I’m gonna RAWSAPA your *** into the middle of next year! Quit your whining, and get outside NOW!

Adam: Pffft. Fine. Blaze, I’ll be right back, keep the fires going for me baby!

Just as the guys were heading for the door, Max and Skate walk in.

Skate: Sup Bro!

Max: What’s going on guys?

Adam: Ask Axel. He thinks he owns Blaze or something. I’m going outside to kick his *** right now.

Axel: Shut up!

Adam: Do me a favour guys? Do anything necessary to keep her hot till I get back, and I mean ANYTHING!

Axel: You guys touch so much as one hair on her head, you’re both dead! Got it?

Adam and Axel leave Blaze’s office to continue their testosterone fuelled battle to the death. Skate and Max look at each other with dirty looks on their faces.

Skate and Max: ANYTHING?!

They both look directly at Blaze who’s still sitting on the couch. As they slowly advance on her, she gets up and crosses her arms with a very disapproving look on her face.

Blaze: Don’t even think about it guys! I’ve got work to do! I don’t have time for your perverted shenanigans!

The guys seem oblivious to her pleas and continue to advance.

Blaze: C’mon now guys! Knock it off!

Skate and Max move closer, their faces twisted into manic grinning, their hands raised, their fingers twitching with barely contained excitement!
Blaze falls back onto the couch. She tries to shuffle to the farthest side, her face is flushed, and her body is dripping with sweat.

Blaze: I-I’m pretty sure Adam was kidding guys! G-g-guys?

Skate circles round to the other side of the couch. They have her trapped into what could only be described as a hot, sweaty, meat sandwich! Blaze squeaks out a last few words:

H-he was joking! G-guys? GUYS??!!

To be continued?!

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Cute Tiger Kitten

Tigers are cool. White Tigers are even cooler. Kittens are Kawaii (cute). You do the Math!

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Final Fantasy VII Vs Devil May Cry Crossover! Part 2 - Dante Sparda Vs Tifa Lockheart!

Originally I was going to write a fanfiction battle between Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy 7) & Dante Sparda (Devil May Cry), with Cloud protecting Tifa from Dante. The silly thing is, I got so wraped up with the idea of Dante and Tifa that I had the idea of writing the second part of the story first, then later on the first half later. It might work, it might not, only time will tell! Enjoy!

Tifa: Of all the places a girl could find herself! I’ve gotta say, this looks bad. VERY bad!

In the resulting flash of light that had engulfed Cloud, Tifa and Dante, Tifa found herself alone in the middle of an old town that looked similar in style to Kalm. It was dark outside, save for a full moon beaming down from above. The fact that not a sound could be heard gave Tifa the impression that the town had been abandoned recently. As Tifa walked around, she cried out for Cloud, hoping that he could somehow hear her and come running.

After walking about the abandoned streets for what seemed like hours, Tifa decided to give up on searching for anyone and consolidate her position. She decided to head to the nearby church, situated in the middle of the city.

At first, the huge door wouldn’t budge, but a quick tap to its rusted hinges made things much easier. Tifa could see that the church was not that large, but the supports reached very high into the ceiling. Right at the back was the altar, and an elaborate stained-glass window beyond. She could see the moon light shining through the glass, revealing what looked like an angel in knight’s armour fighting a large black and red suit of armour.

Tifa walked down the aisle, the wooden floorboards creaked under her feet. Had she heard someone just now? Her imagination was starting to play tricks on her, so she shook it off. She went to sit down on the front of the altar, looking back towards the front door.

Tifa: I wonder where Cloud and that other guy went?

Tifa mused the events to herself, but then sensed that something was wrong!

????: I don’t know what happened to your boyfriend, but I’m still here!

Tifa leapt off of the altar just in time to avoid Dante’s swinging attack! Tifa rolled forward onto the ground and swung herself round to face her opponent. She saw Dante crouched on top of the altar, his sword held out in front of him.

Dante: Now that was impressive! Not many people can dodge my attacks, so for you to so is truly something!

