Friday, 17 August 2007

Another Century's Episode 3

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Just in case you were wondering, Another Century's Episode is a Japan-only Playstation 2 game that showcases some of the most famous Japanese Mechs from various anime series. This game allows you to go head to head to relive famous confrontations, or pick your favorite mech to take on an army in various missions.

I bought the first game from Games Exchange in Tottenham Court Road, on the off-chance that it would be a good game, and to see if my chipped PS2 could play Japanese games as well. Suficed to say, I wasn't disapointed on both counts. Even thought the game is only in Japanese, I could still play it no problem.

I plan to get the sequels some time in the future, just to get the chance to play some of my favorite Jap Mechs like the YF19 from Macross Plus or Wing Zero Custom from Gundam Wing!

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