Tifa wasted no time in going after her opponent, charging Dante with a straight dashing punch. Dante effortlessly somersaulted over her head and landed directly behind her. Without stopping, Tifa pulled her fist backwards to try and elbow Dante in the face. Dante’s movement became a blur as Tifa launched into a flurry of punch and kick combos. Most of her hits missed, and those that did hit were easily deflected by Dante’s hand.

Dante: You’re not just a pretty face, are ya? Your moves show a tremendous amount of finesse and technique. How many years have you trained?

Tifa: That’s none of your business! Why did you attack us?!

Dante: As crazy as it sounds, a mysterious guy in a black cloak told me your boyfriend was a very powerful demon.

Tifa: Cloud isn’t a demon!

Dante: I know. I could tell by the way he thought to protect you before.

Tifa: But if you knew he wasn’t a demon, why did you still attack us?

Dante: Well as crazy as it sounds, even though he isn’t a demon, he kinda fights like one. I hadn’t had a good fight like that in a very long time!

Tifa: For sport? You men are all alike!

Dante: And what about you?

Tifa: I fight to protect the ones I love! I’m not some mercenary for hire, like you!

Dante: “TouchĂ©” Miss Tifa! You have me there! But it’s alright, your icy tongue pierces my heart, but your voluptuous figure softens it to its very core!

Tifa: Oh great! Another pervert!

Dante’s speed meant that no matter what she threw at him, Tifa knew she wouldn’t be able to hit him under normal circumstances. She decided to try something different.

Tifa: Why don’t you spice things up by using that huge sword you have on your back, there!

Dante: But that wouldn’t be very sporting now, would it!

Tifa: Please don’t hold back on my account! I’m more than capable of taking care of myself!

Dante: Well, I don’t think it’s a good idea myself, but I always consider it a top priority to give a woman what she wants!

Dante pulls Rebellion out from behind his back, and starts swinging. Tifa gives herself more room to manoeuvre by skipping backwards. Dante’s sword swings and stabs were missing Tifa, but just barely! As a result, her clothing was being ripped and torn. Bit by bit, more flesh was being exposed, and Tifa was running out of room to move!

Dante: You’re doing well, but don’t you think you should think about quitting?

Tifa: Sorry, not my style! I believe I will have this match won in the next few moves!

Dante: I love your confidence!

Unsuspecting her positioning, Tifa was soon backed up against the church door. Dante smirked and launched a thrusting sword attack right at her! It looked like it was all over for Tifa, but at the last second she ducked slightly.

The Stinger strike lodged itself into the rickety old door, kicking up a small cloud of dust. As the dust cleared, Dante could see that his sword was embedded just above Tifa’s left shoulder. Tifa looked to see where the sword had hit. Realising that it had missed her, she slowly slid her back downwards on the door. At that moment, the shoulder strap snapped free and fell, revealing a very exposed bosom, and a VERY perky left nipple!

Dante couldn’t believe his eyes! Tifa saw the look on his face, and wondered why his face had changed. Her slow realisation turned to embarrassment as she looked down to see her exposed teat! She looked back at Dante, her cheeks filled with a rosy blush. She looked like she was about to try and hide her nakedness from Dante, but the embarrassed expression on her face quickly turned to a smirk which seemed to say “got ya!”

Tifa pushed off from the door and lunged at Dante. She managed to wind him with an elbow to the gut, then continued to keep punching Dante in the stomach!

Tifa followed up with an uppercut punch which knocked Dante off his feet. She then leapt onto his airborne body and kicked off it like a springboard, propelling him into the floor with such force, that his body bounced right back up again! To finish up, a still airborne Tifa grabbed his leg and rotated 360 degrees vertically, slamming Dante right through the floorboards of the church! She elegantly landed behind him, confidently rose up, not even bothering to look behind her. She quickly realised that her boob was still showing, and promptly tried to covered up.

Tifa: That ought to teach you not to mess with the fairer sex!

Tifa eagerly awaited Dante’s reply. There was a moment of silence. Then the silence was broken by a chuckle. The chuckle grew into a laugh. Tifa prepared herself for the worst.

Dante: Ha ha ha ha! You really are the real deal, aren’t you? Willing to EXPOSE yourself just to open up a weak spot and gain the upper hand? Genius! If it had been anyone else, you would’ve won for sure!

Tifa had a confused look on her face.

Tifa: Would’ve? Are you telling me you can still fight?

Dante: Unfortunately for you, yes I can. And I’m afraid I’ve got more bad news for you!

Tifa: Are you just trying to scare me? If you are, you’re not doing a very good job!

At that moment, a reddish aura began to emanate from the crater.

Dante: Did I mention that I hunt demons for a living?

Tifa: I think you did mention something like that before.

A red flash of lightning started to crackle around the crater as Dante stood up.

Dante: Did I mention that I’m part demon?

Tifa: Uhhhh……..No.

Dante: Ahh……sorry about that.

Tifa: Why are you sorry?

Dante: Because you never knew you didn’t stand a chance against me!

A wave of energy exploded from Dante’s body. Tifa had to shield her face from the blast wave. When she lowered her arm, something very different was standing in front of her. It looked like some kind of humanoid beetle type creature, with a hard outer shell, insect wings, horns, fang-like teeth and glowing red eyes. Tifa’s face turned to abject terror!

Dante: You don’t look so good! Maybe you should take a break!

Dante then forced an open palm towards Tifa, sending a tremendous shockwave towards her. The force of the impact sheared through her like a hot sharp wind, destroying most of her clothes! Tifa tried with all her might to stay on her feet, but eventually fell to the floor.

When she sensed that the wave had stopped, she looked up to see the Demon Dante walking slowly towards her. At this point, Tifa was so terrified she was unable to move! All she could do was look on as the glowing demon moved closer and closer, until it was right on top of her!

Tifa: Wha……what are you gonna do to me?!

Dante: Why don’t you use your imagination?

Dante moved closer to Tifa, his hand reaching closer to her barely covered body. The demon could barely contain it’s excitement, saliva dribbled from it’s mouth. A long slithery tongue slid out from it’s mouth to lick it’s lips…..
Then Dante was stopped in his tracks when what looked like a giant blade was placed in his path. Both Dante and Tifa looked over to see who the blade belonged to.

????: I really don’t think that is such a good idea buddy.

Tifa: Cloud! You’re here!

Cloud: Are you okay Tifa?

Tifa: Where the HELL have you been!

Cloud: Just a second Tifa. Excuse me dude, could you please move away from my friend here?

The demon turned its head to look at Cloud. A slight look of disappointment crept across its face, which then turned to a smirk. In a flash, the demon disappeared, leaving Dante standing in the exact same spot. Dante then backed off and went to sit down on a nearby bench.

Once Cloud was satisfied that Tifa was no longer in danger, he placed his sword on his back and reached out to help Tifa back to her feet.

Tifa: Do you have any idea how worried I was about you, you stupid douche?!
Cloud: I’m fine thanks. And it looks like you’ve been having fun as well.

Tifa paused for a second when she realised that, apart from her gloves and boots, she was totally naked. She tried to cover up.

Tifa: Tha….that’s not the point! I thought I might never see you again! I was all alone with that perverted maniac over there *Dante waves at them*, and you were nowhere to be seen! Did you know that he’s a demon?!

Dante: Actually, that’s HALF demon

Cloud & Tifa: SHUT UP!

Dante looked a tad disappointed, but quickly shook it off.

Cloud: I did suspect that something wasn’t quite right about that guy while I fought him. No matter where I moved, he was always on me.

Tifa: So what happened to you after we were all transported by that bright light?

Cloud: Well, apparently I ended up in the same town you did, but you were nowhere to be seen. I kept looking for you for a while, until I heard the commotion coming from this church.

Tifa: I guess it’s just as well the fight broke out like it did then, or you might not have found me!

Cloud: Yeah, if I’d have turned up any later, you’d probably be pregnant with demon spawn or something!

Tifa had reached her limit, and launched a killer punch right at Cloud’s face, knocking him flat on his ass!

Tifa: Do you think it’s funny, you jerk? He was about to rape me!

Dante: Hey! I would NEVER do something like that! I may be half demon, but I am a complete gentleman! Besides, by that time I knew your friend was there with us!

Tifa: And I assume blowing my clothes off was just a fair way of winning a fight?

Dante: Nah, I just wanted to see what you look like naked.

Cloud: You’re not the first one!

Tifa: Both of you, SHUT UP! I’d expect that kind of perverted talk from a guy like him, but I expected you to back me up Cloud!

Cloud: Jeez Tifa! Can’t you take a joke?

Dante: If you want, you can borrow my jacket. It’s the least I can do after destroying your clothes!

Tifa: ……..fine. Throw it over here then.

Dante takes off his jacket and throws it over to Tifa. Tifa promptly flings the long red leather jacket on.

Cloud: You know, she actually looks quite good in that jacket.

Dante: I thought so too!

Tifa: Will you two grow up?! *notices jacket* Hey! I DO look good in this! Maybe I should get one like it when we get home…

Dante: So, what’s the plan now? Do we resume our fight, or do we try to get back to our respective universes?

Cloud gets to his feet.

Cloud: Well, you seem like an okay guy, and I’d hate to have to go up against a demon…

Dante: HALF-demon.

Cloud: …..right. Can you give us a clue as to how you got to our universe in the first place?

Dante: Well, there was this little gu……

At that moment, a strong wind blew towards the three inside the church. When it stopped, they all turned to see a mysterious figure in a black cloak. The figure was a slightly short looking fellow, with hardly any muscle mass. He was wearing a pair of large, circular rimmed spectacles that seemed to cover most of his face. Underneath his hooded cloak, he was wearing a shiny grey jumpsuit with circuit board like white lines running across it, and angular white sneakers. He also had a large gauntlet on his left arm, which had a small screen and buttons on it.

Mysterious Figure: Oh hello there! Looks like I’ve finally found you all!

Dante: That guy! He’s the one!

MF: Did I come at a bad time?

Dante: Nope, perfect timing. Get over here!

MF: Ummm, you all look like you’re in the middle of something. I’ll come back later!

The mysterious figure started to back away from the group, only to bump into Cloud, who had snuck up behind him while he wasn’t looking.

Cloud: Where do you think you’re going?

MF: Ahhh! Don’t hurt me! Please!

Tifa: We won’t hurt you if you cooperate with us!

Tifa and Dante closed in on the stranger.

Dante: First things first. Who are you?

MF: I’m a very big fan of all of you! My name is Preston, and I've been following your lives very closely.

Dante: Ever thought of getting yourself a hobby?

Tifa: Shush you! Umm, Preston is it? Why have you brought us here?

Preston: Ahhh….well, teleporting you all here wasn’t entirely intentional. I just didn’t want anyone to get hurt, especially Tifa! I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if she had died as a result of my curiosity!

Cloud walked up to the kid and grabbed him by the scruff of his hood.

Cloud: You better start making sense right now kid! I don’t like it when anyone threatens my friends!

Tifa: Hey! Take it easy!

Preston: Cloud! Please let me explain!

Dante: Let’s give the kid the benefit of the doubt, shall we?

Cloud slowly put the kid down.

Cloud: Right. Start talking. Now.

Preston: You may not like to hear this, but where I come from, you guys are just fictional characters. Nothing more than computer data reacting in realtime to a entirely virtual environment.

Tifa: Fictional? How can that be?

Preston: You are all characters from video games. Cloud and Tifa are from a series called “Final Fantasy”, and Dante is the star of a series called “Devil May Cry”.

Dante: I’m the star? Cool!

Cloud: You’re right. I’m NOT liking what I’m hearing.

Preston: Kids like me are always arguing over who’s the strongest fighter. The only difference is, I was able to make this dream match-up become a reality!

Tifa: You mean Cloud versus Dante?

Preston: Exactly! Only, I didn’t realise that by doing so, one of you would be permanently erased from existence. I had no choice but to step in when Tifa jumped into the fray to save Cloud from a killing blow.

Cloud: If you knew that one of us could’ve been erased, why did you lure us in to fight against each other?

Preston looked down at the ground for a moment.

Preston: It’s entirely my fault. My calculations didn’t take that element into account. I barely got to you all in time when the fight reached its climax.

Tifa: Is that why that huge flash of light teleported us all here?

Preston: Yes. There was no way that I could stop you all. Because your self awareness would reject any attempt to control you, the best I could do was teleport you all to another virtual environment.

Cloud: I see. So you’re saying that even though we’re fictional characters, our wills are so strong that you couldn’t control us?

Tifa: It’s like, because we believe that we are real, we are real, but only in a virtual sense?

There was an awkward silence.

Dante: My head hurts. Can we go home now?
Preston: Actually, that sounds like a very good idea. Until I can figure out a safer way to set up a fight system that doesn’t erase either combatant, I’ll send you all back to your own respective “homes”.

Cloud: Hey kid? Next time, could you at least warn us before you pull a stunt like that again? I normally prefer some preparation time before any kind of combat, you know what I mean?

Preston: Got it!

Preston started inputting commands onto the keypad of the electronic gauntlet on his arm. Everyone started to feel a strong wind kick up inside the church, then two balls of light appeared in front of them. The small balls of energy started to grow, revealing themselves to become what looked like two dimensional portals. One was a reddish colour, the other was purple.

Both portals swirled around like vertical whirlpools, and crackled with energy. Everyone slowly started to walk towards them.

Tifa: I can see 7th Heaven! Cloud! That’s our home!

Dante: Devil May Cry! Looks like my shop is still intact!

Preston: You know? I wish I could hang out with you guys in your worlds some day!

Cloud: Maybe someday you can.

Preston: Really?!

Cloud: Sure. You don’t seem like such a bad kid. I could show you round some of the sights.

Preston: That would be AWESOME!! I’m so looking forward to that!

Dante: Well, so long you two! I've got some errands to run! *moves closer to Tifa* I hope I get to see YOU in the future as well! *kisses her hand* Chao!!

Tifa: Barf. I feel like I’m gonna throw up!

Dante: Take good care of Tifa will ya? If you hurt her, I might have to come after you!

Cloud: Isn’t that MY line?

Dante did a sweeping wave to everyone, then passed through the red portal.

Cloud: Well, that was quite an experience. Ready to go Tifa?

Tifa: Sure! I can’t wait to get home an….h-HEY!!

The red leather jacket that Dante had given her began to crackle with reddish energy. It slowly began to pull Tifa towards the portal leading to Dante’s world!

Tifa: W-what the hell’s going on?! Cloud!!

Cloud: Preston! What are you doing?!

Preston: It’s not me!! I…..I think the jacket is linked to Dante’s world as well! It’ll pull her through with it if she doesn’t take it off!

Cloud: Tifa! You have to take the jacket off!

Tifa: Oh that’s just typical! You’d like that wouldn’t you, you sick pervert?!

As she got closer to the portal, the strength of the pull became stronger. Tendrils of energy stretched from the portal to the jacket.

Tifa: Cloud! Help me!

Cloud: Damn! Tifa! Hold on to my hand!

Cloud grabbed onto Tifa’s arm and pulled as hard as he could. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough.

Tifa: I’m slipping! Cloud! Don’t let go!

Cloud: I…..can’t hold on to you!

Tifa: Cloud! Promise me you’ll come and save me!

Cloud: What? What are you talking about?!

Tifa: *grip slipping* Promise me!!

Cloud: …..I promise!


Cloud’s grip slipped, and Tifa was pulled into the portal.

Cloud: Well that’s just great! Preston! Can I follow her?

Preston: You should be able to, but I’m not sure weather you’ll be able to get back!

Cloud: Then I’m left with no other option. You’re coming with me.

Preston: M-me?

Cloud: You got us all into this mess, so you’re going to get us out! *grabs hood*
Preston: WAIT! Dante is a pretty strong fighter, maybe even stronger than you! What if we run into the kind of monsters he fights every day?! If they happen to be stronger than you….

Cloud: Idiot! I can’t think about that now! Tifa’s life may be at stake!

Preston: You’d really do anything for her, wouldn’t you?

Cloud: Damn straight. Let’s go.

Preston: Oh dear! What have I gotten myself into?!

Cloud sprinted towards the portal leading to Dante’s universe, with the hapless future geek Preston in tow. Will Cloud be able to bring Tifa back? What manner of creatures will they encounter? What EXACTLY is Tifa’s bra size? Will she have to endure more seduction by the cocky demon hunter Dante? Stay tuned for the next instalment of CROSSOVER: The ultimate realm of what-ifs!